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Past Winners

Summary up to and including 2016...

Tournament wins (or joint wins)

The Sir Jack Newman Trophy

Christchurch (20); Canterbury Country (11); Dunedin Metro (8); Otago Country or Central Otago (9); Nelson (9); South Canterbury (6); Marlborough (1) & Mid Canterbury (1)

In most years prior to 1995, the Christchurch team or teams were known as Canterbury while the Dunedin Team was known as Otago. Christchurch have been able to field 2 teams to ensure no byes in recent years. Tournament rules require these two teams to be of even ability rather than a "A" and a "B" team.

Those that have won, or jointly won the Eastern Southland Fielding Trophy:

Nelson (13); Canterbury Country (10); Otago Country or Central Otago (9); Christchurch (5); South Canterbury (5); Marlborough (2); North Otago (2); Buller (1); Invercargill Metro (1); Mid Canterbury (2); Dunedin Metro (1)

The Eastern Southland Trophy is awarded to the best fielding team and fair play at the tournament - Refer Rule 8)

Winners of the Tournament (the Sir Jack Newman Trophy)
(Trophy shared where more than one team listed)

2016 (53rd at Dunedin) Canterbury Country
2015 (52nd at Blenheim) Christchurch Red
2014 (51st at Gore) Otago Country / Nelson
2013 (50th at Christchurch) Christchurch Red
2012 (49th at Invercargill) Christchurch Red / Canterbury Country / Dunedin Metro
2011 (48th at Ashburton) Canterbury Country / Dunedin Metro
2010 (47th at Alexandra) Nelson
2009 (46th at Rangiora) Mid Canterbury
2008 (45th at Westport) Canterbury Country / Christchurch Black
2007 (44th at Oamaru) Christchurch Black
2006 (43rd at Nelson) Canterbury Country / South Canterbury / Christchurch Black
2005 (42nd at Timaru) Christchurch Black
2004 (41st at Dunedin) Nelson
2003 (40th at Blenheim) Canterbury Country
2002 (39th at Gore) Canterbury Country
2001 (38th at Christchurch) Central Otago
2000 (37th at Invercargill) Dunedin Metro
1999 (36th at Ashburton) Central Otago
1998 (35th at Alexandra) Canterbury Country
1997 (34th at Rangiora) South Canterbury
1996 (33rd at Westport) Canterbury Country / South Canterbury
1995 (32nd at Oamaru) Canterbury
1994 (31st at Nelson ) Canterbury
1993 (30th at Timaru) Central Otago
1992 (29th at Dunedin) Christchurch Red
1991 (28th at Blenheim) Nelson
1990 (27th at Gore) Canterbury / Central Otago / Nelson / Nth Canterbury
1989 (26th at Christchurch) Otago A
1988 (25th at Invercargill) Canterbury
1987 (24th at Ashburton) Nelson
1986 (23rd at Alexandra) Canterbury
1985 (22nd at Rangiora) Canterbury
1984 (21st at Westport) Canterbury
1983 (20th at Oamaru) Canterbury A
1982 (19th at Nelson ) Central Otago
1981 (18th at Timaru) Central Otago
1980 (17th at Dunedin) No Final
1979 (16th at Blenheim) Canterbury B
1978 (15th at Gore) Canterbury
1977 (14th at Christchurch) Central Otago
1976 (13th at Invercargill) Nelson
1975 (12th at Ashburton) North Canterbury
1974 (11th at Alexandra) Canterbury
1973 (10th at Rangiora) Otago
1972 (9th at Oamaru) Canterbury / Nelson
1971 (8th at Nelson ) Nelson
1970 (7th at Timaru) Otago
1969 (6th at Dunedin) South Canterbury
1968 (5th at Blenheim) South Canterbury
1967 (4th at Gore) South Canterbury
1966 (3rd at Christchurch) Ashburton
1965 (2nd at Ashburton) Otago
1963 (1st at Invercargill) Marlborough

Eastern Southland Fielding Trophy winners

2016 (53rd at Dunedin) Christchurch Red 
2015 (52nd at Blenheim) Otago Country
2014 (51st at Gore) Otago Country
2013 (50th at Christchurch) South Canterbury
2012 (49th at Invercargill) Canterbury Country
2011 (48th at Ashburton) Dunedin / Mid Canterbury / North Otago
2010 (47th at Alexandra) Otago Country
2009 (46th at Rangiora) Otago Country
2008 (45th at Westport) South Canterbury
2007 (44th at Oamaru) Nelson
2006 (43rd at Nelson ) Canterbury Country
2005 (42nd at Timaru) Mid Canterbury / Nelson
2004 (41st at Dunedin) Marlborough
2003 (40th at Blenheim) Marlborough / Christchurch Black
2002 (39th at Gore) Central Otago
2001 (38th at Christchurch) Central Otago
2000 (37th at Invercargill) Southland
1999 (36th at Ashburton) Canterbury Country
1998 (35th at Alexandra) Canterbury Country
1997 (34th at Rangiora) South Canterbury
1996 (33rd at Westport) Central Otago
1995 (32nd at Oamaru) Nelson / Otago
1994 (31st at Nelson ) Otago
1993 (30th at Timaru) Central Otago
1992 (29th at Dunedin) North Canterbury
1991 (28th at Blenheim) South Canterbury
1990 (27th at Gore) Central Otago / Nelson
1989 (26th at Christchurch) Canterbury B
1988 (25th at Invercargill) Nelson
1987 (24th at Ashburton) Nelson
1986 (23rd at Alexandra) North Canterbury
1985 (22nd at Rangiora) Buller
1984 (21st at Westport) North Canterbury
1983 (20th at Oamaru) Otago
1982 (19th at Nelson ) Nelson
1981 (18th at Timaru) Central Otago
1980 (17th at Dunedin) North Canterbury
1979 (16th at Blenheim) Nelson
1978 (15th at Gore) Nelson
1977 (14th at Christchurch) Canterbury A
1976 (13th at Invercargill) South Canterbury
1975 (12th at Ashburton) North Canterbury
1974 (11th at Alexandra) Canterbury
1973 (10th at Rangiora) North Canterbury
1972 (9th at Oamaru) Nelson
1971 (8th at Nelson ) Nelson
1970 (7th at Timaru) Otago
1969 (6th at Dunedin) Nelson
1968 (5th at Blenheim) North Canterbury
1967 (4th at Gore) Nelson
1966 (3rd at Christchurch) -Trophy didn't exist
1965 (2nd at Ashburton) -Trophy didn't exist
1963 (1st at Invercargill) -Trophy didn't exist


