Spring and Summer Festivals

The objectives of these Festivals are to provide ALL Boys and 6, 7 and 8 Boys the opportunity to have fun and develop their skills at higher levels of cricket.

It also provides an opportunity for Girls to play together and in 2021 this featured younger girls being able to play in the youngest of the three playing options provided

Any creation of Tiered teams in BOYS at Year 7 and above is based on reviewing the feedback on previous events.

Each year group assesses whether teams should be tiered – in 2021 Tiered teams were selected in Year 8 only.

Leading into the 2022/23 season each of the Boys year groups has come up with an outline of how their Year group will operate – these can be viewed below.

THESE PLANS FOR 2022/23 ARE CURRENTLY BEING DEVELOPED DUE TO NO CONFIRMATION AS TO THE 2023 JANAURY FESTIVALS THAT FORM PART OF THE PLAN – plans for the previous years may be slightly adjusted due to this.

Year 8 – Year 8 202122 plan v3

Year 7 – Year 7 202122 plan v2

Year 6 – Year 6 202122 plan