South Island Primary Schools Festivals

The South Island Primary Schools Tournament (to be renamed Festival from 2022) is the pinnacle of Junior Interdistricts Cricket in the South Island and is a wonderful opportunity for 22 players to experience one of the largest New Zealand Junior cricket festivals.  For the history of players who have played in this event CLICK HERE

2021 saw the addition of another Tier of play within this event – this means that Boys not selected for the CJCA Red or Black teams may be placed in teams to play against additional teams from other South Island Districts – the format for this event will be based on that played in the SIPSF and in 2022 be played around Cricket Clubs and Grounds in the Christchurch. The SIPSF (Traditional) will be based in Alexandra and surrounding townships.

In additional to the two SIPST teams the CJCA entered 5 additional teams made up for both Year 7 and Year 8 Boys in the 2nd event and one of the Year 7 teams won the initial Festival.



Boys playing the 2021 CJCA Spring Festival are asked to indicate if they wish to be considered for one or both of these events.

2022 South Island Primary Schools Festival – Christchurch

The 2022 South Island Primary Schools Festival (Christchurch) is a supplementary event to the traditional South Island event which will be hosted by the Otago Country Cricket Association.

The event is primarily for Boys in Year 7 or 8 at schools and Year 6’s will only be permitted should they be required to make up numbers in teams – any year 6’s enter knowing the risks involved with playing ahead of their year groups.

This Festival will be held between the 10th and 13th of January 2022.  Playing conditions will mirror those of the other Tournament in all aspects apart from the below including only being 4 days as opposed to 5.

The event will commence on Monday the 10th of January and conclude on Thursday the 13th of January – the first 2 days will feature 20/20 matches with longer 40 over games being played on Days 3 and 4.

Draw structure will be determined by the number of entries received. But will be based on a round robin on Days 1 and 2 with two 20/20 games per day followed by 40 over post-section play in blocks of 4 based on finishing positions after thee first two days.

Matches will be played on artificial pitches

The host association will provide

  • New Balls for all matches (6 per team)
  • Two umpires per match (at a minimum 1 umpire with teams to share square leg duties)
  • Grounds and Match equipment – Stumps, Bails, Boundary Markers
  • Administrative set-up and Tournament Management

Variation to current South Island rules.

Bowling Loads

Given there is one less days play bowling loads will reduce to a maximum of 24 overs per non-spin bowler.

Additional Information

Participation Guidelines

Coaches and Team Managers should ensure that all squad members have a fair opportunity to participate in Batting and Bowling – this should include the use of a POD or similar system to rotate boys through batting positions and efforts to be made to ensure all participants have an opportunity bowl during the event.

Participant Districts are responsible for setting their policy around this for each of their teams and the philosophy behind this should be communicated pre-festival to players and participants.


On a pro-rata basis of the fee charged for the South Island traditional even the cost for this event will be $400 plus GST,

Associations requesting quotes for Funding purposes should email [email protected]

Team Entries

Entries are now open for the event and will close on Monday the 1st of November.

Teams should complete the following form to enter the event.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the CJCA [email protected]