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2016 (53rd) Dunedin - Winners Canterbury Country

Canterbury Country took the title by one point from Dunedin thanks to achieving two outright wins against one by Dunedin. Dunedin certainly had a very strong bowling attack and were drawn to play on the University Oval ground against Christchurch Red on day 1. They proved up to the task bowling out the Red team for 107 when defending their 168/9. Unfortunately no play was possible on day 5 so Dunedin had to settle for second place.

History was made by Beckham Greenall from Dunedin who achieved a hat-trick and a century in the same match for the first time. He achieved this against Otago Country on day 3, taking 3-8 and scoring 101 not out when opening the innings. Four other players had achieved this feat at he same tournament but never in the same match.

Total Runs - 6922; total wickets - 549; average 12.61
Most Runs and highest average - 266 @ 88.67 - Beckham Greenall - Dunedin inc 101* and 101
Other centuries - Blair McKenzie 109*
Most wickets - 19 @ 2.26 Zac Foulkes (Canterbury Country)
Best bowling - Blake Martin, 8 for 10 for North Otago vs Mid Canterbury Four hat tricks - Zak Foulkes vs Mid Canterbury and also vs West Coast, Beckham Greenall vs Otago Country and Liam Sullivan vs North Otago. Beckham Greenall became the first player to take a hat trick and score a century in the same MATCH and the fifth to achieve this at the same tournament.

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2015 (52nd) Blenheim - Winners Chch Red

The weather played its part in a wonderful week's cricket in Blenheim. Three teams were in with a chance of winning on the final day and this continued to be the case until the final ball was bowled in a tense finish. Chch Red and Black were playing each other and South Canterbury could share the title if they won their last match and the Chch teams drew. In a high scoring game there was indeed a draw between the two Chch teams but with wickets falling in the last over and the target in sight either team could have won. South Canterbury failed to reach their target by 15 runs.

Total Runs - 10549; total wickets - 618; average 17.07
Most Runs - 298 @ 49.67 - Archie Redfern - Mid Canterbury inc 114*
Other centuries - Jackson Hemmingway 110*, Nicholas Lidstone 108, Tommy Wilson 103* and Jesse Frew 101. Highest average Jackson Hemmingway, Chch Black @ 61
Most wickets - 12 @ 5.83 Ben Cosgriff (Sth Canty), plus also all on 12 wickets - Duncan Kennett (Chch Red) @ 6.5, Beckham Greenall (Dunedin) @ 8.67, Hayden Hart @ 9.5 (Invercargill), Archie Redfern @ 10.25 (Mid Canterbury) and Liam Neilson @ 11.67 (North Otago)   
Best bowling - Hayden Hart, 7 for 27 for Invercargill vs West Coast. Three hat tricks - Ryan Becker for Otago Country v West Coast, Tom Middleton for Mid Canterbury v Buller and Archie Redfern for Mid Canterbury v Buller. Archie became the fourth player to score a century and gain a hat trick at the same tournament.

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2014 (51st) Gore - Jt winners Otago Country and Nelson

The week in between showers certainly tested the mettle of young and old, yet the umpires and officials never ceased in their attempts and endeavours. Some teams did their best to adapt to the conditions and an excellent community spirit and devotion to duty prevailed. The pumping activity courtesy of the fire service at 6.30 am was inspirational. Winners were Nelson and Otago Country with the fielding award going to Otago Country. The only outright was Otago Country over South Canterbury and Nelson and Dunedin featured in a tied match. Caylem Cooke hit the only century, 101 not out, for Marlborough against the West Coast. Also from Marlborough was Daniel Allan with the best average of 154, while Harry Cockram (Chch Red) scored the highest aggregate with 175 runs at 87.5.

