SATURDAY 11th December 7.30AM

Another tough one for the last week before we break
CJCA Cricket 7.30am Saturday 11th December Level 2 – LEVEL 2 – GO TO GROUNDS – as the rain has stopped and appears to be clearing please go to grounds and assess whether play can safely occur.


Level 2          Marginal Conditions.


All players to proceed to the park where coaches/umpires will make a decision based on conditions at the start of play.

If Level 2 Marginal Conditions apply, all teams should proceed to the grounds as drawn. It is possible that conditions at the start of play or during play are worse than expected when the 7.30am decision was made.

Coaches and managers should assess the safety of the playing conditions before starting play.

Games should not be started in drizzle or rain and when started, games should normally be suspended until the precipitation has ceased. At some stage, teams should decide together if further play is likely and if not, games should be abandoned. JOINT decisions between team coaches should be made.

After consultation, if coaches disagree, a compromise from BOTH coaches is expected in order to reach a common outcome. On prepared grass wickets (normally Year 7 and above), should rain occur after 7.30am, play should be cancelled if further play will significantly damage the playing surface.

If the weather does amend the normal playing time for a match then the new playing conditions agreed by the coaches must allow for the match to still be completed by the required time.