Many thanks to those who submitted photos – the staff at the Sir Richard Hadlee Sports Centre office from Canterbury Cricket, Metro Cricket , the Canterbury Cricket Trust and the CJCA have viewed the photos and the verdicts are in

FUN ($100 Winner)

Lisa Hawes from the Rangiora Cricket Club took this photo of her Girls cooling off on the mega-hot Friday at the start of February 2023 – as the mercury pushed 33 in some parts of the city you needed to whatever you could to keep cool – a $100 Cricket Express voucher is on its way to you.


TEAM ($100 Winner)

Altamash Askari from the Halswell Cricket Club with the Halswell Hammers team after their first win of the season looking forward to seeing the cricketers around in CJCA cricket for another 4 1/2 seasons

SUPPORTER/S ($100 Winner)

Rochelle Foster from the New Brighton Cricket Club the New Brighton Year 6 team and their two year old biggest supporter –

ACTION ($100 Winner)

John Davidson at a CJCA Festival for these three images of a batter keeping his head down but the ball still doing the business, the agony of a dropped catch and a classic cover drive.

EXTRA ($100 Winner)

Ralph Bungard from Heathcote Cricket Club with a packed Clubhouse for their Junior Prizegiving

$50 voucher winner

Brook Kittelty from Parklands Cricket with the mighty Parklands Lions team and coaches & a hanger on!!!!

$50 voucher winner

Ruvi Lawrence from Sydenham Junior Cricket with the Turner Stars cooling down and hanging out – one of the great things that cricket lets you do between innings and when you’re batting- just chilling with your cricket friends!!!!

$50 voucher winner

Jason Gale from Halswell Cricket with a close call for a run out with the Halswell Hunters up against OBC

$50 voucher winner

Altamash Askari from Halswell Cricket with these two images of year 3 cricket at the Halswell Domain last season and at the other end of the scale some action shots of CJCA vs CJCA at the Canterbury Primary Festival in Ashburton in January 2023.