Spring 2012

Spring Tournament 2012 - Girls at CBHS
Day Two - 11th November

Tahuhu Development 103 all out lost to Satterthwaite Development 105/2

The final day of this year’s Spring tournament was played in cloudy, cool conditions. Satterthwaite captain Emma Palmer won the toss and put Tahuhu into bat.

Unfortunately Tahuhu got off to a poor start quickly losing the wickets of Jamie Lyth and Phoebe Spiers. Jamie was run out whilst Phoebe was bowled by an excellent ball from Olivia Clark. This placed Tahuhu at 8 for 2. Tahuhu opener Emma Kench was then joined by Cate Bruce and the two put on a good partnership of 24. Emma played some excellent cricket shots and was especially strong through the point/ mid wicket area.

Olivia’s third over saw the demise of Cate (5) with another very good delivery. Samantha Fairhall was soon to follow hitting a delivery from Stella Reid straight into the hands of Emma P. Emma K’s retirement saw Molly Mulrooney and Hayley Schimanski together at the wicket. Molly quickly spooned a catch to Tendai off the bowling of Rachel Pullan. At the other end Hayley played some strong shots and was especially hard on any loose deliveries.

Hayley was joined at the crease by Shannon who was quickly out to a fast straight delivery from Gemma Hickson. Hayley’s retirement saw Emma K return to the wicket with Casey Rielly. Casey defended well and ably supported Emma who continued to work the ball around the field. The two put on 24 before Emma was finally out caught by Rachel D off the bowling of Tendai for a well complied 30. Casey soon followed unable to keep out a good delivery from Aimee Brown.

This left Hayley batting as ‘last man standing.’ She was finally dismissed for 32 off the bowling of Rachel Davidson. Hayley’s innings was a well compiled and brave one. She received a number of blows to her body throughout her innings but continued to bat bravely to take her team through to their final score of 103.

Wicket takers for Satterthwaite: Olivia 4-0-14-2, Aimee 4-0-6-1, Rachel D 3-0-11-1,
Rachel P 2-0-4-1, Stella 3-0-10-1, Gemma 3-0-11-1, Tendai 3-0-7-1

Satterthwaite openers Emma Palmer and Stella Reid began very well. Emma hit the ball all around the field whilst Stella supported her well with some excellent defence. Emma was eventually bowled by Cate Bruce for a well compiled 29. Tilly Whiten then came to the wicket but was soon bowled by Jamie Lyth for 2.

Stella’s retirement for 7 brought Rachel Pullan and Rachel Davidson together at the wicket. Rachel P (19 n o) hit the ball hard and was especially harsh on any loose bowling. Rachel D (9 n o) worked the ball nicely around the field hitting some great cricket strokes. The two comfortably took the score though to 105/2.

With the game already won for a further six overs were bowled to enable the four final Satterthwaite batsmen some time at the crease. In this time Gemma Hickson scored 21 n o (off 11 balls), Aimee Brown 18 n o (off 12 balls), Olivia 8 (7 balls), Tendai 3 (5 balls).

Wicket takers for Tahuhu: Cate 3-0-24-1, Jamie 3-0-7-1

Day One - 4th November

Match Report Year 7/8 Girls
McGlashan Development vs Satterthwaite Development
Satterthwaite 144 all out beat McGlashan 87 all out

The day dawned fine and sunny after overnight rain. McGlashan captain Kirran Maynard won the toss and asked the Satterthwaite team to bat.

The McGlashan attack was led by Kirran Maynard and Isabel Wilson who both bowled a tight line and length to Satterthwaite openers Rachel Davidson and Gemma Hickson . Kirran gained the first wicket of Rachel (6) with an accurate, full delivery. Gemma (5) followed shortly after when she hit a slow ball straight back to the bowler Isabel.

The dismissal of the openers brought firstly Aimee Brown and then Tendai Musesengwa to the wicket. Both batted solidly until Tendai was run out for 12 by a direct hit from Sophie Gray. An excellent 41 run partnership then developed between Aimee Brown and Emma Palmer. Aimee played some excellent shots through mid wicket, whilst both players worked the ball well for ones and twos. The breakthrough was made by Maya Pankhurst who induced Aimee into a false shot and she was caught by Mikayla Willis for the top score of 40.

Emma and Tilly Whiten took Satterthwaite through to a solid score of 107/4 at the half way point of the innings. The return from the drinks break saw a mini collapse with Mikayla Willis running out Tilly for 11. Rachel Pullan and Olivia Clark followed quickly, both off the bowling of Jessica Simmons.

