Next Monday the CJCA will have 9 teams playing in Festivals in Ashburton, Christchurch and Mandeville (Ohoka, North Canterbury) – in a new format which starts on Monday afternoon (9th Jan) teams will play over 4 days and the Festivals will culminate with matches between sides with similar results in longer format games after playing a number of 20/20 games. The CJCA thanks all the coaches, managers and scorers who are assisting putting these 9 teams on the field for 4 days of fun in the sun.
For details on or teams and the draws and playing conditions…/mandeville-tournament/
The CJCA wishes to acknowledge the Kiwi Gaming Trust and Aotearoa Gaming Trust as well as our main sponsor Cricket Express in supporting the delivery of these events
The following week our New Year 7 players (year 6 in 2022) and Girls play in their Festivals at Mandeville and Burnside Park respectively. We have 3 teams in each of these events.