2016 at Dunedin Zac Foulkes for Canterbury Country 5 for 1 v West Coast
2016 at Dunedin Liam Sullivan for Mid Canterbury 3 for 14 v North Otago 
2016 at Dunedin Beckham Greenhall for Dunedin 3 for 8 v Otago Country (Beckham also scored a century in this match and so became the first player to achieve this impressive feat)
2016 at Dunedin Zak Foulkes for Canterbury Country 3 for 9 v Mid Canterbury
2015 at Blenheim Archie Redfern for Mid Canterbury 4 for 2 v Buller (Archie also scored a century which is only the fourth time someone has achieved both these milestones at the same SIT)
2015 at Blenheim Tom Middleton for Mid Canterbury 3 for 4 v Buller
2015 at Blenheim Ryan Becker for Otago Country 6 for 8 v West Coast
2013 at Christchurch Jack Pryde for Dunedin 5 wickets for 9 against South Canterbury
2012 at Invercargill Declan Su'a for Dunedin Metro 5 wickets for 12 against Mid Canterbury
2011 at Ashburton Jack Hyde for Canterbury Country 8 wickets for 8 against West Coast
2009 at Rangiora Chris Warner for Christchurch Black 5 wickets for 13 against West Coast (Chris also scored a century which is only the third time someone has achieved both these milestones at the same SIT)
2008 at Westport Tom Gore for Christchurch Red 3 wickets for 9 runs against Invercargill Metro
2007 at Oamaru Matt Tait for Mid Canterbury 5 wickets for 17 runs against Nelson
2007 at Oamaru Cameron Grubb for North Otago 7 wickets for 1 run against West Coast
2006 at Nelson Mike Grafton for Buller against Christchurch Red (figures 4 for 32)
2005 at Timaru William Mills for Christchurch Black against Central Otago (figures 4 for 20)
2004 at Dunedin Simon Smaill for Central Otago against Southland Country (figures 3 for 13)
2003 at Blenheim Bud Jackson for Nelson against West Coast (figures 4 for 14)
2003 at Blenheim Matt Laffey for Canterbury Country against Buller (figures 5 for 12)
2001 at Christchurch Cameron Rutherford for Central Otago against Marlborough (figures 8 for 17)
2001 at Christchurch Lindsay Cresswell for Canterbury Country against Southland Country (figures 4 for 3)
2000 at Invercargill Konrad Hanson for Dunedin against Buller (figures 4 for 2)
1999 at Ashburton Ben Patterson for Canterbury Country against Southland Country (figures 4 for 3)
1997 at Rangiora Vinnie Menon for Nelson against West Coast (figures 10 for 10)
1996 at Westport Mark Wright for Canterbury B against West Coast (figures 5 for 8)
1996 at Westport Matthew Petre for Southland against Central Otago (figures 5 for 7)
1995 at Oamaru Willie Andrew for Nelson against Otago B (figures 3 for 6)
1989 at Christchurch Greg Irvine for Nelson against Ashburton (figures 3 for 51) (Greg also scored a century, the second time both these achievements were accomplished at the same SIT)
1988 at Invercargill Carl Eddington for Nelson against South Canterbury (figures 4 for 15)
1987 at Ashburton Michael Spowart for Buller against Canterbury Minors (figures 5 for 28)
1984 at Westport Brent Casey for North Canterbury against Nelson (figures 7 for 16)
1983 at Oamaru Bryan Vickery for North Canterbury against West Coast (figures 6 for 8)
1983 at Oamaru Gavin Millar for Nelson against Ashburton (figures 7 for 18)
1982 at Nelson Barry Roche for Buller against Southland Country (figures 7 for 32)
1981 at Timaru David Ponting for Canterbury A against Nelson (figures 4 for 21) (David also scored a century, the first time both these achievements were accomplished at the same SIT)
1979 at Blenheim Brian Plaskett for North Canterbury against Central Otago (figures 7 for 36)
1979 at Blenheim Richard Knox for Central Otago against South Canterbury (figures 7 for 26)
1978 at Gore Colin Ormsby for South Canterbury against West Coast (figures 5 for 0)
1978 at Gore Gary Pearce for Otago B against Buller (figures 5 for 1)
1978 at Gore Phillip McDonald for Southland against North Canterbury (figures 7 for 37)
1977 at Christchurch David Beale for Southland against North Canterbury (figures 4 for 21)
1975 at Ashburton Lennie Palmer for North Otago against West Coast (figures 3 for 3)
1975 at Ashburton Peter Crombie for North Otago against Southland (figures 3 for 23)
1973 at Rangiora Michael Williams for South Canterbury against Buller (figures 5 for 20)
1971 at Nelson Michael Parker for North Otago against Southland (figures 4 for 0)
1971 at Nelson Richard Spence for Eastern Southland against Canterbury (figures 4 for 52)
1968 at Blenheim Larry Porter for Canterbury B against North Otago (figures 8 for 5)


