Winter Training Registrations

Winter Training Registrations for 2017

Please refer to the Winter Training page of the website for all the details needed to decide if you want to take part in the CJCA Winter Training. If you do register then your name will appear on this page in the chosen squad but will not be completed until the payment has ben received.  


To confirm your place the correct payment is required within 3 working days of making your registration and no later than 4th August for those registering on the last date of 1st August.

The cost is as follows:

  • Boys Yrs 6 - Five Week Programme - $75
  • Boys Year 7-8 - Six Week Programme - $90
  • Boys Yr 8 into the 'selected Red and Black' Sunday squads - $190
  • Girls Programme - Combined Camp (4 days) - $108

This should be made using internet banking to the following account:

Account Name - CJCA
Account Number - 06 0665 0202125 00
Amount - see above
To appear on Payee Statement; 1. Particulars = Players Name (as full as possible) 2. Code = School Year 3 or Girls. Reference = Wint Train

If you CANNOT use internet banking, a cheque payable to 'CJCA' can be sent to CJCA, PO Box 36701, Mervale, Chch 8140. Please write the players name and school year on the reverse of the cheque.


Please email if you have any difficulties with this as we do not want any player to miss out due to the cost involved.

Any changes to a different session time WILL NOT be accepted unless you email CJCA on mailto:  confirm the reason for the change. The original sessions chosen will stand unless agreed by email exchange. We need to cancel the original session before another is chosen or the same player will be taking up two slots and stopping another player from attending.

Please also note the following;
1. Wear cricket whites. Gear bags should be brought to all sessions unless advised otherwise. Helmets must be worn whilst batting or keeping.  
2. Always bring a drink and snack.
3. Arrive at least 10 minutes before your session starts.
4. If you know someone in the group, try and arrange to share lifts.
5. Let your coach or CJCA if you are unable to attend any of the sessions.
6. Non marking footwear must be worn.
7. Please attend with a view to listen, learn and have fun
8. Please note that the coaches will use video equipment to show players what they are doing right and wrong. If you DO NOT want your child to be videoed then you must inform CJCA and their winter training coach

Parents volunteering to assist with the coaching
If you have offered to assist with the training then you will receive an email confirming which dates you need to attend. NO OTHER reminder will be sent to you. We only need a few volunteer coaches for each year group and the Year Managers will select those that are to be asked. We try and use those that help coach the teams at the CJCA tournaments and Rep games so they can get more experience. Please do offer your services but don't take it personally if you are not required. 

Use these quick links to take you to your age group and gender.

Year 5 Girls
Year 6 Girls
Year 7 Girls
Year 8 Girls
Year 6 Boys
Year 7 Boys
Year 8 Boys

