Spring Tournament 2010

Brookside Park, Rolleston – Sunday 7th November 2010 – 10.30am


Hockley Development winner 128 for 5, Tiffen Development 96 for 5

Satterthwaite Development winner 131 for 3, McGlashan Development 130 for 3

Tiffen Emerging winner 98/8, Hockley Emerging 50 all out.

Satterthwaite Emerging winner 70 all out; McGlashan Emerging 67 for 4


Match Reports as provided by the coaches:

Hockley Development v Tiffen Development        

In fine sunny conditions at Rolleston, Hockley Development 128/5 beat Tiffen Development 96/5. The outfield was fairly long meaning all runs would be hard earned off the bat.

Tiffen batted first.

Openers Caitlin Heale and Katherine Kennedy put up some solid resistance but were both out early after some very good lead off bowling from Celine Cotton and Kirsten Oliver. Alyssa Millard batted strongly looking to take runs where possible and retired with a score of 10 after her 40 balls. Daisy O’Connor looked in control before being undone by a superb stumping from Kate van Beurten, catching the scorers and spectators by surprise. Runs were hard to get with only 39 on board at the halfway mark. Rachel Malden and Olivia McGoverne then put together a great partnership of 59 runs and looked to get the scoring moving. Olivia retired on 20 and Rachel was run out on 21 just short of retiring.  Emma McClean, Mollie McGeorge and Jessica Costello made late contributions but the restrictive bowling of the Hockley bowlers left at total of 97 runs to chase.

Allie Mace-Cochrane, Zoe Smail and Isabella Gibson were the wicket takers and the strength of the Hockley bowling led to some impressive statistics below, only 2 boundaries conceded.

Hockley came out to bat

Captain Kate van Beurten led from the front showing some solid defence and taking the runs that were there, retiring on a score of 19. Celine Cotton and Allie Mace-Cochrane both looked to push the runs before both were bowled. Opening bowlers Alyssa Millard and Mollie McGeorge attacked the batters with good pace. Rebecca Willis and Anna McNeill bolstered the middle order, both running hard and scoring well. Anna retired on 15 with Rebecca making 11 of 30 balls. Grace Vernal looked solid as a rock in defence before missing one to be bowled as the scores and overs available closed up. Sophie Oldershaw had a brief cameo before Zoe Smail and Georgia Doyle closed out the game for Hockley. Zoe balanced the tight bowling with a skillful unbeaten run a ball 18 and Georgia was also unbeaten with 15 from 18. 7 batters hit boundaries.

Rachel Malden, Olivia McGoverne and Nani Saadberg were the wicket takers.

The fielding from both sides was exceptional considering the long grass made the pick up and throw no easy task.

Hockley Development Batting – Kate van Beurten 19no, Celine Cotton 7, Allie Mace-Cochrane 8, Rebecca Willis 11,Anna McNeill 15no, Grace Vernal 4, Sophie Oldershaw 2, Zoe Smail 18*, Georgia Doyle 15*

Bowling – Celine Cotton 0/11 off 5, Kirsten Oliver 0/11 off 5, Grace Vernal 0/5 off 2, Allie Mace-Cochrane 1/6 off 3, Anna McNeill 0/5 off 3, Sophie Oldershaw 0/5 off 3, Zoe Smail 1/5 off  3, Rebecca Willis  0/8 off 3, Georgia Doyle 0/12 off 3, Isabella Gibson 1/7 off 3, Kate van Beurten Tempero 0/12 off 2

Fielding - Anna McNeil 1 run-out, Kate van Beurten 1 catch and 1 stumping, Celine Cotton  1 catch and 1 run out.

Tiffen Development Batting – Caitlin Heale 1, Katherine Kennedy 2, Alyssa Millard 10no, Daisy O’Connor 3, Rachel Malden 21, Olivia McGoverne 20, Mollie McGeorge 1,  Emma McClean 4*, Jessica Costello 4*

Bowling – Alyssa Millard  0/10 off 5, Mollie McGeorge 0/10 off 2, Caitlin Heale 0/8 off 2, Rachel Malden  2/13 off 5, Olivia McGoverne 1/9 off 5, Daisy O’Connor 0/12 off 3, Emma McClean 0/15 off 3, Jessica Costello 0/11 off 2, Morven Mackean 0/18 off 3, Nani Saadbarg 1/2 off 2, Katherine Kennedy 0/11 off 1

Fielding – Morven Mackean 1 catch.