2016 at Dunedin Beckham Greenhall 101 for Dunedin v Southland Country  
2016 at Dunedin Beckham Greenhall 101* for Dunedin v Otago Country 
2016 at Dunedin Blair McKenzie 109* for Invercargill v Mid Canterbury 
2015 at Blenheim Archie Redfern 114* for Mid Canterbury v Otago Country (Archie also took a hat trick which is only the fourth time someone has achieved both these milestones at the same SIT)
2015 at Blenheim Tommy Wilson 103* for Dunedin v West Coast (100th SIPST Century)
2015 at Blenheim Jackson Hemingway 110* for Christchurch Black v Invercargill
2015 at Blenheim Jesse Frew 101 for  Canterbury Country v Dunedin
2015 at Blenheim Nicholas Lidstone 108 for Christchurch Red v North Otago
2014 at Gore Caylem Cooke for Marlborough 101* vs West Coast
2013 at Christchurch Jack Pryde for Dunedin 102* vs Otago Country (Jack also took a hat-trick, the fourth time someone has achieved both these milestones at the same SIT)
2013 at Christchurch Simon Yorston for Chch Red 100* against Nelson (sharing an unbeaten 5th wicket partnership of 219 with Isaac Anderson)
2013 at Christchurch Isaac Anderson for Chch Red 115* against Nelson
2013 at Christchurch Llewy Johnson for North Otago 159 (Tournament record) against Marlborough 
2012 at Invercargill Ben Donkers for Canterbury Country scored 108* against Dunedin Metro
2012 at Invercargill Ma'ara Ave for Marlborough scored 101* against West Coast
2012 at Invercargill Mitchell Pryde for Southland Country scored 105 against Mid Canterbury
2010 at Alexandra William Brown for Christchurch Red scored 117* against Southland Country 
2009 at Rangiora Chris Warner for Christchurch Black scored 100* against Southland Country (Chris also took a hat-trick, the third time someone has achieved both these milestones at the same SIT)
2009 at Rangiora Gus Hewitt for Christchurch Black scored 100* against Marlborough
2008 at Westport Luke Roden for Nelson scored 112 against Invercargill Metro
2008 at Westport Ryan Rusk for Southland Country scored 100* against Buller
2008 at Westport Jack Waller for Canterbury Country scored 141* against Mid Canterbury
2007 at Oamaru Ben Ward for Mid Canterbury scored 104* against Marlborough
2006 at Nelson Kieran Patterson for Southland Country scored 105* against North Otago
2006 at Nelson Jacob Naylor for South Canterbury scored 101* against Marlborough
2006 at Nelson Mitchell Van Schaik for Invercargill Metro scored 100 against Nelson
2006 at Nelson Tim Leonard for South Canterbury scored 112* against North Otago
2005 at Timaru Jonny Nicholls for Marlborough scored 112 against Buller
2005 at Timaru Ashley Simpson for Dunedin scored 103* against Buller
2005 at Timaru Mitchell Kerr for Christchurch Black scored 102* against North Otago
2004 at Dunedin Isaac McDonald for Mid Canterbury scored 103 against South Canterbury
2003 at Blenhein Thomas Beaumont for Nelson scored 100* against Christchurch Black
2002 at Gore Paul Duncan for Christchurch Red scored 103 against Southland Country
2002 at Gore Paul Duncan for Christchurch Red scored 108 against Central Otago
2001 at Christchurch Ben Wright for Nelson scored 103* against Christchurch Black
2001 at Christchurch James Russell for Dunedin scored 101* against Southland Country
2001 at Christchurch Kieran Parker for Central Otago scored 100* against Southland
2000 at Invercargill Andy Fitzpatrick for Marlborough scored 122* against Southland Country
2000 at Invercargill Sean Eathorne for Dunedin scored 121* against South Canterbury
1999 at Ashburton Ben Sumpter for Southland scored 111 against South Canterbury
1999 at Ashburton Daniel Kral for Nelson scored 105 against Marlborough
1999 at Ashburton Michael Grigor for South Canterbury scored 105 against Southland
1998 at Alexandra Douglas Mathews for Canterbury Black scored 109* against West Coast
1998 at Alexandra Hadley Johns for South Canterbury scored 103* against Marlborough
1998 at Alexandra Mario Soper for Southland scored 100* against Marlborough
1997 at Rangiora Scott Vile for Marlborough scored 106* against Christchurch Red
1996 at Westport Shanan Stewart for Canterbury Country scored 109 against Nelson
1992 at Dunedin Ben Dormer for Canterbury scored 101* against Southland Country
1992 at Dunedin Nick Johnstone for South Canterbury scored 102 against Central Otago
1991 at Blenhein Lyall Jemmett for Ashburton scored 110 against Southland
1990 at Gore Craig McMillan for Canterbury scored 114* against South Canterbury
1990 at Gore Craig McMillan for Canterbury scored 152* against Central Otago
1990 at Gore Hayden Finch for Central Otago scored 112* against North Otago
1990 at Gore Joseph Hill for Marlborough scored 103 against Eastern Southland
1990 at Gore Robert Madden for Ashburton scored 103* against Marlborough
1989 at Christchurch Carl McKenzie for Southland scored 116* against Canterbury B
1989 at Christchurch Chris Finch for Central Otago scored 100* against North Otago
1989 at Christchurch Chris Finch for Central Otago scored 100* against Southland
1989 at Christchurch Greg Zampach for Buller scored 107* against South Canterbury
1989 at Christchurch Craig Cumming for South Canterbury scored 121* against Buller
1989 at Christchurch Craig Cumming for South Canterbury scored 108* against Ashburton
1989 at Christchurch Craig Cumming for South Canterbury scored 108 against Central Otago
1989 at Christchurch Greg Irvine for Nelson scored 106 against North Canterbury (Greg also took a hat-trick, the second time someone has achieved both these milestones at the same SIT)
1989 at Christchurch Lindsay Cavill for Ashburton scored 102* against Buller
1989 at Christchurch Scott Lammas for Marlborough scored 111 against North Canterbury
1987 at Ashburton Aagon Wills for Central Otago scored 100* against Ashburton
1987 at Ashburton Gerard Ward for North Otago scored 101* against Eastern Southland
1985 at Rangiora Boyd O'Shea for Southland Country scored 103 against North Canterbury A
1985 at Rangiora Charles Fairbairn for Canterbury scored 110* against North Canterbury B
1985 at Rangiora Llorne Howell for Canterbury scored 100* against North Canterbury B
1985 at Rangiora John Huynen for North Canterbury A scored 108 against Ashburton
1985 at Rangiora Jonathan Smith for Central Otago scored 106 against Ashburton
1985 at Rangiora Lindsay Breen for Central Otago scored 132* against Buller
1983 at Oamaru David Mills for Canterbury A scored 102* against Canty B
1983 at Oamaru Stephen Fallowfield for Southland Country scored 100 against Marlborough
1982 at Nelson Jason Fullen for Canterbury scored 111 against Southland
1982 at Nelson Shane Jones for North Canterbury scored 105* against Ashburton
1981 at Timaru Danny Thomas for South Canterbury B scored 110* against North Canterbury
1981 at Timaru David Ponting for Canterbury A scored 100* against Southland (David also took a hat-trick, the first time someone has achieved both these milestones at the same SIT)
1981 at Timaru Leslie Richards for Otago scored 102 against against Ashburton
1979 at Blenheim Kenneth Rutherford for Otago scored 100 against South Canterbury
1979 at Blenheim Michael Fullen for Canterbury B scored 119* against Canterbury A
1979 at Blenheim Michael Stringer for Nelson scored 101* against against Ashburton
1976 at Invercargill Stephen McFelin for South Canterbury scored 109 against Southland B
1975 at Ashburton Darryl James for South Canterbury scored 102* against Central Otago
1974 at Alexandra Bryce Nicholson for Canterbury scored 109* against Otago
1974 at Alexandra Michael Hooper for Ashburton scored 111* against North Otago
1973 at Rangiora Alan Devlin for North Canterbury scored 106* against North Otago
1973 at Rangiora Terry Ward for Southland scored 117 against Canterbury
1973 at Rangiora Vaughan Brown for Canterbury scored 123* against South Canterbury
1972 at Oamaru Bruce Blair for Otago scored 104* against North Canterbury
1972 at Oamaru Colin Jackson for Otago scored 107* against Southland
1971 at Nelson Ian Rutherford for Otago B scored 117* against South Canterbury
1971 at Nelson Ian Rutherford for Otago scored 103* against Nelson B
1971 at Nelson Martin Mulcahy for South Canterbury scored 102* against East Southland
1970 at Timaru Mike Johnston for North Canterbury scored 105 against Ashburton
1969 at Dunedin Ian Rutherford for Otago B scored 111 against North Otago
1969 at Dunedin John Davies for South Canterbury scored 133 against Marlborough
1969 at Dunedin Peter Jones for North Canterbury scored 126 against Central Otago
1969 at Dunedin Peter McCormack for Canterbury A scored 112 against Nelson
1968 at Blenheim John Davies for South Canterbury scored 124* against Canty A
1967 at Gore Ian Clark for North Canterbury scored 100* against Canterbury
1966 at Christchurch Stephen Phillips for North Otago scored 108* against Southland
1963 at Invercargill Rodney Walker for Canterbury A scored 102 against Southland B


Total Wickets at a single tournament: 1995 - 732 wickets at Oamaru
Total Runs at a single tournament: 1985 - 11,906 runs at Rangiora
Highest average runs at a single tournament (all teams): 1989 - 19.85 at Christchurch
Highest average runs at a single tournament (one team): 2005 - 41 by Christchurch Black at Timaru
Highest runs by a player: 1971 - at Nelson- 432 @ 108 - Ian Rutherford (Otago)
Highest average by a player on grass: 1990 - at Gore - 311 runs @ average of 155.5 - Craig McMillan (Christchurch)
Highest score in a match on grass: 2013 - at Christchurch - 159 runs (from 134 balls inc five 6's and eighteen 4's) - Llewy Johnson (North Otago)
Highest average by a player on synthetics: 2008 - at Westport - average of 236 - Jack Waller (Canterbury Country)
Highest score in a match on synthetics: 2008 - at Westport - 141 runs not out (inc 15 x 6's) - Jack Waller (Canterbury Country) v Mid Canterbury
Most centuries at a single tournament: 1989 - at Christchurch - 3 centuries - Craig Cumming (South Canterbury)
Most wickets in an innings: 1997 - at Rangiora 10 for 10 - Vinnie Menon (Nelson) & 1972 - at Oamaru - 10 for 37 - Justin Boyle (Christchurch)
Most wickets in a tournament: 1987 - at Ashburton - 37 @ 7.2 - Jeff Wilson (Southland)
Most appearances at a Tournament / Player: 5 Chris Cairns - 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983 for Otago - & 1984 for Christchurch and Vincent Lucas - 2008 to 2012 for West Coast