This brought Stella Reid to the wicket to join Emma. A 20 run partnership developed with Stella proving great support for Emma who continued to bat well. On returning for her second spell Jessica Simmons got the valuable wicket of Emma for 27. This left Stella to bat as ‘last man standing’. With determination she managed to get the score though to 144 before she was bowled by Kirran for a gritty 8.

Wicket takers for McGlashan were: Jessica 5-2 18-3, Kirran 4-0-15-2, Isabel 3-0-6-1, Maya 2-0-21-1.

McGlashan’s batting got off to a poor start with Isabel being run out by Olivia Clark with the score at 1. Macy Bell Cross and Kirran took the score through to 18 before an outstanding over by Tendai saw the fall of 3 wickets. Firstly Rachel Davidson took a sharp stumping which saw Macy out for 1. Maya and Jessica were then bowled by 2 excellent line and length deliveries.

A short recovery followed with Kirran working the ball around the field and being ably supported by Mikayla Wills. With the score at 46 Mikayla hit a good delivery from Stella Reid into the hands of Tendai. Emma Palmer then picked up the wicket of Emily Stewart. In an excellent move Rachel Pullan was moved from gully to a wide slip where she took an outstanding one handed catch at full stretch to dismiss Emily for 3. Sophie Gray then came to the wicket and she was quickly bowled by Tilly.

Mc Glashan were now 50/7 with the final pair of Leah Manson and Kirran (who had earlier retired) now at the wicket. These two took the score through to 68 before Kirran was caught by Olivia off the bowling of Tilly for a well complied 18. Last man standing Leah worked the ball well to take the score through to 87 before being caught by Tilly off the bowling of Tendai. Leah top scored for McGlashan with 21.

Wicket takers for Satterthwaite : Tendai 4-0-10-4, Tilly 2-0- 11-2, Stella 3-1-4-1, Emma 3- 0-7-1

Match Report Year 5/6 Girls
Satterthwaite Emerging vs. McGlashan Emerging
Satterthwaite 106/2 beat McGlashan 46 all out

Both sets of girls were very keen for this game as their Saturday club games were all cancelled due to rain the previous day. The McGlashan captain won the toss and asked the Satterthwaite team to bat.

The McGlashan attack was led by Jordan Meltzer and Chantalle Lewis whilst Molly Whiten and Ellena Firth opened the batting for Satterthwaite. Both Molly and Ellena played very positively but the bowlers managed to contain the scoring off the bat in the first 7-8 overs. Both opening batsmen freed their wrists as their respective retirements approached with Ellena hitting two fours towards the end of her innings of 18. Molly scored 10, as both batsmen retired with the combined team score sitting at a credible 53. In her second spell Jordan then made the breakthrough bowling Jodie Dean for no score. Another excellent batting partnership then developed between Annabelle Hammett and Emma Wilson with Annabelle being bowled out by Megan Meltzer for 5. Emma went on to bat with Elizabeth Cross before retiring on 6. Elizabeth and Amelia Webber closed out the innings unbeaten on 7 and 2 respectively with some sharp singles being run towards the end of the allotted 28 overs. Final combined team score was 106/2 with 4 Satterthwaite batsmen retiring not out.

Wicket takers for McGlashan were: Jordan 4-1-8-1 and Megan 4-0-18-1.

McGlashan’s batting got off to an unfortunate start with Jordan Meltzer being run out for 1 with the score at 5. However, following this Ellie Lovett and Madeline Humm settled in and took some good singles with great communication which pushed the score along before Ellie retired at 7. This brought Megan Meltzer to the crease who started brightly with a quick-fire 5 runs off 7 balls before being tidily caught behind by Emma Wilson off the bowling of Molly Whiten. This introduced Sydnee Edwards to the wicket who also settled in quickly to score 5 off 11 balls before once again being smartly caught by wicketkeeper Emma off the bowling of Elizabeth Cross, bringing the score to 39/3. With one arm in a cast, Abby Gerken then commenced her second bowling spell and clean bowled both Madeline and Millie Rhodes off consecutive balls half way through her third over. The hat-trick did not eventuate, but Abby finished with the amazing bowling figures of 3 overs - 2 maidens - 2 wickets for 1 run. Millie did not manage to register a score but Madeline scored a hard fought 3 runs. At 45/5 Chantalle Lewis and the returning Ellie were the last 2 batsmen with Chantalle being run out for 2 and Ellie caught behind off the bowling of Jodie Dean for a McGlashin top scoring 8 runs. Final combined team score was 46/7 all out.

Wicket takers for Satterthwaite were: Abby 3-2-1-2, Jodie 3-1-3-1, Elizabeth 3-0-16-1 and Molly 2-0-11-1 with 2 additional runouts and 3 caught behinds by wicketkeeper Emma.