McGlashan Development vs. Satterthwaite Development

This was the battle of two teams, determined to do their very best. Both teams contained players ranging in experience from their first tournament to those with four tournaments under their belt. The first challenge for some players was to adjust from 22 to 35 overs per innings and then a longer pitch length.

McGlashan opened the batting with Grace Curtis & Emma Stewart who were sent into blunt the opening bowling attack of Satterthwaite. They did this resolutely for 5 overs with great forward defence before Emma Hunt snagged the opening wicket of Emma Stewart. This brought Ruby Beresford to the crease who with Grace Curtis, played some beautiful shots, built a good base from which the rest of the team could launch the attack. Both Grace then Ruby retired on 40 balls within an over of each other.

This saw the entry of Daisy Tredinnick & Brittany Bowden who as a partnership started cautiously. Brittany played two nice sweep shots before she was caught behind by wicket keeper Grace Tempero of some very good spin bowling by Jess Davidson.

Next in was Pixie Merito who lifted the intensity from the first ball she faced. The first single brought nervous laughter from the McGlashan supporters as it nearly led to a run out. After that, this combination put pressure on the fielding side with clear calling & good running which markedly increased the run rate. Pixie was undone by a superb bowl from Madison Raxworthy, which took out her off stump.

Gabrielle Sullivan (as it turned out) was the last batter to enter the fray and provide dogged support for Daisy. In the final over of the innings, Daisy scored 15 of her total runs.

McGlashan finished on 130 after 35 overs.

McGlashan Development Batting:

·         Grace Curtis 25 (retired 40 balls)

·         Emma Stewart 4

·         Ruby Beresford 6 (retired 40 balls)

·         Daisy Tredinnick 35*

·         Brittany Bowden 2

·         Pixie Merito 13

·         Gabrielle Sullivan 3*

Satterthwaite Development Bowling:

·         Emma Hunt 1/17 off 5

·         Megan Gray 0/15 off 5

·         Madison Raxworthy 1/17 off 5

·         Alice Harris 0/9 off 3

·         Sophie Taylor 0/6 off 3

·         Daisy Butts 0/15 off 2

·         Jess Davidson 1/8 off 5

·         Rachel Sloan 0/12 off 2

·         Maddison Earle 0/13 of 3

·         Isla McKenzie 0/18 of 2

Wicketkeepers – Madison Earle & Grace Tempero

Fielding – Alice Harris & Grace Tempero 1 catch each.

Satterthwaite Development Batting:

·         Alice Harris 3

·         Sophie Taylor 17 (retired 40 balls)

·         Megan Gray 1 (retired 40 balls)

·         Grace Tempero 22

·         Madison Raxworthy 6

·         Jess Davidson 16*

·         Emma Hunt 5*

McGlashan Development Bowling:

·         Pixie Merito 0/16 off 5

·         Laura Hamilton 0/13 off 3

·         Emma Stewart 0/8 off 2

·         Daisy Tredinnick 0/24 off 5

·         Tia Reriti 0/12 off 2

·         Grace Curtis 1/15 off 5

·         Juliet Hamilton 0/7 off 2

·         Gabby Sullivan 0/6 off 4

·         Matilda Schnippering 0/5 off 2

·         Brittany Bowden 1/25 off 4

·         Ruby Beresford 0/1 off 1

Wicketkeepers – Ruby Beresford & Grace Curtis

Fielding – Daisy Tredinnick/Gabby Sullivan 1 run out

Hockley Emerging vs. Tiffen Emerging


On a lovely warm day in Rolleston on Brookside Park, pitch 3 Tiffen Emerging won 98/8 beating Hockley Emerging 50 all out. Hockley batted first on a field that was slightly damp, and maybe a little overgrown. Tiffen opening bowlers Grace O’loughlan and Kirran Maynard came in sharp and quick with fantastic bowling taking two wickets in the first three overs. As the wickets continued to fall and the dot balls mounting up, Grace Long and Holly Topp began to establish a good partnership with quick singles, however, Holly was caught for 11 by Melissa Banks. Grace Long and Natalya Bissell managed to retire, giving hope to the team. However, on reentering they were both bowled by Kirran.


