As everyone moves up a Year group and we welcome an new intake of Year 6 Boys the CJCA is able to announce its teams to compete in the both the New Year 7 Festival (14-17 January) and the Year 8 Mandeville Tournament (21-24 January).

The CJCA has entered 6 teams in the Year 7 event to join 7 teams from Canterbury Country and 1 team from Buller in this new event which replaces the younger of the two Mandeville Tournaments previously held.  The older age group Mandeville tournament (new Year 8’s)  remains on the calendar and we have again entered 4 teams in this event.

NEW YEAR 7 FESTIVAL – 14-17 January 2019

The New Year 7 Festival teams are the 4 Development teams from Spring with some additional emerging players to fill in for unavailable players.  In addition to this players who indicated they wished to participate have been included in two new composite Emerging teams called Stars and Talent which will also be involved in the event.  The CJCA is currently putting together a standby list incase any players needed to pull out of the event prior to its commencement.

The event will run over 4 days with the first 2 days being a blend of Skill Sessions in the morning and 20/20 games in the afternoon.  The last 2 days will feature longer format games.  Teams will alternate between the Polo Grounds and Mandeville so players get experience on both Grass and Artificial pitches.

Please find the CJCA teams below –

Year 7 Festival CJCA teams 2019 v2

YEAR 8 MANDEVILLE 21-24 January 2019

This event will commence on the 21st of January at 10.30am.  The 4 CJCA Spring Development teams have been entered with additional players drawn from the Emerging Tournament to fill in any gaps due to unavailable players.

The Tournament will consist of four 40 over games.

Please find the CJCA teams below

Year 8 Mandeville Teams 2019 v3