Total Runs - 5556; total wickets - 377; average 14.73
Most Runs - 175 @ 87.5 - Harry Cockram - Chch Red. Only century - Caylem Cooke 101no. Highest average Daniel Allan, Marlborough, with 154
Most wickets - No one with 10 or more wickets
Best bowling - Josh Davies 5 for 16 for Invercargill vs Nelson

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2013 (50th) Christchurch - Winners Chch Red 

Christchurch turned on a great week of weather with all games played as scheduled. There were three teams that could have realistically have won going into the final day with two of them, Chch Red and Nelson, playing each other. An impressive 219 run 5th wicket partnership swung the game to Chch Red who did need the win to guarantee the title as sole winners. The highest individual score was also beaten in Christchurch. Previously held by Craig McMillan at 152no, Llewy Johnson surpassed this, scoring 159 for North Otago against Marlborough at Elmwood Park. 

Total Runs - 10377; total wickets - 612; average 16.96
Most Runs - 246 @ 41 ave - Llewy Johnson - North Otago inc 159. Other centuries - Isaac Anderson 115no for Chch Red vs Nelson and Simon Yorston 100no also for Chch Red vs Nelson and Jack Pryde 102no for Dunedin vs Otago Country
Most Wickets - 17 @ 12.82 p,wk - Jack Mockford - Southland Country. Jack Pryde also added a hat-trick to his century in his 5/9 for Dunedin vs South Canterbury 
Best Bowling - Liam McBreen-Smith 6 for 29 for Chch Red vs Dunedin and in a match Ness Scully 5/3 and 4/9 for Dunedin vs Buller

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2012 (49th) Invercargill - Jt winners Canty Country, Chch Red and Dunedin 

Invercargill had burnt outfields following a drought until rain arrived on the Friday. Sharing the title were Chch Red, Dunedin and Canty Country. The total yield was 8,994 for 517 wickets at 17.39. West Coast's Vincent Lucas emulated Chris Cairns of the 1980's having played in five tournaments.

Total Runs - 8994; total wickets - 517; average 17.39
Most Runs - 207 @ 103.5 ave - Jarryd Taig - Dunedin Metro
Most Wickets - 13 @ 6.77 p,wk - Fraser Sheat - Canterbury Country and then Midge van Boxtel 12 @ 10.1 - Otago Country 
Best Bowling - Fraser Sheat 5 for 9 for Cant Country vs Nelson and then Declan Su'a 5 for 12 inc a hat-trick for Dunedin Metro vs Mid Canterbury 

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2011 (48th) Ashburton - Jt winners Canty Country and Dunedin 

There was rain on the tird day and the total yield on grass wickets was 8,161 for 528 wickets at 15.45. Most runs were scored by Will Jordan, 164 at 41. Jack Hyde hit the stumps seven times in his 8 for 8 including a hat-trick while Jacob Keilar captured 14 at 6.3. North Otago surprised by beating Nelson outright by 4 wickets. Having three wins each, Dunedin and Canty Country shared the title.

Total Runs - 8161; total wickets - 528; average 15.45
Most Runs - 164 @ 41 ave - Will Jordan - Christchurch Black
Most Wickets - 14 @ 6.357 p,wk - Jacob Keilar - Christchurch Red
Best Bowling - Jack Hyde 8 for 8 for Cant Country vs West Coast off 7.1 overs, bowling 7 victims and a hat trick

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2010 (47th) Alexandra - Winners Nelson 

Very unseasonal weather for Central Otago meant the artificial wickets were needed for the first few days. Some lovely drives but earlier starts than some of the players would have liked. A tight finish to the tournament with Nelson winning and Christchurch Black just 1 point behind on 21.

Total Runs - 9575; total wickets - 608; average 15.748
Most Runs - 267 - Henry Shipley - Canterbury Country @ ave 89
Most Wickets - 14 @ 8.07 p,wk - Samuel Day - Marlborough 
Best Bowling - Josh Finnie 5 for 5 for Dunedin vs West Coast, Taylor Wilford also took 5 for 12 for Chch Blk vs Nelson

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