The CJCA would like to provide a further outline to guide Clubs and Schools should Covid appear in your membership. All previously advised protocols (below) should continue to be followed for the remainder of the season.

Please ensure the protocols are followed and any cases are notified to the CJCA

If there is a Casual contact identified:

Casual contacts of positive cases can remain playing Cricket, but must monitor for symptoms and if any arise, they must self-isolate and seek guidance / testing.

If there is a Close Contact identified:

Close contacts (now defined as being Household members) should be isolating and therefore not be able to participate in Cricket – these may be players or those needed to facilitate the playing of the game -(coaches/scorer/managers) or those needed to get players to and from games.

As per government guidelines, all Household members are classed as CLOSE contacts, so if this is the case any children of close contacts should also not be playing or training.

Should players or those present at a game or practice be identified as being positive cases it is vital that the CJCA is notified of the match in which this person was involved.  Clubs need to identify others at practice environments and all attending practices should be scanning QR codes at the practice venue.

A positive case does not automatically make their team-mates or opponents Close Contacts due to the protocols under which games should be being conducted including the outdoor nature of junior cricket and reduced close indoor contact that may occur in older cricket settings (i.e. Clubrooms).

See below the definitions of Close or Casual Contacts.

What if teams are short or unable to get to games?

Should teams not have enough players or have the personnel required to facilitate a game or get to and from a game then the CJCA should be immediately informed as we will attempt to pair up teams who can play – especially if more than one team in a section is affected in this way.


Please ensure teams still use their CJCA Covid Booklets supplied at the start of the season for this.

WHAT IS A CLOSE CONTACT (who needs to isolate)

(as at 11.59pm 24/2/22)

You are a Close Contact in the following situation.

  • If you live with someone who is positive.

Other Close contacts should monitor symptoms


You are considered a Casual Contact if you have been at a location of interest at the same time as someone infectious with COVID-19. But you may not have been near the person. Casual Contacts are at lower risk of getting sick with COVID-19.

If there is any doubt as to whether you are a Casual or Close contact, please seek guidance from Healthline or your GP.


Below are our recommendations to comply with the current limits.

  • Each team including its supporters must not exceed 25 – each of these “Gatherings” should set up apart from each other and not interact – other than the players.
  • These Gatherings should not mix with each other – OTHER THAN THE PLAYERS/COACHES/SCORERS WHO SHOULD SPLIT OFF TO PLAY THE GAME which should be able to be done in a safe way with little close contact between the players from separate teams.
  • There should be no end of game interaction before teams disperse, a three cheers from a distance will suffice.

Umpires should not hold anything for Players.  Items should be placed on the ground or given to other teammates

The CJCA will place a maximum of 4 “Outfield” (Kiwi, Year 3 and 4) on a field – where fields at a venue can be clearly separated i.e., Halswell/Redwood this may be more than 4 games.

All participants are encouraged to wear masks to and from games and be mindful of socially distancing when accessing toilets and to follow hygiene practices.

The above Protocols aim to maintain the necessary contact between parents and caregivers and their players especially in our younger age groups.  Given the nature of the “Gathering 25” it is highly recommended that younger siblings only attend if they are able to be supervised and not interact with other siblings from other adjacent games or “gatherings”.

Should an outbreak develop in the future it will be necessary to quickly review these settings and any confirmation of a Covid case with connections to a CJCA team or setting should immediately be reported to the CJCA.

Community Cricket Gathering Jan 2021