Blackcaps - nearly 40 in total (at 2015)

Those who have played in this Tournament and gone on to represent New Zealand Cricket in Internationals are listed below. With 52 tournaments to date (and if you discount the last 8 tournaments as being too early to produce a Black Cap) then the tournament has produced 39 Black Caps from 44 Tournaments - meaning on average over 90% of tournaments produce a Black Cap.

Player profiles for the following players can be found here

  • Corey Anderson Christchurch)
  • Nathan Astle (Christchurch)
  • Hamish Bennett (South Canterbury)
  • Tony Blain (Nelson)
  • Bruce Blair (Otago)
  • Shane Bond (Christchurch)
  • Neil Broom (Christchurch)
  • Vaughan Brown (Christchurch)
  • Chris Cairns (Otago & Christchurch)
  • Craig Cumming (South Canterbury)
  • Brendon Diamanti (Marlborough)
  • Mark Douglas (Nelson)
  • Jock Edwards (Nelson)
  • Andrew Ellis (Christchurch)
  • Stephen Fleming (Christchurch)
  • Peter Fulton (Canterbury Country)
  • Lee Germon (Christchurch)
  • Sir Richard Hadlee (Christchurch)
  • Chris Harris (Christchurch)
  • Matthew Henry (Christchurch) 
  • Llorne Howell (Christchurch)
  • Andrew Jones (Nelson)
  • Tom Latham (Christchurch)
  • Warren Lees (Otago)
  • Brendan McCullum (Dunedin Metro)
  • Nathan McCullum (Dunedin Metro)
  • Brian McKechnie (Southland)
  • Craig McMillan (Christchurch)
  • Darrin Murray (Nelson)
  • Michael Papps (Christchurch)
  • Richard Petrie (Christchurch)
  • Mark Priest (Christchurch)
  • Stu Roberts (Christchurch)
  • Ken Rutherford (Otago)
  • David Sewell (North Otago)
  • Gary Stead (Christchurch)
  • Jeff Wilson (Southland)
  • Shanan Stewart (Canterbury Country)
  • John Wright (North Canterbury)
In addition there has been one female player who has gone onto become a WHITE FERN - Erin Bermingham (Buller)

CJCA Representatives who have played in the South Island Primary School's Cricket Tournament

Cricketing First Class Players are denoted in BOLD / UNDERLINED. Players representing Provinces or Country in sports other than cricket are denoted as UNDERLINED.

2016 Christchurch Red (Dunedin 53rd SIT)

Zach May (c) Medbury, Jake Grove CG, Ryan Pithey Medbury, George Anderson Sydenham, Thomas McClean Medbury, Ollie Curtis Medbury, Kees Beck Sydenham, Logan Willis Marist-Harewood, Nick Cooke Medbury, Ollie O'Loughlin OBC, Caleb Cottom (wk) Marist-Harewood, Sam Kreft (wk) Marist-Harewood; Coaches Richard Pithey and Tim May

2016 Christchurch Black (Dunedin 53rd SIT)

Mathew Boyle (c) Marist-Harewood, Jonty Raxworthy Sydenham, Finn Raxworthy Sydenham, Angus Sidey Medbury, Bailey Moody OBC, Max Hamilton Sydenham, Ryan Entwistle OBC, Blake Alexander OBC, Nepia Crowe Marist-Harewood, Daniel Watt Sydenham, Tom Flavell (wk) CG, Jaiden James (wk) Marist-Harewood; Coaches Darrin Entwistle, Kieran James and Graeme Moody

2015 Christchurch Red (Blenheim 52nd SIT) - Winners

Dominic Brankin MH, Dominic Gardiner OBC, Etienne Harrington-Watt STAC, Max Heywood Med, Duncan Kennett Syd, Oliver Lewis Heathcote, Nicholas Lidstone Med, Josh McCarthy OBC, Curtis Millard MH, Hugo Reid OBC, Hunter Rowe OBC, Jack Rule Sumner; Coaches Warren Lidstone and Lance McCarthy

2015 Christchurch Black (Blenheim 52nd SIT) - Joint second

Kobe Beecroft BWU, Zach Gallagher Med, Ben Hampton OBC, Jackson Hemingway MH, Theo McIntosh BWU, Thomas McKay Med, Matt Munro MH, Nathanael Paltridge BWU, Owen Rees OBC, Logan Roberts BWU, Regan Sheahan OBC, Joseph Wells Syd; Coaches Mike Rowe and Angus McIntosh

2014 Christchurch Red (Gore 51st SIT)

Shaun Berryman ES, Harry Cockram STAC, Mitchell Hay BWU, Liam Foulkes OBC, George Cooke MED, Louie Chapman (Capt) BWU, Tom McDonald ES, Jack Charles Morrow STAC, Cullen Moody BWU, Luke Murray STAC, Joe Bradley OBC, Matt Kendall ES; Coaches Peter Hay and Jeremy Cooke

2014 Christchurch Black (Gore 51st SIT)

Jayden Ball SYD, Bradley Entwistle OBC, Tom Dunlop BWU, Gareth Barron STAC, Declan Hickford SYD, Tim Boyle OBC, Dominic Cornish (Capt) BWU, Breylin Little ES, Ryan James BWU, Josh Paul BWU, Liam Crosbie OBC, Tom Marshall MED; Coaches Mike Dunlop and Darrin Entwistle

2013 Christchurch Red (Christchurch 50th SIT Winners)

Ben Hartland (OBC) Co-Captain, Tom Parker (OBC) Co-Captain, Ben Dickie (Medbury), Issac Anderson (Sydenham), Simon Yorston (Burnside), Oscar Wilson (OBC), Campbell Reid (OBC), Shilo Klein (St Andrews), Jono Raymond (Medbury), Liam McBreen-Smith  (St Andrews), Tom Selbie (Sydenham), Ankur Patel (Burnside); Coach Blair Hartland, Mgr Mike Parker

2013 Christchurch Black (Christchurch 50th SIT)

Jack Harris (Medbury) Co-Captain, Riley Tempero (Sydenham) Co-Captain, Fergus McIntosh (Burnside), Will Harrison (Sydenham), Issac Bird (Sydenham), Ted Whelan (Medbury), Henry Workman (Medbury), Flynn O'Donnell (Sydenham), Rico Syme (OBC), Paul Tomkinson (Sydenham), Callum Cameron (OBC), William Mace-Cochrane (St Andrews); Toby van Woerkom (OBC); Coach Ben Harris, Mgr Andrew Harrison

