The teams to compete on 20th November at Brookside Park, Rolleston will hopefully be shown on the website by 5 pm on Tuesday 15th November.

Year 5-6 13/11/11

McGlashan 78/5 lost to Satterthwaite 93/7 

McGlashan lost the toss and were put into bat. Jordan Sanders (0 runs , 30 balls - retired) and Sarah Asmussen (1 run, 21 balls) took the score to 8 runs before Sarah was bowled by Millie Dickie (3 overs -1 maiden -4 runs -1 wicket). Olive Topping then came in and scored 1 run from 12 balls before being caught by Hannah Smith off the bowling of Ellie Lovett (3-0-8-1). At this stage McGlashin were 2/18 in the 11th over. Maddison Wiseman (2 runs, 6 balls) was soon caught by Millie Dickie off the bowling of Hannah Smith and soon after Jordan had to retire. Melissa Banks after playing some beautiful forward defensive shots was also dismissed cheaply being bowled for 2 by Jenna Waghorn. Paige Van Beurten was also run out cheaply for 3 off 10 balls. This left the pressure on Kirran Maynard (9 not out after 29 balls) and Samantha Fairhall 8 not out after 22 balls leaving McGlashin at 78/5 after their 30 overs. Jordan came back to bat at the end of the innings and scored 2 runs leaving her on 2 off 37 balls retired.  Unfortunately top scoring Aimee Smith was away injured. 

Bowling figures 

Jessica   Simmons (4-1-9-0, 1 no ball, 3 wides), Megan Meltzer (4-0-10-0 , 5 wides),  Millie Dickie (3-1-4-1, 2 no balls , 1 wide), Natayla Bissell (3-0-4-0, 2 wides),  Jenna Waghorn ( 4-1-5-1, 1 no ball), Emily Stewart ( 3-0-7-0, 6 wides),  Ellie Lovett (3-0-14-0, 5 wides), Caitlyn Davidson (3-0-14-0, 4 wides),  Hannah Smith ( 3-0-7-1, 1 no ball, 2 wides)

Satterthwaite opened with Hannah Smith (5 runs off 30 ball retired )and Caitlyn Davidson (0 runs 2 balls) before Caitlyn was bowled by Jordan with the score at 2. Ellie Lovett (4 runs, 29 balls) was just about ready to retire when she was caught by Olive Topping off the bowling of Maddison Wiseman. This bought hard hitting Emily Stewart to the crease and she continued where she left off last week scoring 12 runs off 18 balls before being run out by a great through by Melissa Banks. At this stage McGlashin were confident of another win but they did not take into account some very good running between the wickets of the remaining batswomen,  Millie Dickie (4 runs off 17 balls), and Natalya Bissell (retired 4 runs off 19 balls). Millie was run out by Kirran and Sarah. Jenna Waghorn   was   run out by Samantha for a duck. Megan Meltzer (4 runs, 8 balls) was bowled by Samantha, but Megan and Jessica Simmons (6 runs not out, 12 balls) saw the team past the total posted by McGlashin. Hannah came back to bat and ended up bowled by Samantha for 9 and Natalya also came back and was bowled by Samantha 5.   

Bowling Figures 

Jordan Sanders (4-0-22-1, 10 wides), Kirran Maynard (4-0-7-0, 1 no ball),  Melissa Banks (4-0-5-0), Paige van Beurten (4-1-7-0, 2 wides),  Samantha Fairhall ( 4-0-17-2, 4 no balls, 6 wides), Maddison Wiseman (3-0-11-1, 7 wides),  Olive Topping (4-0-13-0, 1 no ball, 5 wides), Sarah Asmussen (3-1-4-0).
Year 5-6 6/11/11

RESULT : McGlashan 67/7 BEAT Satterthwaite 66 

On a lovely warm day at Brookside Park in Rolleston, McGlashan year 5-6 girls took on Satterthwaite year 5-6. 

Satterthwaite opened the batting with Jessica Simmons and Emily Stewart who started cautiously due to some very accurate bowling by Melissa Banks and Kirran Maynard. Jessica was bowled by Kirran for 3 with the score at 7.  Kirran captured Megan Meltzer next ball and was sitting on a hat trick with Satterthwaite at 2/7. Jenna Waghorn successful played the next ball,  but was dismissed a few balls later by Melissa Banks, then Melissa also captured Millie Dickie two balls later. Emily Stewart however stood tall and gradually accumulated runs, keeping the scoreboard turning over. Natalya Bissell (2 runs) and Hannah Smith (8 runs) both stayed at the crease for some time allowing Emily to continue accumulating runs. Caitlyn Davidson (0) and Ellie Lovett (0) although they did not score,  also helped Emily to continue increasing the teams score. Emily was eventually bowled by Paige van Beurten for 19. Amy Brown bowled well taking 2 wickets. There was some very good fielding but surprisingly every wicket was bowled. Satterthwaite finished 66 all out, in 24 overs.

