The three capped teams representing the CJCA in major tournaments in January were capped recently in the Lexus Lounge at Hagley Oval.  The CJCA thanks Canterbury Cricket and the Canterbury Cricket Trust for again allowing the function to held in the fantastic venue.

Amy Satterthwaite with CJCA Girls team member Olivia Paul.

Amy Satterthwaite and Shane Bond spoke and presented the Caps to the 24 boys and 10 girls who also received a Cricket Training Diary from Cric Notes – to learn more bout Cric Notes – CLICK HERE

Shane Bond with Red team member Vivek Lallu

The Boys teams start their Tournament on the 6th of January in Westport.

CJCA Black

Matthew Brown (New Brighton), Max Burford (BWCUCC), Henry Copeland (Sydenham Junior), Jonty Davidson (Marist Harewood), Angus Eglinton (Medbury), Jackson Garry (Medbury), Ben Laing (St Andrews College), Rivers Murray-Carter (OBC), Chris Pickles (OBC), Toby Smith (Medbury), Austin Smith (Medbury), Thomas Vesty (OBC) – Coaches – John Garry & Callum Davidson, Scorer Devonie Eglinton.


Ethan Burns (Halswell), Paddy Cochrane (Medbury), Harrison Dick (Sydenham Junior), Luca Greasley (OBC), Felix Huston (Medbury), Jack Johnston (Halswell), Vivek Lallu (Sydenham Junior), Brennan Matla (Halswell), Finn McLeod (OBC), Callum Samson (Halswell), Thomas Stewart (Marist Harewood), Tom Turner (BWCUCC) – Coaches – Graeme Turner & Glenn Samson, Scorer Phil Johnson.

CJCA Loan Players to Buller

The CJCA also acknowledges Finn McCormack-Young (Burnside West University) and Frankie Meates (Medbury School) who are being loaned to the Buller Cricket Association to bolster their team for the event – these boys are sure to get plenty of cricket and ironically face a CJCA team in the first round.

2020 Girls South Island Tournament

The CJCA Red teams start their event on the 22nd of January at an event which for the first time will feature 10 teams with the Red team joined by a Emerging CJCA Black team, two teams from Canterbury Country and teams from, Cornwall (Auckland), Nelson, Otago Country, Defending champions Dunedin, North Otago and for the first time Southland.

The Tournament is being held at the Burnside Park and consists of 4 rounds of 20/20 games and playoffs on the final Day – Friday 24th.  Play starts at 9.30am each day.

CJCA Girls Red

Addison Stackhouse (Halswell), Biena Hickford (Sydenham Junior), Eden Nuttall (OBC), Emily Dickey (Riccarton), Hannah Wallace (Halswell), Isabel Brooks (Halswell), Kate Cowan (OBC), Lexie Rouse (OBC), Lucy Easton (OBC), Oliva Paul (North West Cricket)

CJCA Girls Black (Emerging)

Ava Danholt (OBC), Hannah Marriot (Halswell), Kate Smith (OBC), Meghan Moffatt (Halswell), Millie Mahendran (Riccarton), Piper Karras (North West Cricket), Ruby Turner (Sydenham Junior), Summer Karras (North West Cricket)