This season sees CJCA competitions fully implement the new New Zealand Cricket Age and Stage Formats – these formats are now being adopted nationwide and for many CJCA grades the changes aren’t too radical.

CLICK HERE for a summary of all the CJCA grades for 2018/19

Check out New Zealands Cricket’s first video explaining the changes –


A more detailed video will be released next month and the CJCA has already adjusted all its grades to incorporate all these changes.

A number of these changes have been based on research conducted in Australia.  For a look at a comprehensive videos produced by Cricket Australia follow these links.


7 minute video featuring background and excellent demonstration of how the Age & Stage will allow for more enjoyment by stakeholders CLICK HERE

Dr Ian Renshaw presented the reasoning behind many of these changes to a group of Queensland Cricket Coaches – if you’re interested in seeing his presentation –


For a video/powerpoint summary of the changes and what the changes have meant to the playing of the game produced by Cricket Australia CLICK HERE