In the spirit of the game Satterthwaite continued to bowl out their 28 overs in order to give McGlashan another turn at the batting crease with all the girls enjoying the balance of the game with the result already determined and the pressure off all players.

McKay vs Tahuhu Emerging
Mckay 122 beat Tahuhu 121 by 1 wicket

The day started brightly after Saturday’s rain!  Caitlin captain of Mckay won the toss and put Tahuhu into bat.

Maddison Wiseman and Rosa Edge made a very steady start with good progress.  McKay then took two wickets: bowled by Alana and Heloise both were caught by the keeper Caitlin.  Maddison and Jess steadied the ship before Alana had Jess caught by Caitlin.  Charlotte and Maddison took us to drinks.

After the drinks break Maddison and Charlotte once again made good progress. Maddison retired, Bella came in and played some good shots.  Caitlin came onto bowl and took two quick wickets, this saw the return of retired batsman Maddison who added more valuable runs to the total before being bowled by Caitlin. This left Charlotte last man standing; Charlotte added more valuable runs before being run out by Caitlin with a direct throw at the stumps from mid-wicket.  Tahuhu posted a good score of 121.

Highlights for innings one:
Maddison Wiseman 30runs
Jess Charlton 10runs
Charlotte McFarlane 10runs
Bella Christie 13runs
Rosa Edge 5runs

Alana Topping 2 wickets for 24 runs off 4 overs
Heloise Clark 1 wicket for 18 runs off 4 overs
Caitlin Davidson 3 wickets (bowled) for 13 runs off 4 overs, 3 catches and one run out

After lunch Mackay came out to bat Caitlin and Sophie made good progress with both batters playing good shots and retiring.  Alana and Heloise came into bat; Heloise was bowled by a straight full ball by Jess.  Lydia came in and played some good shots before being bowled by Lucy, Alana after also playing good shots was bowled by Maddison.  This saw the addition of two new batters to the crease, Hope and Daniella, they saw off some good bowling before Daniella crowned herself.  Sophie came back into bat and was joined by Caitlin after Hope was bowled by Maddison.  Sophie and Caitlin continued to play good shots and edge closer to the winning score of 122.  Sophie was out caught and bowled by Lucy which led to an exciting finish with Caitlin last girl standing; Caitlin scored them with two overs to spare.

Sophie Bowden 21 runs
Caitlin Davidson 22 runs

Maddison Wiseman 2 wickets for 18 run off 5 overs
Lucy Seaford 2 wickets for 19 runs off 5 overs and 1 catch
Rosa Edge 1 wicket for 22 runs off 5 overs

Yr 6 Boys
Day Three - 18th November

Hadlee Dev 122/3 lost to Fleming Dev 123/7
Zach Gallagher 25n/o, Nicholas Lidstone 33 n/o
Dominic Gardner 44 retired
Astle Dev 143 beat Cairns Dev 106
Hugo Reid 58 n/o 2/8, Joseph Wells 2/13
Hadlee Emer  123 beat Fleming Emerg 112
Astle Emer 101 beat Cairns Emer 74
Cullen McElroy  3/7
Regan Sherratt 3/8, Sebastian Calder 2/6, Duncan Fulton 21 retired

Day Two - 11th November

Astle Dev 145/8 lost to Fleming Dev 158/3
Finn Sullivan 25 not out, Hugo Reid 39 not out. Dominic Gardner 40 not out, Reagan Sheehan  2
Hadlee Dev 100/9 lost to Cairns 149/2
Nicholas Lidstone 33 not out. Josh McCarthy 36 not out, Thomas Mckay 2/11, Jack Rule 3/11
Hadlee Emerging 119 lost to Cairns Emerging 138/8
Duncan Fulton 42, Finn Trethewey 4/5. William Ferguson 33 not out 2/11, Henry Boyd-Tibbotts ¾
Astle Emerging 144/7 beat Fleming Emerging 123
Charlie Murray 35 not out. Ben Harding 3/7

Day One - 4th November

Hadlee Dev 136/8 v Astle Dev 137/8
Astle Etienne Harrington-Watt 30 not out and 3/8
Cairns Dev 57 v Fleming Dev 60
Cairns Owen Rees 3/2 Fleming Matt Munro 3/2
Hadlee Emerging 134 v Astle Emerging 136
Hadlee Logan Roberts 2/6 Astle Ben Harding 3/8
Cairns Emerging 120 v Fleming Emerging 110
Cairns Sam Sullivan 43 not out Peter ? 37 Regan Sherratt 2/2 Fleming Matthew Mulholland 33 and 4/11

Points Table after Day 3

Development          Emerging
Fleming  43              Astle      54
Astle      42              Cairns    46
Cairns    37              Hadlee   40
Hadlee   25              Fleming  33

