The CJCA has just opened its nominations for the 2021 Boys Summer Tournament.  Girls will have a separate “Girls only” tournament but Girls wishing to play in the Boys event are able to do so but any risks associated with this must be accepted by the parents/guardians of the player.
These tournaments are designed to give players an extension opportunity over and above their normal Saturday cricket –
Assessments for Boys will be held on the 14th of February 2021 with Tournament playing days on the 21st, 28th of February and 7th March.
For more details about the Tournament CLICK HERE
To go directly to the Nomination Form CLICK HERE
Should you not be able to be assessed on the 14th of February you may still Nominate to participate but being assessed allows Grade Convenors and Lane Assessors an opportunity to create balanced temas and hopefully good enen matches during the tournament.
PARENTS ASSISTANCE – it is vital that parents who can offer to assist with teams – this is only on the days of the Tournament and are more supervisor roles than active coaching as teams do not Train together and only meet up on Tournament days – UMPIRES ARE PROVIDED FOR THE TOURNAMENT – so only the fielding team needs to have a square leg umpire on the field.
YEAR 6 CONVENORS – the CJCA is pleased to confirm that Tim McClurg and Lynette Ellis will be the new Year 6 Convenors for the fresh intake – we thank the small group of parents who attended the breifing held on the 1st of December 1 have attached the Powerpoint Presentation which gives a run down of the aims of the CJCA and the programme that operates for each Year group.
If you wish to contact our Year Convenors please do so as early indications of assistance will help us with our pre-planning.
Year 6
Tim McClurg [email protected]
Lynette Ellis [email protected]
Year 7
Erin Kreft [email protected]
David Hiatt [email protected]
Year 8
Rachael and Alan Hemingway [email protected]