Unfortunately due to the limitations and protocols needing to be followed for a course such as this it has be decided to defer the course until we are again in a Level 1 environment when people can interact fully in such a practical course such as this – the CJCA thanks those people who have registered and will be back in touch when we are able to once again offer these Courses.
The CJCA and Christchurch Metro have facilitated two First Aid Courses leading into the 2021/22 season – we’d like to give Cricketing Community an opportunity to book into these courses.
We are more than happy for people involved in Cricket to do these courses if it benefits their own working qualifications and would invoice businesses if they were prepared to cover the fees.
Please note on the first course (Tuesday) we will be joined by some staff from Canterbury Tennis who have provided an excellent venue at no cost.
Depending on the interest in these Courses we may add other courses later in the season or create these as annual courses that our Cricket Community can rely on us co-ordinating.  SPACES ON THESE TWO COURSES ARE LIMITED TO 25 EACH COURSE.  On completion of this course Unit Standards 6401 & 6402 will be achieved.
Course 1 – Tuesday 14th September 2021 (all day) – DEFRRED
Course 2 – Sunday 19th September 2021 (all day) – DEFERRED
This is in response to a couple of incidents that may have benefited from more of our community having basic First Aid knowledge occuring last season.
The first will be held on Tuesday 14th September (all day) at Wilding Park Tennis Centre Lounge, Woodham Road, Christchurch
The second is to be held on Sunday 19th September at a venue yet to be confirmed but likely to be a Cricket Club in Christchurch.
Cost is $125 per person (including GST) and would be invoiced by the CJCA in the week leading up to the Course.  You will be asked for details of who should be invoiced for this fee on the Registration Form.
Both Courses are all day events which will start at approx 8.30-9am – more details will be confirmed as soon as they are known.
If you have any questions regarding these courses please contact the CJCA [email protected]