Although the score was somewhat reachable, and Hockley a bit disappointed, we set a goal to field well and keep the runs down. The captain Sarah Asmussen, with a little help, led her team well, by encouraging them; having a team cheer as her team took wickets and keeping the team talk up. Natalya Bissell came in on the fifth over taking out Tiffens first wicket, and as the wickets slowly came, and the game was lost, Natalya and Millie Dickie took 2 wickets, with Holly Topp taking an amazing 4 wickets, and in the last over, on the last ball catching out Cate and preventing Tiffen from scoring 100. The fielding from both sides was fantastic.


Hockley Emerging Batting: Sophie Gray 0, Holly Topp 11, Olivia Clark 0, Millie Dickie 0, Grace Long 8, Natalya Bissell 2, Casey Riley 0, Sarah Asmussen 3.


Bowling: Sophie Gray 0/8 off 3, Casey Riley 0/8 off 4, Natalya Bissell 2/9 off 4, Grace Long 0/11 off 4, Millie Dickie 2/18 off 4, Olivia Clark 0/15 off 4, Holly Topp 4/8 off 4, Sarah Asmussen 0/15.


Fielding: Millie Dickie, Olivia Clark, Holly Topp 1 run out each, Grace Long and Holly Topp 1 catch each.


McGlashan Emerging Vs. Satterthwaite Emerging


Satterthwaite Emerging was the winner; Satterthwaite batted first, scoring 70 all out, McGlashan Emerging scored 67 for 4 in the 30 overs.


Satterthwaite Batting: Satterthwaite won the toss and Captain Sophie Germon chose to bat in the challenging conditions.  Sophie led from the front scoring 26 before playing a shot in the air from a good ball from Isabel Wilson allowing Sophie McLean to take a good catch.  Molly Senior skied a ball to midwicket, Rachel Davidson dropped the catch making up for it by knocking over the stumps as Molly ran with a superb throw running Molly out.  Emma Palmer scored 7 before retiring, Sophie McLean, Tendai Mussesengwa, Rachel Davidson and Bridget Nolan taking wickets to finish of the innings.  The overs were bowled out and Hannah Loeffen Gallagher made amends for her earlier duck scoring a respectable 13 in her second innings.


Batting totals Satterthwaite Emerging:


Sophie Germon                       21

Molly Senior                           2

Emma Palmer                          7

Molly Mulrooney                    1

Hannah Loeffen-Gallagher     0 (13)

Phoebe Spiers                          2

Leah Manson                          2

Jenna Waghorn                       1


McGlashan Emerging Bowling


Jessica Simmons          0 for 21

Sophie Spencer           0 for 4

Bridget Nolan             1 for 23

Zoe McLaughlin         0 for 21

Sophie McLean           3 for 9

Tendai Mussesengwa  1 for 8

Isabel Wilson              1 for 8

Rachel Davidson         1 for 9


McGlashan Emerging Batting:


The McGlashan team got off to a steady start, keeping in touch with the required run rate but finding the going tough facing some good bowling and struggling with the slow outfield.  Isabel Wilson was bowled by Hannah Loeffen-Gallagher for 2, Tendai retired after scoring 10, Jessica Simmons retired for a hard won 6, and Bridget Nolan retired on 6.  An excellent ball from Sophie Germon bowled Zoe McLaughlin. Rachel Davidson hit a very good 4 and was then caught with an exceptional catch by Molly Senior at wicket keeper.  Sophie Spencer and Sophie McLean then combined to bring the score within 3 – and excellent close game.



McGlashan Batting

Tendai Mussesengwa 10

Isabel Wilson              2

Jessica Simmons          6

Bridget Nolan             5

Rachel Davidson         6

Zoe McLaughlin         0

Sophie McLean           1

Sophie Spencer           6


Satterthwaite Bowling

Leah Manson                          0 for 4

Emma Palmer                          1 for 8

Molly Senior                           0 for 10

Hannah Loeffen- Gallagher    1 for 5

Phoebe Spiers                          0 for 12

Molly Mulrooney                    0 for 3

Sophie Germon                       1 for 11

Emma Coultas                         1 for 8

Jenna Waghorn                       0 for 6