Winter Training Registrations


Winter Training for 2013

Welcome to the winter training programme available to the players who competed in the last Summer Tournament (Feb 2013). To register you will need to complete the registration form and select the session that suits you best. Please read ALL of the notes on this page as they are important to ensure the system works smoothly. 

To register for the winter training , please complete the form available through this link:  CLICK HERE  

Please note that details entered in this form may be used to contact you regarding cricket related matters throughout the year.

Squads available - Max 16 players per squad

Year 6 - starts Sat 6th July and then fortnightly for 6 sessions

White - 4.30 to 6pm opens first
Black - 3 to 4.30pm opens second
Red - 1.30 to 3pm last to open if previous two fill up

Year 7 - starts Sat 13th July and then fortnightly for 6 sessions

Blue - 4.30 to 6pm opens first
White - 3 to 4.30pm opens second
Red - 1.30 to 3pm last to open if previous two fill up

Year 8 - starts Sat 13th July and then fortnightly for 6 sessions

Blue - 6 to 7.30pm open to all

Year 8 (Invited Squads) - starts Sun 23rd June and then fortnightly for 8 sessions

Red - 1 to 2.30pm
Black - 2.30 to 4pm

Girls (Yrs 5 to 8) - starts Sun 16th June and then fortnightly for 8 sessions

Girls - 2.30 to 4pm

The player lists below will confirm the Winter Training times based on the players completion of the Registration Form. Squads stay together for all sessions which take place at fortnightly intervals.  

We have a maximum of 3 squads per year group for the boys and 1 covering all the girls years. Where there are multiple groups on the same day we will only open one session at a time. We will start with the latest one on the Saturday afternoon for the Yr 6 and 7 squads and work our way forward. 

Two of the Yr 8 squads will be selected and players invited to attend. The other will be available for all tournament players to register. Any Year 8 player (boy or girls) can also choose to sign up for the Canterbury Cricket School of Cricket (not part of the CJCA programme) - see our news item for details. Please note that ANY Yr 8 player will be considered for future selection into Development or Representative teams - this has NOT been pre-determined by the selection of these squads.

Registrations will close when all the available slots are full or by 1st June at the latest. 


  • To confirm your place the correct payment is required within 3 working days of making your registration and no later than 4th June for those registering on the last date of 1st June. The cost is as follows:

    Boys Yrs 6 to 8 - $118 for 6 x 90 mins OR
    Boys Yr 8 into the selected Sunday squads - $218 for 8 x 90 mins OR
    Girls - $154 for 8 x 90 mins - open to ALL years attending the last Summer Tournament

This should be made using internet banking to the following account:

Account Name - CJCA
Account Number - 06 0665 0202125 00
Amount - see above
To appear on Payee Statement; 1. Particulars = Players Name (as full as possible) 2. Code = School Year 3. Reference = Wint Train

If you CANNOT use internet banking, a cheque payable to 'CJCA' can be sent to B Hazeldine, 27 McDougall Ave, St Albans, Chch 8014. Please write the players name and school year on the reverse of the cheque.


Please email if you have difficulties with this.

  • Any changes to different session times by players WILL NOT be accepted unless you email CJCA on and confirm the reason for the change. The original sessions chosen will stand unless agreed by email exchange.
  • Please also note the following;
    1. Wear cricket whites. Gear bags should be brought to all sessions unless advised otherwise. Helmets must be worn whilst batting or keeping. Kit must be stored in the open lockers next to the net so other users are not obstructed.  
    2. Always bring a drink and snack.
    3. Arrive at least 10 minutes before your session starts.
    4. If you know someone in the group, try and arrange to share lifts.
    5. Let your coach or CJCA know if you are unable to attend any of the sessions.
    6. Non marking footwear must be worn.
    7. Please attend with a view to listen, learn and have fun
  • If you have offered to assist with the training then you will receive an email confirming which dates you need to attend. NO OTHER reminder will be sent to you. We only need a few volunteer coaches for each year group and the Year Managers will select those that are to be asked. We try and use those that help coach the teams at the CJCA tournaments and Rep games so they can get more experience. Please do offer your services but dont take it personally if you are not required.
  • REMEMBER - all these sessions are taking place at Community Cricket Centre, 81 Buchanans Rd, Hornby Tel 342 6800

Use these quick links to take you to your age group and gender.

