Day 1 - Girls
The delightful grounds of St Andrews and Heaton combined with fantastic support from parents and spectators ensured a great atmosphere for the first week of the CJCA Girls Summer Tournament. Of the 4 games played, 3 were exciting finishes. An excellent standard of cricket was played.

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Tiffen Development v Satterthwaite Development

In a 35 over game, on the cosy little grass wicket at STAC 3, Tiffen Development 131/7 beat Satterthwaite Development 121 all out. Tiffen batted first, and with respect to the grass wicket and consistently good bowling, batted sensibly while still accumulating runs at a good rate. Daphne Boyd Tibbotts opening 3 overs were all maidens and included a wicket. Tessa Hartland's 42 added real substance to a score that Tiffen were not totally confident they could defend. Satterthwaite came out all guns firing with Daphne quickly scoring 38 and Pixie Merito 29. At the halfway mark Satterthwaite were 79/1 as Tessa Hartland came on to bowl her first over. By the end of the over Satterthwaite were 79/5. Frances Dench started the action with a direct hit from side on for the runout. Tessa's next 5 balls were bowled, caught behind (great catch by Ruby Shingleton), dot ball, bowled, dot ball. A remarkable game breaking 3 wicket maiden to Tessa, and a team hat-trick. Frances Dench was to take another 2 runouts including a direct hit from side on to leave Pixie Merito stranded on 29 and Satterthwaite 10 runs short. The fielding from both sides was exceptional.

Tiffen Development Batting - Kathleen Wong 0, Alice Harris 18no, Grace Curtis 13no, Emma Hunt 2, Isla McKenzie 0, Grace Tempero 8, Tessa Hartland 42, Tia Reriti 0, Ruby Shingleton 5, Frances Dench 9*, Anna McNeil 6*

Bowling - Anna McNeill 0/12 off 3, Frances Dench 1/7 off 3, Emma Hunt 1/10 off 3, Isla McKenzie 1/14 off 3, Tia Reriti 1/27 off 3, Grace Curtis 0/11 off 3, Kathleen Wong 0/10 off 2, Alice Harris 0/11 off 2, Ruby Shingleton 0/15 off 4, Tessa Hartland 3/1 off 3, Grace Tempero 0/1 off 1

Fielding - Anna McNeil 2 very good catches and 1 run-out, Frances Dench 3 run-outs including 2 direct hits from side on, Alice Harris 1 run out.

Satterthwaite Development Batting - Daphne Boyd-Tibbotts 38, Gabby Sullivan 5, Pixe Merito 29no, Ruby Beresford 5, Sophie Taylor 6, Caitlin Hintz 0, Jessica Costello 0, Delcie Holmes 0, Sophie Oldershaw 0, Rachael Sloan 1, Georgia Galbraith 12

Bowling - Daphne Boyd-Tibbotts 1/6 off 4, Gabby Sullivan 1/11 off 4, Pixie Merito 0/15 off 4, Ruby Beresford 0/5 off 3, Sophie Taylor 0/12 off 3, Caitlin Hintz 0/17 off 3, Jess Costello 0/4 off 3, Delcie Holmes 0/8 off 1, Sophie Oldershaw 1/7 off 3, Rachel Sloan 1/19 off 3, Georgia Galbraith 1/13 off 4

Fielding - Sophie Oldershaw, Sophie Taylor and Rachel Sloan a catch each, Gabby Sullivan and Ruby Beresford, a run-out each.

McGlashan Development v Hockley Development

In a high scoring and equally entertaining game on the artificial turf of STAC 4, Hockley Development 213/6 beat McGlashan Development 194/5. Katrina Kennedy 15 and April Fairchild 22 off 12 balls, got Hockley off to a great start. All the batters contributed with Zoe Smail 19, Emma Stewart 7, Jess Davidson 28, Madison Raxworthy 36no and Georgia Doyle 9no. Laura Hamilton took 2 wickets for her bowling including an edge that resulted in one of the best catches you will ever see from a keeper. Kate Van Beurten dived forward desperately for the ball but always appeared to be half a metre short of where it was going to fall, only to grasp the ball in the top few millimetres of her glove.

McGlashan knew they had a big target to chase with over 6 runs required per over. Allie Mace-Cochrane batted beautifully with 38 runs off 39 balls, assisted by Cassie Dorn-Double 9 and Olivia McGoverne 33no. By the half way mark they were 115/2 and looking on target. Kate Van Beurten 30, Daisy Tredinnick 13, Laura Hamilton 13 and Brittany Bowden 6 continued the assault but the asking rate stayed at 6 per over and the remaining batters struggled to find the boundaries needed to bring the win home. Jess Davidson shone in the field, taking a catch and a runout and backing up superbly. Lydia Johnson, April Fairchild, Zoe Smail and Bridget White all took a wicket each.

