The next 2 weeks sees the two CJCA Tournaments for Year 7 and 8 School teams take place on Hagley Park.

Boys – Polo and Hospital (Hagley) Corner – 7th & 8th of March

Boys Competitive Draw & Results – CLICK HERE

Boys Participation Draw & Results – CLICK HERE

Girls – Polo Grounds 14th & 15th March

Girls Competitive Draw & Results – CLICK HERE

Girls Participation Draw & Results – CLICK HERE

The Boys event has attracted 12 entries in the Competitive section – at the end of the two day tournament the Finalists for the Christchurch final will be found – this match will be held on the 25th of March.  The winner of this event will go directly to the Canterbury finals later in the year.

In addition to the Competitive draw a 2nd tier tournament is run alongside that event with 6 teams participating.

The Girls Tournament which attracted 8 entries last year has been split in a similar way with 4 entries being received in the Competitive grade which will play with a Hardball but pleasingly 7 entries have been received in the Participation event which will be an Incrediball grade still played as 20/20 matches alongside the Competitive grade.

It is great to see smaller schools or schools not quite yet at the level of the Competitive teams entering.  Teams from Rangi Ruru, Chisnallwood Intermediate, St Francis of Assisi, Our Lady of Victories and Mount Pleasant School are joined by the 2nd teams from Heaton & Cobham Intermediate in the Participation grade.