The CJCA is pleased to announce it has been able to arrange 5 games for both the Year 7 and 8 players who participated in the recent Summer Tournament against our neighbouring Districts this Sunday the 21st of March.

Year 7 games are being played at Warren Park (3), Heathcote Domain and Medbury School.  Year 8 games are at Brookside Park Rolleston (3), the Ashburton Domain and at the Halswell Cricket Club.

The CJCA thanks the Christchurch Schools and Clubs for making a 18m grass wickets available to the Association.

These matches haven’t been able to be played for the last 2 years due to the Mosque Attacks of 2019 and the Covid Lockdown in 2020.

21 March 2021 interdistricts matches Year 7 teams for web

21 March 2021 interdistricts matches Year 8 teams as at 17 March