2012 Christchurch Red (Invercargill 49th SIT Jnt Winners)

Quinn Clinton (Captain; OBC); Alex Heenan (Vice captain, Halswell); Ben Lapslie (Vice captain; BWU); Alex Simpson (Medbury); Ben Cairns (Halswell); Ben Thomson (Medbury); Callum Long (Medbury); Daniel Freeman-Greene (Medbury); Joe Henderson (Halswell); Rowan Taylor (Sydenham); William Kennedy (BWU); Zach Jones (Sydenham); Coach Bruce Kennedy Mgr Peter Heenan

2012 Christchurch Black (Invercargill 49th SIT)

Sam Flavell (Captain; CG); Charles Parker (Vice captain; BWU); William O’Brien (Vice captain; MP); Alex Harford (OBC); Anjus Bhogal (Medbury); Ben Harris (MP); Caleb Christey-Glare (Halswell); Carl Hooper (Sydenham); Connor Sullivan (Halswell); Harrison Richards (BWU); Joel Williams (BWU); Rupert Whyte (Medbury); Coach Wayne Parker Mgr Rod Hooper

2011 Christchurch Red (Ashburton 48th SIT)
Lennon Annett, Jacob Bird, Regan Cantwell, Matt Hay, Jacob Keilar, Harry Kirk, Joe Leggat, Jack Leslie, Jack Lewis, James Sheehan, Bailen Thatcher, Rory Williamson; Coaches Peter Hay and Tony Sheehan, Manager Stu Kirk

2011 Christchurch Black (Ashburton 48th SIT)
Matt Allen, Connor Arnold, Liam Beckett, Tom Byrne, Jesse Campbell, Jesse Hunter, Taylor Irie, Will Jordan, Stephen King, Logan Knowles, Chris Wakefield, Callum Curnow; Coach Kenji Irie Manager Steve Wakefield

2010 Christchurch Red (Alexandra 47th SIT)
Connor McFadzien; Jacob Parker; Jamie Costello; Jamie Hunt; James Walton; Jared Exeter; Nicholas Kwant; Reuben Spicer; Robbie Selbie; Ryan Jones; Sam Lawson; Will Brown; Coaches Peter Costello and Chris Ferguson

2010 Christchurch Black (Alexandra 47th SIT)
Aaron Clarke; Aaden Mikaera; Casey Marsh; Daniel Stanley; Logan McLaughlin; Morgan Jeffery; Mackenzie Dewar; Ribu Dhakal; Samuel Lapslie; Sean Forster; Talor Scott; Taylor Wilford; Coach Nigel Marsh: Asst Coach David Stanley

2009 Christchurch Red (Rangiora 46th SIT)
Jack Boyle; Harry Kennedy; Hayden Day; Scott Ralston; Grayson Papatua; George Butterick; Anthony Burnett; Blake Doherty; Jonathan Hartland; Fraser Jeffrey; Christopher Kirk; Edward Wright; Coaches: Paul Hartland & Bruce Day

2009 Christchurch Black (Rangiora 46th SIT)
Gus Hewitt; Nicholas Clarke; James Cawthorne; Blue Hamel; William Rykers; Harry Betty; Tom Taylor; Daniel Rawson; Matthew Long; Tim Carter; Chris Warner; Nathan Campbell ; Coaches. Mike Hamel & Tony Betty

2008 Christchurch Red (Westport 45th SIT)
Andrew Hazeldine; Dexter Marsh; Dion Hamilton; Freddie Anderson; Henry Reese; Jeremy Duncan; Leo Carter (c); Nick Erwood; Sam Bowden; Shuiab Ahmed; Toby Jeffery; Tom Gore; Manager: John Anderson; Coach: Barry Hazeldine

2008 Christchurch Black (Westport 45th SIT Jnt Winners)
Alex Marshall; Ben Mann; David Wakefield (c); Edward Close; James Cannan; Kenneth McClure; Mitchell Gardner; Nathan Shaw; Nicholas Tilley; Shawn O’Brien; Tim Braid; Todd Henderson; Manager: Steve Wakefield; Coach: Garry Gardner

2007 Christchurch Red (Oamaru 44th SIT)
Ben Bradley (NB); Ben Butterick (HALS); Ben Hanham (NB); Ben Radovonich (MED); Charlie Due (NB); Dylan Goldstone (ES); Hamish Robertson (MED); Joshua Milne (OBC); Matthew Swift (OBC); Oliver Partridge (OBC); Tom Allison (injured - OBC); Tom Rennie (MED); Tony Christie (STAC); [Dave Teale - Coach; Goldie Goldstone - Manager]

2007 Christchurch Black (Oamaru 44th SIT - winners)
Angus McKellar (MED); Chris Burnett (OBC); Dillon Akehurst (ES); Eddie Commons (OBC); Edward Nuttall (MED); Harrison Williams (OBC); Mitchell Keen (SYD); Robbie Paterson (STAC); Theo van Woerkom (OBC); Tim McGoldrick (MED); Tom Gooday (NB); William Utley (HARE); [Andrew Reid - Coach; Francis van Woerkom - Manager]

2006 Christchurch Red (Nelson 43rd SIT)
Hamish Teale (c), Ben Butterick; Ben Sidey; David Browstow; Jack Hammond; Jared Percival; Mark Vanner; Matthew Kottier; Michael Jones; Richard Allchurch; Tim McGoldrick; Tom Scott [Dave Teale - Coach; John Hammond - Manager]

2006 Christchurch Black (Nelson 43rd SIT - Jnt Winners)
Alex Ross (c); Brad Gordon; Braden Gardner; Hagan Schulte; Hugo Reid; James Cadenhead; Matthew Comyns; Michael Davidson; Michael Snedden; Oliver Hobbs; Theo van Woerkom; Timothy Hampton-Matehe [Andrew Reid - Coach; Chris Jones - Manager]

2005 Christchurch Red (Timaru 42nd SIT)
Lewis Allan (c); Alex Ritchie; Ananthan Yugaraja; Gerard Pottinger; Hamish Teale; James Sullivan; Jerome Bradley; Karl Belcher, Lane Tutty; Matthew Harrison; Nick Tinning; Thomas Latham [Des Crosbie - Coach; Peter Burke - Manager]

2005 Christchurch Black (Timaru 42nd SIT - Winners)
Mitchell Kerr (c); Anthony Jones; Alex Ross; Cole McConchie; Joshua Bates; Matthew Henry; Matthew McEwan; Matthew Wingham; Nathan Wingham; Sam Miles; Scott Duggan; Tawera Waru; William Mills; [Andrew Reid - Coach; Chris Jones - Manager]

2004 Christchurch Red (Dunedin 41st SIT)
Jeffrey Case (c); Corey Anderson; Ben Bellamy; Cameron Bellis; John Hughes; Logan Van Beek; Nick Birchfield; Jared Cookson; George Earl; Jordon Pruden; Joshua Reeves; Ben Williams; [Des Crosbie - Coach; Peter Burke - Manager]

2004 Christchurch Black (Dunedin 41st SIT)
Hamish Fuller (c); James Ralston; James Boock; Matt Latham; Thomas Agnew; George Connell; Elliot Dunn; James Grice; Timothy Johnston; James McCoy; Anthony Oorschot; Stephen Pelenato [Grant Penlington - Coach; Gary Gardiner - Manager]