Year 5 Girls
Year 6 Girls
Year 7 Girls
Year 8 Girls
Year 6 Boys
Year 7 Boys
Year 8 Boys

Year 6 Boys

  • White 4.30 - 6 every 2 wks from 6/7 (6 sess)

    Angus Sidey

    Ben Blackwell

    Blake Stocks

    Caleb Cottom

    Fletcher Miller

    Henry Eglinton

    Joshua Baxter

    Kees Beck

    Louie Whata

    Matthew Gibb

    Nick Cooke

    Ollie Curtis

    Ryan Entwistle

    Ryhs Webb

    Tiaki Ogilvie

    Tim Blackwell

    Zach May

  • Black 3 - 4.30 every 2 weeks from 6/7 (6 sess)

    Ben Cornell

    Finn Raxworthy

    Fletcher Anderson

    Harry Janes

    Isaiah Prasad

    Jaiden James

    Jonte Clifton

    Jonty Raxworthy

    Luke Spencer

    Nepia Crowe

    Oliver Miles

    Orion Lynch

    Reuben Stoffers

    Riley Butt

    Sam Kreft

    Thomas McClean

  • Red 1.30 - 3 every 2 weeks from 6/7 (6 sess)

    Benjamin Abbot

    Blake Alexander

    Charlie Owens

    Finn MacFarlane

    Harrison Lund

    Jacob Hartshorn

    Leo Guinita-Farrelly

    Max Hamilton

    Nate Johanson

    Riley Hunter

    Ryan Pithey

    Ryyan Al-Sukhon

    Sean McClymont

    Thomas James

    Todd Hartshorn

    Zakary Foulkes

Year 7 Boys

  • Blue 4.30 - 6 every 2 wks from 13/7 (6 sess)

    Dominic Gardiner

    Fergus Kennedy-Davey

    Henri Croft

    Jackson Burgess

    Jackson Hemingway

    Josh McCarthy

    Kobe Beecroft

    Matthew Mulholland

    Max Heywood

    Nathanael Paltridge

    Owen Rees

    Regan Sheahan

    Ryan Sheehan

    Samuel Sullivan

    Theo McIntosh

    Toby Beale

  • White 3 - 4.30 every 2 wks from 13/7 (6 sess)

    Andrew Pickering

    Ben Hampton

    Cameron Henderson

    Chris Fahey

    Dominic Brankin

    George Rutledge

    Hugo Reid

    Hunter Rowe

    Jack Williams

    Joshua Suzana

    Matt Munro

    reuben van leeuwen

    Samuel Boon

    Tanmay Duggal

    Thomas Dobson

    Thomas McKay

  • Red 1.30 - 3 every 2 weeks from 13/7 (6 sess)


Year 8 Boys

  • Blue 6 - 7.30 every 2 wks from 13/7 (6 sess)

    Angus Gilbert

    Ben Cruse

    Brayden Cottom

    Dylan Dredge

    Harry Mayo

    Jack Sutton

    Jackson O'Neill

    Matthew Bond

    Nathan Marsh

    Sam Challies

    Some Yr 9 players added so now full

  • Red 1 - 2.30 every 2 weeks from 23/6 (8 sess)

    Brelyn Little

    Gareth Barron

    Jackson Pauling

    Jamie Palmer

    Jamie van Leeuwen

    Joe Bradley

    Liam Crosbie

    Marek Bungard

    Matt Boyles

    Matt Kendall

    Milan Raxworthy

    Sam Blake

    Solomona Faitauia-Nanai

    Tom Dunlop

    Tom McDonald

    Zac Medland

  • Black 2.30 - 4 every 2 weeks from 23/6 (8 sess)

    Ben Roberts

    Bradley Entwistle

    Caleb Williams

    Declan Hickford

    Dominic Cornish

    George Cooke

    Harry Cockram

    Jayden Ball

    Josh Paul

    Liam Foulkes

    Louie Chapman

    Matt McCarthy

    Matthias Paltridge

    Mitchell Hay

    Tim Boyle

    Tom Marshall

Year 5 Girls

  • ALL Girls 2.30 - 4 every 2 wks from 16/6 (8 sess)

    Beth Fox

    Eliza McIntosh

    Kate Bloomfield

    Maiya Fahey

    Molly Dunlop

Year 6 Girls

  • ALL Girls 2.30 - 4 every 2 wks from 16/6 (8 sess)

    Abby Gerken

    Casey Liddington

    Jodie Dean

Year 7 Girls

  • ALL Girls 2.30 - 4 every 2 wks from 16/6 (8 sess)

    Caitlin Davidson

    Emma Wilson

    Megan Young

Year 8 Girls

  • ALL Girls 2.30 - 4 every 2 wks from 16/6 (8 sess)

    Emily Stewart

    Grace Smith

    Jessica Simmons

    Sasha Bryan

If you have completed a nomination your name does not appear in the table please contact Barry Hazeldine by email or phone 356 1991.