Theres just over a week until the registrations close for the 2022 Summer Festival – if you are SCHOOL years 6, 7 or 8 you can register by visiting this page – assessments to assist with creating even teams will be held on Sunday the 13th of February.

Current Registrations

Summer registrations as at 3 February

Girls Festival information will be released shortly.
If you cannot make the 13th for assessment please still register and indicate “cannot make Assessment” and we will try and get you into a team. The cost is $60 per player which includes a CJCA Cap for first time Festival players – Teams are based on the number of adults able to assist with teams no practices are held and the CJCA supplies an umpire for all matches.
If you think you might be able to assist either as a coach/manager or scorer please get in touch with the Year Convenors detailed below as we want to try and allocate at least 2 people with appropriate skills to each team.
The commitment is only for the days of the event
Year 6 – Matt Shore 0272 364314
Year 7 – Tim McClurg 021 562301 or Lynette Ellis 027 6838819
Year 8 – Erin Kreft 027 3098764
Playing dates are the 20th and 27th of February and the 6th of March.  All those wishing to play or attend matches must be able to produce a Vax Pass or be under 12 years or 3 months as these Festival Days are deemed to be events over the threshold of “Gatherings”