The CJCA has arranged Level 1 Courses for Year 8 Boys and Girls prior to them moving into self umpired grades in 2019 – Year 8 Boys are encouraged to gain this qualification which will also see those passing be able to gain appointments such as the CJCA Summer and Spring Tournaments and other Junior fixtures. As well as Umpiring skills Players will benefit from being fully aware of all current law which will assist in their development in the game.

A separate course for Girls will be held on Sunday the 30th of September and Year 8 Girls are encouraged to attend – Year 7 Girls may also consider attending this course.

The Boys Course will be held at the Umpires Pavilion, beside Hagley Oval from 9.30am to 3.30pm – on Sunday the 23rd of September spaces in this course are limited.

The Girls course will be held the following Sunday the 30th of September

To register for these Courses please email Eugene Sanders Match Officials Co-ordinator [email protected] 021 778 051