Batting summary 

Jessica Simmons (9 balls – 3 runs), Emily Stewart (51 balls – 19 runs), Megan Meltzer (1,0), Jenna Waghorn (6 balls , 0 runs), Millie Dickie (1,0), Natayla Bissell (8 balls – 2 runs), Hannah Smith (27 balls – 8 runs), Caitlin Davidson (12 balls , 0 runs), Ellie Lovett (14 balls , 0 runs)

Bowling Summary

Melissa Banks  4 overs, 1 maiden, 9 runs , 2 wickets (0 wides, 1 no ball),  Kirran Maynard 4, 2,6,3 (0 wides, 2 no balls), Paige van Beurten 3,0,7,1 (0 wides, 1 no ball), Maddison Wiseman 2,0,8,0 (3 wides, 1 no ball), Samantha Fairhall 2,0, 10,1 ( 1 wide, 3 no balls),  Olive Topping  2,0,8,0 (3 wides, 2 no balls), Jordan Sanders   2,0,7,0 (7 wides), Amy Brown 4,2,3,2 (1 no ball), Sarah Asmussen  1,1,0,0

Kirran Maynard and Amy Brown got McGlashin off to a brisk start and got the score to 18 before Kirran was run out by Emily Stewart and Ellie Lovett for 4 runs in the third over. This was followed by a mini collapse with Samantha Fairhall (2 runs) being bowled by Caitlin Davidson and Melissa Banks (0) caught by Megan Meltzer and bowled again by Caitlin Davidson. At this stage McGlashin was 3/23. Paige van Beurten came to the crease and re-established the innings with Amy and took the score up to 37 before Amy was run out for 21 (off 16 balls). Paige (7) was bowled by Jenna Waghorn. Sarah Asmussen (3), Olive Topping (4) and Maddison Wiseman (3*) helped McGlashin reach the total in 15 overs. Jordan Sanders did not bat. 

Batting Summary  Kirran Maynard (6 balls – 4 runs), Amy Smith (16 balls, 21 runs), Samantha Fairhall (3 balls, 2 runs), Melissa Banks (1,0), Paige van Beurten (19 balls , 7 runs), Sarah Asmussen (13 balls, 3 runs),  Maddison Wiseman (13 balls, 3 not out), Olive Topping (3 balls , 4 runs), Jordan Sanders (DNB)

Bowling Summary

Ellie Lovett 2 overs , 0 maidens, 10 runs , 1 wicket (0 wides, 0 no balls) Caitlyn Davidson 2, 0, 16 , 2 (0 wides, 2 no balls), Natayla Bissell 2,0,9,0 (0 wides, 2 no balls), Millie Dickie 2,0,8,1 (1 wide, 1 no ball), Jenna Waghorn 2,0,4,1 (0 wides, 1 no ball), Megan Metzer  1,0,6,0 (4 wides), Emily Stewart 2,0,9,1 (3 wides),  Jessica Simmons 2,1,2,0 (0 wides, 0 no balls)
A short game of 10 overs each was then played. The batting order was established by the lowest scoring batters who faced the fewest balls faced batting  first. Following is a short summary

McGlashan batting 

Kirran Maynard (6 balls, 2 runs)  Samantha Fairhall (11 balls, 5 runs) run out by Natayla Bissell Melissa Banks (29 balls, 10 runs) Maddison Wiseman (1,0) Bowled Ellie, caught Jessica Olive Topping (4 balls, 4 runs) bowled Jessica    Jordan sanders (3 balls, 0 runs) caught and bowled Ellie

Satterthwaite Bowling  Ellie Lovett (1 over,0 maiden,2 runs,2 wickets), Caitlin Davidson (1,0,1,0), Natayla Bissell (1, 0,2,0) , Millie Dickie (1,0,4,0), Megan Meltzer (1,0,4,0), Emily Stewart (1,0,1,0), Jessica Simmons (1,0,3,1), Hannah Smith (3,0,16,3)

Satterthwaite Batting  Millie Dickie (13 balls, 6 runs) bowled Maddison Wiseman Megan Meltzer (1 ball, 1 run) run out Sarah Asmussen Jenna Waghorn (1 ball, 0 runs) run out Sarah Asmussen Caitlin Davidson (10 balls, 1 run) bowled Maddison Wiseman Ellie Lovett (11 balls, 2 runs) run out Sarah Asmussen Hannah Smith (9 balls, 2 runs) caught and bowled Aimee Brown Natayla Bissell (4 balls , 1 run not out)

