Cricket in Canterbury is driven by passionate people who show strong leadership and implement innovative ideas, whether this be a club volunteer, teacher, coach, administrator or staff member, our region is fortunate to have so many.

The District and Sub Associations of Canterbury cater for the performance of cricket well in their local awards and ceremonies, Canterbury Cricket would like to acknowledge those who support the New Zealand Cricket’s strategy of ‘A Game for All, A Game for Life’. 

 A key part of this strategy is ‘Growing our Game’. To do this we need to create new opportunities, evolve existing programs, connect with new communities, and deliver what our participants want in their cricket experience. We would like to hear of examples in our community where a club or individual has led or delivered on an idea that has contributed to more people playing cricket.

This could be anything from:

  • A committee member driving a mid-week play/ training module 
  • The adoption of the Balance is Better philosophy and impact it has had 
  • Change of focus to the cricket experience rather than just winning, particularly in the junior grades 
  • A Club focusing on junior/ youth recruitment with innovative programs 
  • A staff member implementing participant lead initiatives
  • A school providing additional, or enhancing existing cricket products or services 
  • Programs focusing on targeted communities, either Women and Girls, Ethnic, Māori or Disability. (Our targeted communities are subject to change as our strategy evolves) 

If your Players, Club or District know of people or organizations that are driven to grow participation in your area then please click on the link below and let us know about it so we can acknowledge and celebrate their success.

What will happen next: Nominations will be open from 7th March 2022 and close on March 25th.

Once an application has been submitted and further details obtained, an appointments panel will consider applications and select between 2-4 clubs or individuals to be acknowledged at the Canterbury Cricket Awards held at the end of the season. The panel will be made up of the General Manager – Community Cricket and delegates from Sport Canterbury and the Canterbury Cricket Trust.

Those selected to be recognized will be invited to attend the Canterbury Cricket Awards evening and provided with two tickets for a nominated individual, or three tickets for a club/ organization.

Recipients will be celebrated in the same ‘Canterbury Way’ as our top Canterbury Cricket performers.

Thank you to all those that volunteer, administer or work in cricket across the Canterbury region, together we will continue to provide quality cricket experiences, modify and adjust our products and services that ultimately lead to growing the awareness, engagement and participation for cricket in Canterbury. For further information please contact Simon Hill, 021711830. [email protected]