McGlashan Development Batting - Allie Mace-Cochrane 38, Cassie Dorn-Double 9, Olivia McGoverne 33no, Kate Van Beurten 30, Daisy Treddinick 13, Laura Hamilton 13no, Brittany Bowden 6no, Amy McDermott 1, Kirsten Oliver 1no, Sarah Brostow 1no

Bowling - Laura Hamilton 2/10 off 4, Daisy Treddinick 1/12 off 4, Brittany Bowden 1/15 off 3, Allie Mace Cochrane 1/24 off 4, Oliva McGoverne 0/23 off 4, Cassie Dorn-Double 0/25 off 4, , Kirsten Oliver 0/31 off 4, Sarah Brostow 0/19 off 2, Amy McDermott 0/7 off 2, Kate Van Beurten 0/25 off 4

Fielding - Kate Van Beurten 2 catches and 1 runout, Allie Mace-Cochrane 1 catch, Daisy Treddinick 1 catch

Hockley Development Batting - Katherine Kennedy 15, April Fairchild 22, Zoe Smail 19, Emma Stewart 7, Jess Davidson 28, Madison Raxworthy 36, Daisy Butts 0, Lydia Johnson 1no, Georgia Doyle 9no

Bowling - April Fairchild 1/11 off 4, Jess Davidson 0/35 off 4, Maddie Raxworthy 0/15 off 3, Alyssa Millard 0/16 off 4, Lydia Johnson 1/12 off 2, Daisy Butts 0/15 off 2, Georgia Doyle 1/12 off 3, Rebekah Shingleton 0/15 off 2, Zoe Smail 1/14  off 4, Katherine Kennedy 0/18 off 4, Bridget White 1/11 off 3

Fielding - Catch to Jess Davidson, Runout to Jess Davidson with Maddie Raxworthy as keeper.

Satterthwaite Emerging v Tiffen Emerging

In an absolute cliffhanger of a game Satterthwaite Emerging 108/6 bowled out Tiffen Emerging 105/9 who fell short by 3 runs. The game was played on what remains of STAC 5 but the girls didn't let the large construction fence which eroded the field distract them from the job at hand. Jade Jenkins was all class, expertly clipping the ball off her pads for an enterprising 21 before chasing a ball down legside too far and crowning herself. Lily Bray's intellegent knock of 17no provided real substance to the middle order and she was well supported by Sophie Gray 5, Molly McGeorge 4no and Harriet Place 6no. There was some great bowling from the Tiffen team with Tendai Mussesengwa 2/9 off 4 getting a bowled, caught and bowled and a runout. Emma Kench was the most economical of the bowlers with 1/5 off 4. Olivia Clark got a wicket off her first ball and Emma McLean took the important wicket of Jade Jenkins. Overall the Tiffen bowlers struggled with wides on the dauntingly narrow pitch.

The Tiffen team also got off to a great start with the talented partnership of Hannah Loefen-Gallagher 16 and Emma Palmer 9. After this they struggled to get partnerships going with Olivia Clarke 4, Emma Kench 7, Tendai Mussesengwa 3. If looked as though the final pair were going to see the Tiffen team home when just 3 runs short and with 3 overs in hand, Molly McGeorge bowled a ball that had Courtney Maynard edging the ball onto her stumps. The Satterthwaite bowlers also struggled with the wides on the narrow wicket and to some degree this frustrated the Tiffen batters who did not get as many balls to score off as they would have liked. This does not take away from some fine bowling performances from Molly Mulrooney 2/7 off 2, Molly McGeorge 2/4 off 3.2, Jessica Simmons 2/12 off 4 and Harriet Place 2/26 off 4. The 2 catches in the game were both excellent catches taken by keepers Jessica Simmons and Lily Bray behind the stumps.

Satterthwaite Emerging Batting - Jade Jenkins 21, Jessica Simmons 2, Hanna Wills 1, Sophie Gray 5, Molly Mulrooney 0, Lily Bray 17no, Valani Shaw-Hunt 0, Molly McGeorge 4no, Harriet Place 6no.