Yr 7

Day Three - 18th November

Hadlee v Fleming Development – Hadlee win
Hadlee 172/5, T Boyle 64 (retired), H Cockram 36*.
Fleming 112/9, D Cornish 25. For Hadlee J Bradley 2/25
Cairns v Astle Development – Cairns win
Astle 114/8, T Dunlop 42*.
Cairns 158/4, D Hickford 51 (retired), J Paul 34 (retired), J Palmer 21*. For Astle S Faitaua-Nanai 2/31
Hadlee v Fleming Emerging – Hadlee win
Fleming 133/9, B Magson 26, N Marsh 30. For Hadlee T Walding 2/15
Hadlee  137/8, B Cottom 25, A Pentecost 32. For Fleming K Manson 2/15
Cairns v Astle Emerging  - win Astle by 4 runs
Astle  - best bowler Z Logan 3/21. Best batting M Kendall 12 runs
Cairns – best bowling J Hunter 3-4. Best batting J Hunter 21 runs

Day Two - 11th November

Astle Development v Fleming Development – Astle win
Fleming 180/6, D Cornish 64 (retired), R Thatcher 37 (retired). For Astle M McCarthy 3/16, S Challis 2/11
Astle 181/8, Caleb Williams 51, T Dunlop 20, B Roberts 35*, S Blake 31. For Fleming L Foulkes 3/11
Hadlee Development v Cairns Development – Hadlee win
Hadlee 170/3, H Cockram 45 (retired), M Paltridge 26 (retired), M Hay 33, L Chapman 27. For Cairns D Hickford 2/27
Cairns 117 all out, G Cooke 38. For Hadlee B Entwistle 2/14.
Astle Emerging v Fleming Emerging – Fleming win
Astle 50 all out. For Fleming D Seckold 3/14, N Marsh 4/1
Fleming 148/6, N Marsh 28, J Wilson 20, K Manson 39*. For Astle Q Carson 2/21, C Bosworth 2/8
Hadlee Emerging v Cairns Emerging - Match drawn
Hadlee 148 all out, H Boyd-Tibbotts 34, T Walding 34. For Cairns M Bungard 3/7, j Hunter 2/4, L Crosbie 2/11, A Gilbert 2/16
Cairns 148/9, J Hunter 37, L Hansen 40. For Hadlee H Steel 2/26, R Botica 3/20

Day One - 4th November

Fleming Development v Cairns Development – win for Cairns
Fleming 120/5, J Ball 21, L Foulkes 37no.
Cairns 156/10, J Palmer 33, G Barron 35. For Fleming D Cornish 3/13, T Bramao 3/16
Hadlee Development v Astle Development – match drawn
Hadlee 116/8, S Berryman 31no
Astle 116/7, S Blake 38 retired
Fleming Emerging v Cairns Emerging – win for Fleming
Fleming 129/9
Cairns 94/8, J Hunter 22no. For Fleming K Manson 3/1
Hadlee Emerging v Astle Emerging – win for Hadlee
Hadlee 107 all out. For Astle M Kendal 4/16
Astle 67 all out. For Hadlee H Singleton 4/7, B Cottom 3/15

Points - after Day 3 (Dev) Day 2 (Emerg)

Development                     Emerging

Hadlee    47                        Fleming  34
Fleming   37                        Hadlee   30
Cairns     36                        Cairns    24
Astle       31                        Astle      15

Spring Tournament 2012 - Hagley Park Hospital Cnr

Day Three - 18th November

Cairns v Fleming for 1st and 2nd - Pitch 3

Score TBA

Fulton 135/7 beat Astle 132/6 

Match Scorecard and report on CricHQ

Hadlee 119/8 lost to Ellis 132/7

Match Scorecard and report on CricHQ

Day Two - 11th November

Ellis 155 all out beat Astle 117 all out

Match Scorecard and report on CricHQ

Fulton 99 all out lost to Fleming 194/9

Match Scorecard and report on CricHQ

Cairns 126/9 tied with Hadlee 126 all out 

Match Scorecard and report on CricHQ

Day One - 4th November

Hadlee 138 all out beat Astle 98/8 by 40 runs

Match Scorecard and report on CricHQ

Fulton 118/7 beat Ellis 115 all out by 3 wickets

Match Scorecard and report on CricHQ

Cairns 183/5 beat Fleming 161/8 by 22 runs

Cairns Sam Abbott 44, Rishav Dhakal 41Fleming Riley Tempero 44 Mitchell Barry 2 for 19


Cairns      33
Fleming    31
Hadlee      27
Ellis          27
Fulton      25
Astle        23