The pathway to representation is as follows: 




Progression through youth and into Canterbury teams

The under age rep teams document from Canterbury Cricket provides a relatively detailed overview of the team and player pathways within the representative programme for the forthcoming season together with confirmation of the rep teams that are being selected this season.

This male programme flowchart provides a pictorial spreadsheet overview of the progression path for male cricketers in our province

Step 1 - Eligibility

Boys Eligibility: School Year 6, 7 & 8 Boys must register and play in a CJCA Club or School Team (in Saturday competitions)
Girls Eligibility: School Year 5, 6, 7 & 8 Girls must play in a Club or School Cricket Team.

Step 2 - Nomination

Any person can make a nomination for a player to be trialled for either the Cricket Express Spring or Summer Tournaments held in November and February/March each year. Trials generally have a cut off  a few days beforehand. View the calendar for dates.

Step 3 - Trials

Trials of nominated players are held in October and February annually. This process lasts for 1 hour for each player. Players are assessed for the skills they are nominated for - normally both as a batsman and a bowler and possibly also a wicket keeper. Successful players are announced on the website within a few days.

The trial process involves four lane coordinator's who compile notes against a pre determined format and our Convenor of Selectors, or his/her appointee, who oversee the lanes being used. Collectively these people take all information available at the trials and will also consider past performances in Club / School teams or previous tournaments and make their decisions.

Selected players are allocated into even teams for the Cricket Express Spring or Summer Tournament which will have a balance of skills including pace and spin bowlers, keeper/s and batsman.

Step 4  - Tournaments

Selected players play in the Cricket Express Spring or Summer Tournament at Hagley Park or another location, as confirmed in the Calendar. The  Calendar in the Competitions section  also confirms the dates and the 'Tournaments' section of the Representative section provides the playing conditions and format.

The main purpose of these tournaments is to provide all selected players with opportunities to further develop their skills in higher levels of cricket. While the player mix is likely to be adjusted to the team's winning strategy for each game, strategies deployed for the team's scheduled games will strive to have all players develop at least the skills they were selected for.

Step 5 - Mandeville and Other Tournaments

The selection criteria used for Representative teams can be found HERE

The Year 6 boys making the Development teams at the Cricket Express Spring Tournament will also be invited to participate in their selected teams (Astle, McMillan, Fleming, or Hadlee) in Canterbury Country's Mandeville Tournament in January at Mandeville
The Year 7 boys making the Development teams at the Cricket Express Spring Tournament will also be invited to participate in their selected teams (Astle, McMillan, Fleming, or Hadlee) in Canterbury Country's Mandeville Tournament in January at Mandeville 

All players attending the Feb / March Regional Tournament will also be invited to attend a winter training program delivered by the CJCA.

In addition, over the three days of the Tournament, players will be further assessed and after the completion of games for each school year on the last Tournament day, FOR BOYS -  additional teams are selected for each school year to play teams from the Districts surrounding Christchurch City, while FOR GIRLS, representative teams will be selected after the Spring Tournament to play in the South Island Girls Invitational Tournament in late January.  Following that tournament a team to participate in an annual Tournament organised by the Cornwall Cricket Club in Auckland will also be selected.

The selected teams will be placed onto the website as soon as possible after the conclusion of the Spring and Summer Tournamentefore the end of the following day, by Monday evening, within the Representative - Teams section.

The two Year 8 Representative teams selected from the Cricket Express Tournament will then compete in the South Island Primary Schools Tournament (SIPST) over 5 days against other cricket Association teams from around the South Island. See the SI Primary Schools Tournament section within the Tournaments page in the Representative section for further details.

Step 6 - Other Games

Additional Teams will be selected to play matches against our surrounding Districts.

An outline of these matches is also given within the 'Competitions - Calendar' section of the site.