Bowling - Hannah Wills 0/18 off 4, Harriet Place 2/26 off 4, Jade Jenkins 1/14 off 4, Jessica Simmons 2/12 off 4, Lily Bray 0/2 off 2, Molly McGeorge 2/4 off 3.2, Molly Mulrooney 2/7 off 2, Sophie Gray 0/5 off 2, Valani Shaw-Hunt 0/8 off 2.

Fielding - Catches to Jessica Simmons and Lily Bray.

Tiffen Emerging Batting - Hannah Loefen-Gallagher 16, Emma Palmer 9, Olivia Clarke 4, Emma Kench 7, Courtney Maynard 1, Tendai Mussesengwa 3, Emma McLean 1, Page Van Beurten 0no, Zoe McLaughlin 1

Bowling - Zoe McLaughlin 0/19 off 4, Emma Mclean 0/10 off 2, Tendai Mussesengwa 2/9 off 4, Courtney Maynard 0/21 off 4, Emma Kench 1/5 off 4, Olivia Clarke 1/11 off 3, Emma Palmer 0/13 off 3, Hannah Loefen-Gallagher 0/9 off 3, Paige Van Beurten 0/6 off 3.

Fielding - Emma Kench took a run-out, Tendai caught and bowled.

McGlashan Emerging v Hockley Emerging

In a notably low-scoring game in the lovely grounds of Heaton, McGlashan 68/5 beat Hockley 67/5. Kirran Maynard opened the batting for Hockly with an excellent 11 runs including 2 fours on the big Heaton bounaries. The remaining batters cautiously defended their wickets and while they hit the ball well they were reluctant to take any risks for a run. Karlissa Perre 3no, Rachel Davidson 3no and Anne Larkin 2no were all retired off their 30 balls. Credit must be given to the bowling and fielding of McGlashan who were quick to pounce on the ball. Natalya Bissell 2/5 off 3 took the important wicket of Kirran Maynard. Grace Long was deadly accurate with 1/0 off 2 maiden overs and equally Sophie Germon's 1/1 off 3 also included 2 maidens.  Emily Stewart also featured with 1/8 off 3. Rosalie Calder deserves recognition for her 0/2 off 3 including a maiden.

Hockley came out firing with the bowling of Sarah Asmussen 2/8 off 4 and Karlissa Perre 1/13 off 3. Mia Jenkins 5 put up a brave defence, steadfastly taking a few hits on the body as wickets fell around her. 3 of the McGlashan batters were out without scoring. Kirran Maynard 2/4 off 4 bowled fast and straight and deserved her 2 wickets. Despite the onslaught, Sophie Germon 32no turned the game around, taking her time to settle and then for the second half of her innings punishing the bowlers with 3 boundaries and scoring off almost every ball. Ruby Turnbull 16no then saw McGlashan home while Morven McKean 2/10 off 3 cleaned up the tail. The large number of wides bowled meant McGlashan cruised home comfortably but the 30 overs were played to give everyone an opportunity to bat and bowl.

Hockley Emerging Batting - Kirran Maynard 11, Sarah Asmussen 0, Karlissa Perre 3, Rachel Davidsion 3, Jemima Vaughan 0, Anne Larkin 2, Kate McArthur 1, Jemma Waghorn 0, Nicole Herd 0, Morven McKean 0

Bowling - Sarah Asmussen 2/8 off 4, Karlissa Perre 1/13 off 3, Rachel Davidson 0/15 off 3, Kirran Maynard 2/4 off 4, Nicole Herd 0/15 off 3, Cate McArthur 0/17 off 2, Jemima Vaughan 0/15 off 3, Jenna Waghorn 0/15 off 3, Annie Larkin 0/10 off 2, Morven McKean 2/10 off 3

Fielding - Jenna Waghorn catch, Rachael Davidson catch, Runout??? (scorers please be diligent in recording all details)

McGlashan Emerging Batting - Mia Jenkins 5, Phoebe Spiers 0, Emily Stewart 0, Natalya Bissell 0, Sophie Germon 32no, Thea Dean 2, Ruby Turnbull 16no, Rosalie Calder 3, Grace Long 1, Amy Swann 1no

Bowling - Grace Long 1/0 off 2, Rosalie Calder 0/2 off 3, Ruby Turnbull 0/11 off 4, Thea Dean 0/14 off 3, Natalya Bissell 2/5 off 3, Sophie Germon 1/1 off 3, Emily Stewart 1/8 off 3, Phoebe Spiers 0/6 off 3, Mia Jenkins 0/5 off 3, Amy Swan 0/10 off 3.

Fielding - There were no catches or runouts.