South Island Primary Schools Festivals

The South Island Primary Schools Tournament (to be renamed Festival from 2022) is the pinnacle of Junior Interdistricts Cricket and is a wonderful opportunity for 22 players to experience one of the largest New Zealand Junior cricket festivals.  For the history of players who have played in this event CLICK HERE

2021 saw the addition of another Tier of play within this event – this means that Boys not selected for the CJCA Red or Black teams may be placed in teams to play against additional teams from other South Island Districts – the format for this event will be based on that played in the SIPST and in 2022 be played around Cricket Clubs and Grounds in the Christchurch. The SIPST will be based in Alexandra and surrounding townships (i.e. Mandeville (Ohoka) and Rangiora and its surrounds).

In additional to the two SIPST teams the CJCA entered 5 additional teams made up for both Year 7 and Year 8 Boys in the 2nd event and one of the Year 7 teams won the initial Festival.

BOTH TOURNAMENTS WILL BE PLAYED BETWEEN THE 10TH & 14tH OF JANUARY 20221 – Boys playing the 2020 CJCA Spring Festival are asked to indicate if they wish to be considered for one or both of these events