2003 Christchurch Red (Blenheim 40th SIT)
Tim Barringer (c); Jesse Bush; Mathew Coxon; Sam Noster; Tane Feary; Henry Nuttall; Fraser Callaway; Sam Cordy; Tyler Bleyendaal; Matthew Teale; Dean Harvey; Jared Peacock; [Des Crosbie - Coach; Peter Burke - Manager]

2003 Christchurch Black (Blenheim 40th SIT)
Sam Dobbs (c); Matthew Chadwick; Matthew Holstein; Thomas Chamberlain; Sam Deans; Sam Meyell; Sam Oughton; Bobby Florkowski; Cameron Pluck; Nic McFarlane; Matthew Smith; Hayden West [Grant Penlington - Coach; Vaughan McEwan - Manager]

2002 Christchurch Red (Gore 39th SIT)
Brendan McFarlane (c); Freddie Burke; Paul Duncan; David Johnston; Joshua Davidson, Ashley Dixon, Chris Pinion, Nick Oorschot; Alex Taylor; Michale Chadwick; Matthew Teale; Nicholas Johnston; [Des Crosbie - Coach; Peter Burke - Manager]

2002 Christchurch Black (Gore 39th SIT)
Mark Shearer (c); James O'Gorman; James Ogier; Samuel Dobbs; Shaun Coffey; Kris Gagliardi; Bradley Fraser; Alex Nicholson; Matt Jenkins; Anton Harkess; Sam Inglis; Sam Wise; [Grant Penlington - Coach; Vaughan McEwan- Manager]

2001 Christchurch Red (Christchurch 38th SIT)
Mitchell Shaw (c); Ashton Balderstone; Phillip Banks; William Burke; Freddie Burke; Alex Chrisp; Simon Davey; Ben Enoka; Matthew Golding; Charles Hindson; Ryan McCone; Steven Pitcher [Des Crosbie - Coach; Peter Burke - Manager]

2001 Christchurch Black (Christchurch 38th SIT)
Chris Ockenden (c); Samuel Kumbaroff; Karl Sullivan; Stuart Hailes, Billy McCallum; Alex Taylor; Colin Slade; Reuben Kooorey; Blair Renwick; Daniel King; David Hindson; Adam Chivers [Andrew Reid - Coach; Bruce Reid - Manager]
2000 Christchurch Red (Invercargill 37th SIT)
Todd Astle (c);
Phillip Banks; David Fussell; Mitchell Shaw; Colin Slade; Kris McKechnie; Ben Rae; Johnny Smith; Nick Thomson; Chris Gleeson; Samuel Kumbaroff; Dane Yesberg; William Lonsdale [Des Crosbie - Coach; Martyn Rhodes - Manager]

2000 Christchurch Black (Invercargill 37th SIT)
Daniel Moir (c); Matthew Fielding; Sam Zwarts; Aaron Clapham; Reuben Koorey; Mark Andrews; Nick Badger; Blair Glover; Jason Honeybone; Steven Pitcher; Cameron Robertson; Oliver Rodgers; Chris Small [Bruce Reid - Coach; Martyn Rhodes - Manager]

1999 Christchurch Red (Ashburton 36th SIT)
Darren Broom
(c); Nathan Arnott; Todd Astle; Simon Carolan; Matthew Galloway; Charlie Gray; Che Kingi; Thomas Lee; Ross Martin; Kristian Schulte; Johnathan Taylor; Marcus Wilkinson [Des Crosbie - Coach; Martyn Rhodes - Manager]

1999 Christchurch Black (Ashburton 36th SIT)
Adam Young (c) Keryn Ambler; James Baxendale; Bryan Brown; Matthew Hunt; James Kerr; Daniel Moir; Michael Newell; Richard Orr; Cameron Rennell; Luke Romano; Sam Wilkinson [Bruce Reid - Coach; Dennis Rea - Manager]

1998 Christchurch Red (Alexandra 35th SIT)
Chris Anderson (c); Elliott Andrews; Craig Beecroft; Darren Broom; Michael Goldstein; Ashley Hendry; Calvin Humby; Ryan Hurring; Kieran Law; John MacDonald; Craig Stevens; Sam Wilkinson; Adam Young [Phil Gourdie & Bill Duncan - Managers]

1998 Christchurch Black (Alexandra 35th SIT)
Doug Mathews (c); David Crosbie; Shehan DeSilva; Sam Hall; David Harding; Jimad Khan; Aaron Lowe; Chris Lumsden; Neil Manewell; Hadley Milligan; Michael Newell; Stephen O'Brien; Richard Orr [Dennis Rea & Bruce Reid - Managers]

1997 Christchurch Red (Rangiora 34th SIT)
Brent Fisher (c);Neil Broom; Jared Larsen; Jeremy Kench; Chris Chadwick; Chris MacDonald; Stephen O'Brien; Andrew Gourdie; Ben Cameron; David Pugh; Thomas Sadd; Brent Harris; David Crosbie [Murray Gardiner & Neville Lyons - Managers]

1997 Christchurch Black (Rangiora 34th SIT)
Peter Borren (c); Jordon Gilmore; Andrew Smith; Shane Huffam; William Bellis; Mark Harding; Aaron Johnstone; Dean Anderson; Fraser Hawes; Leighton Burtt; Laurie Horo; Guy Nurse [Bruce Reid - Coach; Rob Airns - Manager]

1996 Christchurch Red (Westport 33rd SIT)
Oliver Cunneen (c); Oliver Simon, Iain Robertson; Sam Roden; Jordon Gilmore; Michael Rea; Jonathan Deaker; Sam Clouston; Jacob Vernall; Neil Broom; Daniel Lyons; Tim Fisher; Chris Chadwick [Murray Gardiner - Manager; Lin Thompson - Manager]

1996 Christchurch Black (Westport 33rd SIT)
Bernhard Ballin (c); James Ryan; George Glubb; Tim Foley; Mark Wright; Greg Airns; Chris Leigh; Luke Palmer; Douglas Tausili; William Bellis; Ryan Eathorne; Andrew Smith; Stephen Brown [Bruce Reid - Coach; Lin Thompson - Manager]

1995 Canterbury (Oamaru 32nd SIT - winners)
Alex Hedges (c); Andrew Ellis
; Raymond Hubbard; James Bishop; Dayle Eathorne; Den Couzins; Scott Anderson; Peter Broom; Tom Harding; Michael Davidson; Oliver Bartle; Martin Turner [Murray Gardiner - Coach; Bruce Reid - Manager]

1994 Christchurch (Nelson 31st SIT - winners)
Nicholas Driessens (c); James Parfitt; Simon Carmont; Michael Davidson; Richard Page; Anthony Scott; Johnny Davies; Stephen McKenzie; Sam Harding; Christian Cunneen; Hayden Shaw; Simon Driessens [Bruce Reid - Coach; Murray Gardiner - Coach]

1993 Canterbury (Timaru 30th SIT)
Stephen Flanagan (c); Ben Fulton; Kyle Earnshaw; Paul McCarthy; Andrew Payton; Nicholas Driessens; Dean Harrison; Louis Bertie; Andrew Phelan; Michael Papps; Stephen Marryatt; Jonathan Rea [Bill Duncan - Coach; Murray Gardiner - Manager]