McGlashan Bowling Maddison Wiseman (1,0,1,2), Jordan Sanders (1,0,4,0), Aimee Brown (1,0,1,1),  Kirran Maynard (1,0,3,0), Olive Topping (1,0,6,0), Sarah Asmussen (1,0,9,0) Paige van Beurten (1,0,1,0), Samantha Fairhall (1,0,3,0)

Year 7/8 matches

Satterthwaite Vs Mackay - Play off for 1st and 2nd 13/11/2011

Mackay Wins 121 / 5, Satterthwaite 96 / 9

Mackay Innings

Captain Anna McNeil called tails and lost the toss, Mackay were then put into bat on a slow damp wicket.  The openers Sophie Germon and Rachel Malden found it slow going against some excellent bowling however they put on twenty runs of 51 balls, Sophie then hit a ball from Jessica Costello in the air that was caught by Courtney Wiseman, and Rachel was bowled by an excellent ball from Grace Long.  Runs were hard to come by with the outfield being slow and the bowling good. Phoebe Spiers retired for 3 and Rachel Davidson battled through to 9 before retiring.  Cate Bruce was bowled for 3 by Grace Long and Isabella Stringer bowled for a duck by Molly Senior.  Isabel Wilson and Pixie Merito provided an entertaining end to the innings with some risky running, Isabel scoring 22 runs with Pixie scoring a hard fought 7.  The extras were the top scorer for the McKay Development team, setting a target of 121 for the Satterthwaite team to chase

Satterthwaite Bowling figures were:

(Bowler Overs Wickets Maidens Runs against)

Emma Hunt 3 0 0 11
Emma Kench 3 0 0 13
Jessica Costello 4 2 0 10
Courtney Wiseman 4 0 0 8
Grace Long 3 2 0 13
Nicole Hurd 3 0 1 9
Olivia Clark 3 0 1 4
Madison Flannery 3 0 0 9
Eden Pettigrew 3 0 0 9
Georgia Lund 3 0 0 15
Molly Senior 3 1 0 13

Satterthwaite Innings

Courtney Wiseman and Georgia Lund opened the innings; Phoebe Spiers bowled Georgia for a golden duck with a superb ball. Courtney batted well for 22 retired.  Phoebe was back in action again with a good ball forcing Eden into hitting a catch well taken by Rachel Malden.  Grace Long battled along for 2 until catching the outside edge of a ball from Megan Gray; Rachel Davidson took a superb catch at wicket keeper to dismiss Grace.  That brought Jessica Costello to the crease; Jessica batted well retiring for 17. Olivia Clark hit a ball from Isabel into the safe hands of Pixie, Isabel bowling Madison Flannery next ball – Emma Hunt kept the hatrick ball out however she was run out by Rachel Malden a few balls later. Molly was caught of a ball from Phoebe, the catch taken by Megan Gray, bringing Emma Kench to the crease.  Nicole was then run out by Pixie bringing back the first of the retired batters.  Isabel bowled Courtney, Jessica and Emma Kench (11) was still batting in the 35th over, Satterthwaite making a total of 96. 

Bowling figures

(Bowler Overs wickets Maidens Runs against)

Pixie Merito 3 0 2 1
Phoebe Spiers 3 3 1 7
Cate Bruce 3 0 0 3
Rachel Malden 3 0 0 4
Anna McNeil 2 0 0 6
Megan Gray 3 1 0 8
Isabella Stringer 3 0 1 8
Leah Manson 3 0 0 15
Isabel Wilson 3 3 1 6
Jessica Gray 3 0 0 11
Sophie Germon 3 0 0 8
Rachel Davidson 3 0 0 12

Tahuhu 167/4 beat McGlashan 119 all out  - Play off for 3rd and 4th 13/11/2011 

On a clear but cool day with a steady south westerly wind blowing, McGlashan team Captain Gabby Sullivan won the toss and chose to field

Tahuhu innings

Tahuhu openers got off to a solid start getting to 15 runs in the 4th over before Georgia Doyle was bowled for a bright 12 off 10 balls. The next pair moved on to 27 before the fall of the second wicket. Daisy Tredenick and Nani Sandberg then combined for an excellent partnership of 75 through to the 19th over before Daisy retired for superb 46 not out off 40 balls with some excellent shots through the off side cover /point region. Nani retired for a patient and very supportive 13 not out off 41 balls. The McGlashan team bowlers then began to tighten up their line and length. With some patient batting by Sophie Holt (14 retired off 44) and hard hitting from Sophie Spencer (23 not out off 31), towards the end of the innings, the Tahuhu team compiled an excellent total of 167 for 4, off their 35 over’s, with the key been, batters following instructions and building some good partnerships.

The pick of the bowlers for McGlashan were Emma McLean with 2 for 25 off 4 overs and Gemma Hickson , 1 for 15 off 4 overs. Gabby Sullivan bowled well, without much luck.The ground fielding for McGlashan was generally good although they were let down by missing some vital catches earlier in the day.

