After 3 years sharing offices with Christchurch Metro Cricket (CMCA) the CJCA and the CMCA are moving into the offices currently occupied by Canterbury Cricket.

The CJCA will again have its offices within the Hazeldean Business Park in Addington.  “It’s great that the three Cricketing Associations in Christchurch are now in the same environment – as occurred when the CJCA moved in with Metro the efficiencies and understanding of each of the organisations roles will improve now that we are physically closer to each other as we strive to met each of our organisations objectives” says CJCA General Manager Rob Wilkinson.  Wilkinson will share office space with Metro Development Manager, Keryn Ambler with the two Mikes Harvey and Fisher sharing the adjoining office.

The CJCA will also be able to utilise the meeting rooms and network closer with Canterbury Cricket staff leading into what promises to be a challenging season.

New CJCA Physical address

Unit 2, 14 Hazeldean Road