1992 Canterbury (Dunedin 29th SIT winners)
Ryan Burson (c);
Ben Dormer; Michael King; Wade Burrell; Ben Topschij; Regan Tukapua; Neville Perkins; Stephen Flanagan; Marcel McKenzie; Mark Milligan; Brett Heine; Adam Burden; William Fairbairn [Bill Duncan - Coach; Kevin Keys - Coach; Murray Gardiner - Manager]

1991 Canterbury Red (Blenheim 28th SIT)
Ryan Nelsen (c);Carl Anderson; Nick Edlin; Sean Aitken; Chad Romano; Ben Dormer; Hamish Wilson; Brad Munt; Blain Hammond; Jason Pawson; Mitchell MacDonald; Mark Milligan; Haden Gosney [Kevin Keys & Bill Duncan - Managers]

1991 Canterbury Black (Blenheim 28th SIT)
Simon Hearsey (c); Glen Collins; Sam Davis; Ben Jones; Duncan Abraham; Ben Dormer; Toby Grainger; William Fairbairn; Daniel Barclay; Regan Tukapua; Chris Mugford; Daniel Oppenhuis [Hugh Bastion & Mark Ogier - Managers]

1990 Canterbury Black (Gore 27th SIT - jnt winners)
Craig McMillan (c);
Blair Matthews; Chris Cherry, Phillip Glamuzina; Scott O'Malley; Richard Swinard; Andrew King; Brad Munt; Chad Romano; Ben Cotterill; Kristian Nuttall; Nick Sargisson; Carl Anderson [Murray Gardiner - Coach; Lin Thompson - Manager]

1989 Canterbury Red (Christchurch 26th SIT)
Simon Bell (c); Matthew Burgess; Darren Busch; Matthew Clifford; Glen Foulkes; Campbell Galletly; Michael Hannan; Brent Harris; Zachary Headifen; Tim Kirby; Craig McMillan; Blair O'Brien [Kevin Keys - Coach; Bill Duncan - Manager]

1989 Canterbury Black (Christchurch 26th SIT)
James Ussher (c); Shane Bond; Carl Brooking; Aaron Brown; Simon Carrodus; Stephen Entwisle; Gabriel Graham; Robert McConnell; Ryan Nelsen; Cameron Ryan; Kieran White; Nick Williams [Lin Thomson - Coach; Murray Gardiner - Manager]

1988 Canterbury (Invercargill 25th SIT - Winners)
Robert Lawson (c); Justin Hayley; Glen Foulkes; Scott Wilson; Chris O'Connell; Matthew Smith; Gerard Duncan; Campbell Galletley; Michael Wood; Tim Doherty; Kane Cooper; Scott Pawson; Ben Yock [Bill Duncan - Coach; Kevin Keys - Manager]

1987 Canterbury (Ashburton 24th SIT)
Nicholas Petrie (c); Andrew Timlin; Matthew Smith; Henry Blakely; Robert Lawson; Gerard Killick; Darron Reekers; Dean Uren; Michael Riach; Paul Hilton; Scott Flewellen; William Duncan [John Capstick & Kevin Keys - Managers]

1986 Canterbury (Alexandra 23rd SIT - Winners)
Allan Hickford (c); Vaughan Hartland; Robert Allison; David Culpan; Stephen Fleming; Glen Hurley; Michael Schupbach; Chris Hair; Jonathan Hearn; Marc Wells; Wayne Stead; Samuel Ludbrook; Nicholas Petrie [John Capstick & Kevin Keys - Managers]

1985 Canterbury (Rangiora 22nd SIT - Winners)
Charles Fairbairn (c); Stephen Fleming; Llorne Howell; James Corballis; Alastair Henderson; Phillip Ansett; Jeremy Millichip; Glen Muir; Gary Stead; Ben Smith; Nathan Astle; Ricki Taylor; Blair Davis [John Capstick - Coach; Kevin Keys - Manager]

1984 Canterbury (Westport 21st SIT - Winners)
Chris Cairns (c);
Nicholas Greenwood; Richard Graham; Mathew Hudson; Jeremy Young; Craig Lawson; Chris Cotton; Dayle Lainchbury; Charles Fairbairn; Brian Hutchinson; Hamish McNeil; Alistair Middleton; James Moss {John Capstick & Kevin Keys - Managers]

1983 Canterbury A (Oamaru 20th SIT - Winners)
David Mills (c); Ritchie Morrow; Craig Grimwood; Andrew Hartshorn; Chris Harris; David Anderson; Jonathan Cain; Timothy Capstick; John Stuart; Stephen Findlay; Royce Hartland; John Kennedy; Nicholas Dawson [John Capstick - Coach]

1983 Canterbury B (Oamaru 20th SIT)
Greg Lough (c), Austin Sharp; Matthew Hudson; John Harrison; Richard Graham; Grant Titheridge; Kristan Orchard; Ian McKendry; Mark Spicer; Jeremy Doherty; Andrew Stewart; Justin Massie; Gene Hocking [Dennis Knight & Kevin Keys - Managers]

1982 Canterbury (Nelson - 19th SIT)
Mark Hastings (c); Lee Germon
; Chris Abbott; Chris Percy; Dougal Ferguson; Chris Harris; Nicholas Millichip; Brent King; Jason Fullen; Rodney Hefford; Karl Entwhistle; Brent Humphries; Paul Exeter [John Capstick - Coach; Bob Beatson - Manager]

1981 Canterbury A (Timaru - 18th SIT)
Jon Preston (c); Gerald Barrett; Graeme Turner; Mark Hastings; Chris Wilford; Gary Watson; Brent King; Richard Petrie; Nicholas Dobson; Donald Hudson; David Ponting; Michael Hutton [John Capstick - Coach; Bob Beatson - Manager]

1981 Canterbury B (Timaru - 18th SIT)
Russell Scott (c); Wayne Burt; Leslie Robson; Colin Simons; Peter Williamson; Dean Payne; Tony Smith; Darren Leigh; Henry Richards; Brendan Healy; Lee Germon; Paul Brennan [Lin Thompson & Brother Giles - Managers]

1980 Canterbury (Dunedin 17th SIT)
Gary Lund (c); Rony McDonald; Gary Scott; Tommy Thompson; Michael Exeter; Andrew McCormick; John Clark; Chris Wilford; Richard Meaclem; Grant Dickson; Glenn Holdem; Michael Hastings; Andrew Martin [John Capstick & Bob Beatson - Managers]

1979 Canterbury A (Blenheim 16th SIT)
David Hartshorn (C);
Grant Hansen; Gary Saunders; Peter Kennedy; Nigel Jackson; Geoffrey Cotton; Richard Meaclem; Chris deFelice; Peter Checkley; James Whelan; Michael Hastings; Jeffrey Stewart [John Capstick - Manager]

1979 Canterbury B (Blenheim 16th SIT - Jnt Winners)
Andrew Vincent (c); Andrew McCormick; Chris Wilford; Adrian Sands; Stephen Payne; Michel Fullen; Peter Kennedy; Grant Dickson; Jonathan Gurnsey; Glen Holdem; Andrew Martin [Bob Beatson - Manager]