Year 6 Boys

  • BLACK various 10/09 to 13/10 9-10.30am

    Austin Smith

    Ben Hooker

    Brennan Matla

    Callum Samson

    Charlie Doody

    Jack Johnston

    Jack Rhodes

    Jackson Garry

    James Moss

    Joshua Wedlake

    Matthew Brown

    Nicholas Fraher

    Paddy Cochran

    Raj Ravji

    Rivers Murray-Carter

    Solomon Spanton

    Taylor Fahey

  • RED various 10/09 to 13/10 10.30-noon

    Angus Eglinton

    Ben Brokenshire

    Brooke Nuttall

    Felix Bowden

    Frankie Meates

    Jackson Smith

    Keegan Alridge

    Liam Hackston

    Luca Greasley

    Max Burford

    Nicholas Sharr

    Oliver Alexander-Stewart

    Oliver Williams

    Sebastian Enoka

    Taine Macgregor

    Thomas Vesty

    Trent Andrew

  • BLUE various 10/09 to 13/10 9-10.30am

    Alex Walls

    Archie Cornelius

    Ben Laing

    Ethan Spanjer

    Fergus West

    Hamish Meates

    Jack Allnutt

    Jack Jones

    James O'Hagan

    Kadin Thomason

    Sam Richards

    Thomas Stewart

  • WHITE various 10/09 to 13/10 10.30-noon

    Alex MacLennan

    Carter Rhodes

    Cooper Davanney

    Harry Beaglehole

    Henry Rumball

    Hugo Smolej

    Jonty Davidson

    Joshua Durant

    Lachlan Hill

    Lucas Evans

    Ollie Nicholson

    Patrick Watts

    Seamus Gallagher

    Tom Turner

    Will Davis

Year 7 Boys

  • BLACK various days & times from 06/08 to 23/09

    Charlie Hoban

    Connor Stewart

    Faraj Abbasi

    Fraser Brown

    Hunter Stewart

    Joey Pawson

    Lewis Whiteside

    Max Edwards

    Murphy Robinson

    Nick Ferguson

    Rory Grove

    Sam Jaspersmith

    Toby Shaw

    Tom Butterfield

    Will Russell

    Xavier Bell

  • RED various days & times from 06/08 to 23/09

    Bradley Prescott

    Bruno Davies

    Charlie Croy

    Connor Higgs

    Dominic Hasselberg

    Hapene Kumeroa

    Harry Croy

    Harry Eastwick

    Harry Tullett

    Jonty Bowman

    Joshua Sanders

    Logan Yates

    Max Mitchell

    Thomas Geesink

    Thomas Johnson

    Thomas Tracey

    Tom Anderson

  • BLUE various days & times from 02/09 to 12/10

    Ben Wright

    Blake Townsend

    Campbell Buck

    Chris Ellison

    Harry Hatton

    Jonty Inglis

    Kaine Hartley

    Louie Campion

    Mitchell Tait

    Nate Ovendale

    Nick Smith

    Ryan Samson

    Sam Crossland

    Sean Whitty

    Seth Allen

    Seth Matheson

    Shamus McCulloch

    Stefan Marasinghe

  • WHITE various 10/09 to 13/10 9-10.30am

    Finn O'Donnell

    Jonty Munt

    Josh Finlayson

    Will Coombes

Year 8 Boys

  • BLACK various days & times from 06/08 to 12/10

    Alex Brown

    Benjamin Breitmeyer

    Benjamin Mason

    Brodie Hemingway

    Ciaran Huntley

    Dallas Crowe

    Hamish Falls-Anderson

    Hugh Duston

    Jed Gimblett

    Jordan Braithwaite

    Mahith Balapuwaduge

    Nicholas Gibb

    Oakley Hawes

    Rhys Thyne

    Robert McClean

    Zach Hedgcock

  • RED various days & times from 06/08 to 12/10

    Ben O'Donovan

    Cameron Bunz

    Cameron Rawlings

    Charlie Eglinton

    Conor Fyall

    Easton Stocks

    Harry Sharr

    Isaac Milne

    Jack Ackroyd

    Jamie Ehau

    Kalani Griffiths

    Mario Raxworthy

    Matthew Lewis

    Samuel Prasad

    Samuel Charles Hickey

    Tom Harrison

  • BLUE various days & times from 02/09 to 12/10

    Aaryan Thakur

    Abhisekh Chand

    Adam Redway

    Ben Cox

    Benjamin Scott

    Caleb Webb

    Ed Cochran

    Hamish Norrie

    Harrison Watkins

    Hugh Parkes

    James McNicholl

    Josh Kenny

    Levi Astle

    Max Coltman

    Noah Kember

    Theo Friend

    Wilson Hatton

    Zachary Johnston

Year 5 Girls

  • Girls Year 5

    Ava Danholt

    Elsie Duncan

    Molly Dunlop

    Olivia Paul

Year 6 Girls

  • Girls Year 6

    Addison Stackhouse

    Eden Nuttall

    Grace McGregor

    Hannah Wallace

    Henrietta Evatt

    Isabel Brooks

    Ruby Turner

    Theresa Johnston

Year 7 Girls

  • Girls Year 7

    Greer Richards

    Kayla Pringle

    Maia Grant

    Rebecca Stanley

    Trinity Wright

Year 8 Girls

  • Girls Year 8

    Amelia Tainui

    Dakoda Potter

    Jemma Burrowes

    Poppy Askin

If you have completed a nomination your name does not appear in the table please contact Rob Wilkinson by email or phone 027 6644 999.