McGlashan innings

The McGlashan openers began cautiously and compiled 18 runs up until the end of the 5th over before Georgia Doyle claimed the first wicket, bowling Tendai for 4 runs. The batting team then started to fight hard and got to 75 runs in the 17th over with both Evie Dysart ( 18 retired off 42) and Emma Palmer (24 retired off 40) combining for a constructive partnership of 57. After a short break the Tahuhu team came out firing with the two Sophie’s, combining to rip the heart out of the McGlashan middle order with some inspired slow medium bowling.  The batting team lost 5 wickets in the next 6 overs with Sophie Spencer 3 for 9 off 3 overs and Sophie Holt, 2 for 10 off 3 overs picking up the wickets regularly, mainly been bowled from well pitched bowling. Nani Sanberg kept the pressure on the batsmen and was rewarded with 2 for 18 off her 3 overs. The McGlashan team were eventually all out for 119 in the 33rd over.

It was an inspired team Tahuhu performance with some good catching and ground fielding. 

The wicketkeeping of both teams was of a tidy nature with very few byes throughout and all keepers showing their competency.


Tahuhu 166 all out lost to Satterthwaite 167/8

Team Tahuhu lost the toss and was put into bat on a day that was always going to get hotter and drier. Jessica Costello (4-0-9-1) and Emma Kench (3-0-3-1) took the openers’ wickets before the middle order, lead by Sophie Holt (9), team captain Daisy Tredinnick (34) and Isla McKenzie (18), put on about 100 runs in three good partnerships. Beth Walters (9) held up an end while Aimee Shaw added 24 for the sixth partnership. Georgia Doyle (13) was batting at a high strike rate before being she was run out, which left Lucy Davidson stranded on 8 not out, and ended Team Tahuhu’s innings at 166 all out in the thirtieth over.

Team Satterthwaite got away to a flyer (40 runs after five overs), although in the third over Emma Hunt (7) popped up a catch for Daisy Treddinick (2 catches and a run out) at short mid-off off Aimee Shaw’s leg-spin (4-0-26-1). Beth Walters (3-0-12-0) slowed the scoring down enough for Georgia Doyle (3-0-11-1) to bowl Emma Kench (12). The runs kept coming, although Hannah Loeffen-Gallagher bowled economically (3-0-7-0), and while there were some more wickets shared around the team (Rachel Pero 3-0-9-1, Nani Sandberg 3-0-21-1 and Sophie Spencer 3-0-10-1), Team Satterthwaite (167 for 8) won by two wickets in around thirty of the 35 overs available.

For Team Tahuhu, Daisy was batsman of the day, Beth bowler and Georgia the fielder.

McGlashan 95 lost to Mackay 96/4

The win was set up by a superb bowling and fielding performance by the Mackay Development team in holding the McGlashan Development team to 95 runs in 29 overs.  The players fielded extremely well with the standard set by Cate Bruce when she ran out the dangerous Gabby Sullivan with a direct hit from the boundary in the second over.  There were to be two other run outs by Phoebe Spiers and Isabel Wilson respectively as the McGlashan Development team sought to break the shackles of tight bowling.

The difference between the two teams in batting came down to one partnership.  Both teams lost their 5th wicket with 44 runs on the board.  Whereas the McGlashan Development Team continued to lose wickets regularly the Mackay Development Team benefited from an unbeaten 50 run partnership between Pixie Merito (24 retired) and Jessica Gray (10 retired).  The other scorers of note were, Olivia Clark who opened with 18 and Anna McNeill who scored a quickfire 10.  The scoring rate was excellent with required 96 runs being scored within 20 overs with four wickets down.

Annie Larkin made double figures for the McGlashan Development Team with 10. 

There were some excellent bowling performances from both sides.  For the Mackay Development team Phoebe Spiers opened with a couple of excellent overs of pace bowling and took 1-4.  Pixie Merito (2-5) and Sophie Germon  (2-9) both got a couple of wickets.  Other wicket takers were Cate Bruce (1-7) and Rachel Davidson (1-9).  Although the other girls did not get wickets they were on the whole extremely economical. 

For the McGlashan Development team Evie Dysart got two wickets, and Emma McLean and Emma Palmer got one each.  Gabby Sullivan and Sophie Gray bowled very economically and were a little unlucky not to get wickets.

Emma Palmer and Jade Jenkins took outstanding catches in the field and Tendai took an excellent run out.

The keeping across the board was of a high standard with Sophie Gray standing out taking two catches for the McGlashan Development team.  Rachel Davidson and Anna McNeil kept well for the Mackay for the Mackay Development team.  On a day when temperatures reached 26 degrees there were only 8 byes in 50+ overs of cricket.