1978 Canterbury (Gore 15th SIT winners)
Ben Jackson (c); John Radovonich; Andrew Boyle; Robert Alpin; Greg Newman; Richard Hartshorn; Stephen Jeffrey; David Penfold; Iain Boyle; Darin Cusack; Russel Haglund; Craig McBeth; Danny Halligan [John Capstick - Coach; Bob Beatson - Manager; Michael Hartshorn - Asst Manager]

1977 Canterbury A (Christchurch 14th SIT - Jnt Winners)
James Leggat (c); Ben Harris; Simon Millichip; Andrew Kench; Bill Lawrence; Stephen Sansom; Paul Healy; Andrew Boyle; Ross Adler; Greg Fletcher; Brian Daken; Graeme Rees [John Capstick - Coach; Norm Davidson - Manager]

1977 Canterbury B (Christchurch 14th SIT)
John Cannell (c); Andrew Hintz; Nicky Withers; David Hamilton; Geoff Cavell; David Grundy; Danny Halligan; Paul Hobbs; Craig Gibb; Craig McBeth; David Billesdon; Andrew Keeling [Bob Beatson - Manager]

1976 Canterbury (Invercargill 13th SIT)
Brian Davidson (c); Paul Rutledge; Alan Malden; Michael Prouting; Paul Ellis; Wayne Burt; Simon Millichip; Ben Harris; Alistair Chapman; John Sansom; David Smith; James Leggat; Greg Cox [Joe Harrison - Coach; Norman Davidson - Manager; Derek Cockburn - Manager]

1975 Canterbury A (Ashburton 12th SIT)
John Porter (c) Brian Davidson; Andrew Sloane; Gary McCarthy; David Barlow; Greg May; Nicky Strong; Phillip Corkin; Paul Rutledge; Niven Boyle; Marty Svenson; Mark Priest [Joe Harrison - Coach; Derek Cockburn - Manager Norm Davidson - Manager]

1975 Canterbury B (Ashburton 12th SIT)
Ross Bayliss; James Haines; Rhys Jamieson; Colin Archer; Nicky LeLievre; Stephen Cousens; Brent Glanville; Peter Davies; Richard McKendry; John Kennedy; Richard Peers; John Sansom; Alan Malden [Don Carnielo - Manager; Neil Kennedy - Manager; Les Glanville - Manager]

1974 Canterbury (Alexandra 11th SIT - winners)
Bryce Nicholson (c); Darryl Burt; Michael Williams; John Cunningham; Alan Albertson; Bruce Cooper; Michael Vannoort; David Kerr; David Boyle; Alan Piper; David Barlow [Derek Cockburn - Coach; Michael Kerr - Manager; Don Carnielo - Manager]

1973 Canterbury (Rangiora 10th SIT)
Daryl King (c); Joe Leota; David Gillespie; Vaughan Brown; Kevin Pitcher; Bruce Cooper; Glen Boyle; Richard Leggat; Keith Moorfield; Bryce Nicholson; David Kerr; Andrew Guillen [Joe Harrison - Coach; Derek Cockburn & Don Carnielo - Managers]

1972 Canterbury (Oamaru 9th SIT - winners)
Peter Rattray (c);
Michael Fulham; Gary Scott; Brent Wallcroft; Roger Campbell; Peter Davidson; Marty Nicholson; Mark Harris; Justin Boyle; Paul Findlay; Anthony Brinkers; Paul Lawson; Guy Armstrong [Derek Cockburn - Coach Don Carnielo - Manager]

1971 Canterbury (Nelson 8th SIT)
Ricky Page (c); Balvant Bhana; Gary Smith; Brad Ward; Phil Harris; Peter Rattray; Lee Banks; Reeve Banks; Graeme Gordon; Paul Lawson; Nick Dierck; Anthony Brinkers [Don Carnielo - Manager; Dave Robinson - Asst. Manager

1970 Canterbury (Timaru 7th SIT)
Gerrard Guillen (c); Richard Munt; Robert Clemence; Geoff Longley; Chris Marks; David Bull; Donald Ambrose; Graeme Gordon; Alan Wallace; Nick Dierck; Ricky Williams; Barry Whittaker [Don Carnielo - Manager]

1969 Canterbury (Dunedin 6th SIT)
Peter McCormack (c); Steve Ambler; Larry Porter; Kevin Shaw; Gary Malaquin; Alan Wallace; Ian Gordon; Joe Kirk; Chris Marks; John Langley; Craig Burtt; Colin Paine [Les Tye - Manager]

1968 Canterbury A (Blenheim 5th SIT)
Kevin Collins (c); Richard Wilson
; Ian Gordon; David Ward; Gary Baldwin; John French; Grant Brewster; Tim Dean; Paul Johnstone; Paul Williams; Graeme Stevens; Garry Tinning [Andrew Moore - Manager]

1968 Canterbury B (Blenheim 5th SIT)
Richard Inder (c); Mark Burtt; Larry Porter; Kevin Shaw; David Brisbane; Steve Cotton; Keith Hartshorne; Donald Parsons; Lyall Perry; Gary Malaquin; Tony Sullivan; John Cousins [Des Steere - Manager]

1967 Canterbury (Gore 4th SIT)
Ian Rule (c); Peter Ross; John Lindsay; Ivan Thomson; Hamish McBeth; Garry Myall; Johnathan Lee; Grant McLeod; Ian Perry; Brian deLore; Wayne McWhirter; Graeme Donaldson [Andrew Moore - Manager]

1966 Canterbury A (Christchurch 3rd SIT)
Murray Jones (c); Ron Johnston; John Rowse; Dave Fraser; Paul Jones; Dave Dempsey; Gerald Burgess; Richard Lawrence; Fraser Ford; Gerald Ball; Mark Gilbert; Graham Butterfield (Andrew Moore - Manager]

1966 Canterbury B (Jnt SIT Winners) (Christchurch)
Paul Hammond (c); Brent Tweedie; Phillip Iggo; Ivan Thomson; Derek Burrell; Michael Beecroft; Les Donald; Peter Ross; Peter Burton; Graham Close; John Gaskin; Murray White [Neville Slaughter - Coach; Des Steere - Asst.]

1965 Canterbury (Ashburton 2nd SIT)
John Calder (c);
Richard Hadlee; Jonathon Forbes; Paul Grace; Dave Dempsey; John Morgan; Neil Seagar; David Fraser; Phil Beatson; Ross Ballagh; David Kennedy; John Morris [Colin Seagar - Manager]

1964 no Tournament

1963 - Team A (Invercargill 1st SIT)
Rodney Walker (c); Howard Joseph; Rex Gearry; Dave Phillipson; Tony Greenaway; Donald Ballagh; Russell Tibbotts; John O'Sullivan; Dave Rendall; Geoff Miller; Nigel Mattison [George Gearry - Manager]

1963 - Team B (Invercargill 1st SIT)
Barrie Clark (c); Bruce Penny; Brian O'Sullivan; Wayne Timms; Peter Joyce; Dennis Andrews; Trevor White; Kit Chambers; Perry McKenzie; Gary Straw; Brian Cox; Chris Clark [Fred Clark - Manager]