2021-22 Girls Cricket Festivals


2021-22 Girls Cricket Festivals

We strongly encourage all girls to play in these festivals even if this is your first year of cricket. It is great fun; the girls get to meet and play with other girls from different teams and the games are generally close because we select even teams to participate.

If you have friends that play another sport on a Saturday and would like to play in the festival then encourage them to nominate themselves, it is also a great opportunity for girls that play in our school competitions to play extra cricket. The main emphasis is on raising the level of cricket and additional playing opportunities, further inter-districts playing opportunities are also organised from these festivals.

CJCA’s primary objective for these festivals is to provide all players with opportunities to further develop their skills in cricket. It is hoped that skills developed at these festivals will provide players with added confidence to regularly compete at a high standard in their respective age groups and so increase their levels of enjoyment and commitment. These festivals continue the use of artificial wickets as we feel this is the best surface to enable their skills to develop.

The CJCA Executive is extremely grateful for all the hard work put in by the many volunteers who help make these festivals take place. These include team managers, selectors, CJCA Executive members and umpires. Many thanks all the volunteers that offer their help. We simply could not run these tournaments without you.

Please remember that, as is the case in all sports, the Umpire’s decision is final and must not be debated or challenged.

A special thanks is reserved for our primary sponsor – Cricket Express, who are a significant supporter of Junior Cricket in Christchurch.  Gareth Greenfield and his team – a very big thank you!



2021-2022 Additional Playing Opportunities

Girls Summer Festival (Cancelled)

St Albans Park

Sundays March 13th & 20th 2022.

Grades available for entry: Mini Mags, Junior Incrediball, Novice Hardball, Competitive Hardball.

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Match Conditions for the 2021-2022 Festival Matches

Mini Mags

Year 3/4s including girls new to cricket

Summer festival 

  • 8 Aside depending on final numbers, played to Year 3-4 Grade conditions.
  • Double wicket format if required (2 batting, 2 getting ready, everyone else fielding) 
  • Partner batting, 4-5 Overs per pair (4 overs if 5 pairs, 5 overs for 4 pairs)
  • All Bowlers to bowl 2 overs each before anyone bowls a 3rd.

Incrediball & Novice Hardball

Junior Incrediball Year 5/6s including new year 5s that may be coming out of Year 3-4 Cricket, can also include confident Year 4s)

Intermediate Incrediball (2021 Spring festival only), Year 6-8s, for those playing in the Intermediate Incrediball grade.

Novice Hardball Year 7/8 can also include confident Year 6s. This is a chance for the girls playing in the Intermediate Incrediball grade to experience the hardball in preparation for further cricket.

  • 8 Aside depending on final numbers.
  • Double wicket format if required (2 batting, 2 padding up, everyone else fielding)
  • 20 Overs per team
  • Partner batting, 4-5 Overs per pair (4 overs if 5 pairs, 5 overs for 4 pairs)
  • All Bowlers to bowl 2 overs each before anyone bowls a 3rd.
  • No LBWs in this grade.

Competitive Hardball

Competitive Hardball Year 7/8, generally the girls that are already playing in the hardball grades.

NB: For the Summer 2022 festival, the new year 9s are still eligible to play in this festival.

  • Played to CJCA Intermediate Hardball conditions
  • Back foot LBW
  • 6 Ball grace period before you are out.
  • 9 aside (can be adjusted depending on numbers)
  • 20 Overs per team.
  • Max 4 overs per bowler. No bowler may bowl a 4th over until ALL others have bowled 3.
  • Retire after 25-30 balls, depending on final numbers.