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CJCA Umpiring Opportunities - Spring 2021 and January 2022

The CJCA is looking for a few more umpires for its upcoming Spring Festival and LOTS of umpires for its January Festivals 10-13 January 2022 (South Island Boys Festival) and 20-22 January 2022 (South Island Girls Festival). If you have a…
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Registrations now open for the Spring and January Festivals

Registrations are now open for the 2022 January Festivals. Spring Festival registrationsa re now closed - late nomiantions MAY be considered - email [email protected] Here are the current registrations for Spring as at 10th October - Spring…
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CJCA Pre-season Training Programme rego's open

As at 10am Tuesday 15th June Spaces available YEAR 6 - Sunday 9-10.30am 1 space in each of Orange and Yellow YEAR 7 - Sunday 10.30am-12noon - 4 spaces in Red YEAR 8 - All squads full The CJCA is pleased to announce the opening…
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CJCA Interdistricts teams announced for 21st March games

The CJCA is pleased to announce it has been able to arrange 5 games for both the Year 7 and 8 players who participated in the recent Summer Tournament against our neighbouring Districts this Sunday the 21st of March. Year 7 games are being…
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SIPST CJCA teams 2nd & 5th in 58th event

After a week long tournament held across North Canterbury the CJCA teams finished the Tournament with a loss in the final of Sir Jack Newman Trophy match against Otago Country and a win in the playoff for 5th versus one of the two Canterbury…
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CJCA teams shine in new South Island Festival

The CJCA contributed 5 teams to the new Year 8 Festival held in conjunction with the traditional South Island Primary Tournament early in 2021. The Festival aimed to have more players participating in an event than the 14 teams that participate…
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CJCA Boys Summer Tournament registration close this weekend

Registrations for the CJCA Summer Tournaments for Year 6,7 and 8 Boys close this weekend. The Tournament aims to provide an extension opportunity for Boys who want to play more Cricket. Assessments will be held for Year 6 and 7 Boys and…
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Draws and Scoring for SIPST 2021

Follow all 7 of the CJCA teams involved in this weeks South Island Tournaments by following this link - https://www.crichq.com/competitions/324/draws/current  
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Additional South Island teams announced

In addition to the CJCA Red & Black teams the CJCA will be represented by 5 additional teams in the new South Island Shield Tournament which will be held at the same time as the traditional South Island. Three Year 8, one blended team…
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January 18-21 New Year 8 Festival teams announced

UPDATE 12 January 2021 PLEASE NOTE THERE HAS BEEN SOME LATE SHUFFLING OF PLAYERS DUE TO INJURIES AND ILLNESS Teams have been announced for the New Year 8 Festival to be held on the Polo Grounds between the 18th & 21st of January 2021. This…