Winter Training Registrations


Winter Training for 2014

Welcome to the winter training programme available to players who competed in the last Summer Tournament (Feb 2014). To register you will need to complete the registration form on the Winter Training page and select the session that suits you best.

Please read ALL of the notes on the Winter Training page CLICK HERE as they are important to ensure the system works smoothly.

Squads available - Max 16 players per squad. Two professional coaches will be provided for all sessions and we will ask parents to volunteer to assist them and also gain a great experience by working with the professionals. The volunteer coaches will not be needed for the Sunday Yr 8 sessions as there are 4 professional coaches involved.

Year 6 - starts Sat 2nd August and then fortnightly for 6 sessions

White - 4.30 to 6pm opens first
Black - 3 to 4.30pm opens second
Red - 1.30 to 3pm last to open if previous two fill up

Year 7 - starts Sat 26th July and then fortnightly for 6 sessions

Blue - 4.30 to 6pm opens first (combined with some Yr 8's)
White - 3 to 4.30pm opens second
Red - 1.30 to 3pm last to open if previous two fill up

Year 8 - starts Sat 26th July and then fortnightly for 6 sessions

Blue - 4.30 to 6pm (combined with some Yr 7's)

Year 8 (Invited Squads) - starts Sun 8th June and then June 15th/29th, July 27th, Aug 10th/24th and Sept 7th/21st for 8 sessions (dates skip July school holidays)

Red - 1 to 2.30pm
Black - 2.30 to 4pm

Girls (Yrs 5 to 8) - starts Sun 3rd August and then fortnightly for 6 sessions

Girls - 1.00 to 2.30pm

Squads stay together for all sessions which take place at fortnightly intervals. 

Registrations will close when all the available slots are full or by 1st July at the latest. It is unlikely that other sessions will be offered as the centre is very busy over the winter and time is simply not available.


To confirm your place the correct payment is required within 3 working days of making your registration and no later than 4th July for those registering on the last date of 1st July.

The cost is as follows:

Boys Yrs 6 to 8 and Girls - $81.50 for 6 x 90 mins OR

Boys Yr 8 into the selected Sunday squads - $180 for 8 x 90 mins

This should be made using internet banking to the following account:

Account Name - CJCA
Account Number - 06 0665 0202125 00
Amount - see above
To appear on Payee Statement; 1. Particulars = Players Name (as full as possible) 2. Code = School Year 3. Reference = Wint Train

If you CANNOT use internet banking, a cheque payable to 'CJCA' can be sent to B Hazeldine, 27 McDougall Ave, St Albans, Chch 8014. Please write the players name and school year on the reverse of the cheque.


Please email if you have any difficulties with this as we do not want any player to miss out due to the cost involved.

Any changes to a different session time WILL NOT be accepted unless you email CJCA on and confirm the reason for the change. The original sessions chosen will stand unless agreed by email exchange. We need to cancel the original session before another is chosen or the same player will be taking up two slots and stopping another player from attending.

Please also note the following;
1. Wear cricket whites. Gear bags should be brought to all sessions unless advised otherwise. Helmets must be worn whilst batting or keeping. Kit must be stored in the open lockers near the net, so other users are not obstructed.  
2. Always bring a drink and snack.
3. Arrive at least 10 minutes before your session starts.
4. If you know someone in the group, try and arrange to share lifts.
5. Let your coach or CJCA know if you are unable to attend any of the sessions.
6. Non marking footwear must be worn.
7. Please attend with a view to listen, learn and have fun

Parents volunteering to assist with the coaching
If you have offered to assist with the training then you will receive an email confirming which dates you need to attend. NO OTHER reminder will be sent to you. We only need a few volunteer coaches for each year group and the Year Managers will select those that are to be asked. We try and use those that help coach the teams at the CJCA tournaments and Rep games so they can get more experience. Please do offer your services but don't take it personally if you are not required.

REMEMBER - all these sessions are taking place at Community Cricket Centre, 81 Buchanans Rd, Hornby Tel 342 6800 

Use these quick links to take you to your age group and gender.

Year 5 Girls
Year 6 Girls
Year 7 Girls
Year 8 Girls
Year 6 Boys
Year 7 Boys
Year 8 Boys

Year 6 Boys

  • Yr 6 White Sat 4.30-6 every 2 weeks from 2/8

    Ben Hanrahan

    Callum Hackston

    Harry Bisphan

    Harry Greenwood

    Jack Harding

    Jackson Rhodes

    Jamie Barr

    Jayden Dykoff

    Josh Mason

    Lachie Shankland

    Logan McGregor

    Mika MacDonald

    Roan Brown

    Ryan Pringle

    Sam Harris

    Tom Smith

  • Yr 6 Black Sat 3-4.30 every 2 weeks from 2/8

    Bailey Gowans

    Caleb Manson

    Cameron Baillie

    Cameron Floris

    Felix Reece

    Hugh Quirk

    Iwan Merchant-Williams

    Jayan Goldsworthy

    Monty Joseph

    Nic Hampton

    Sam Dickie

    Sam Idiens

    Sam Whitaker

    Scott Janett

    William Pierce

    Zack Waite

  • Yr 6 Red Sat 1.30-3 every 2 weeks from 2/8

    Adam Poumaka

    Alexi Georgiou

    Ben MacLennan

    Cameron Milne

    Ciaran Huntley

    Eruera Ingle

    Harry Webley

    Hugh Fergusson

    Jonathan Lee

    Josh Dutton

    Kobe Stackhouse

    Liam Perriman

    Oliver Smith

    Quinn Smith

Year 7 Boys

  • Yr 7 Blue Sat 4.30-6 every 2 weeks from 26/7

    Angus Sidey

    Ben Cornell

    Elliot Caddick

    Jaiden James

    Jonathan Allan

    Kees Beck

    Logan Cartwright-Keast

    Matthew Quin

    Nick Cooke

    Ollie Curtis

    Rhys Webb

    Riley Butt

    Ryan Entwistle

    Ryan Pithey

    Tiaki Ogilvie

    William Brownie

    Zach May

  • Yr 7 Black Sat 3-4.30 every 2 weeks from 26/7

    Ashraf Omar

    Blake Alexander

    Caleb Cottom

    Fletcher Miller

    Henry Eglinton

    Ian Souness

    Isaiah Prasad

    Jaeden Hooper

    Jamie Hannah

    Josh Wynne

    Joshua Watson

    Leo Raymond Guinita-Farrelly

    Louie Everson

    Matthew Gibb

    Max Smail

    Nepia Crowe

    Sam Kreft

    Thomas McClean

  • Yr 7 Red Sat 1.30-3 every 2 weeks from 26/7

    Bryn Southam

    Charlie Owens

    George Anderson

    Harrison Lund

    Harry Janes

    Harry Reece

    Jacob Hartshorn

    Kai Browne

    Lachlan Messervy-Siohane

    Nate Johanson

    Reuben Stoffers

    Rhodri Gerrard

    Ryyan Al-Sukhon

    Sean McClymont

    Thomas James

    Todd Hartshorn

    Tom Flavell

    Zach Gimblett

Year 8 Boys

  • Yr 8 Blue Sat 4.30-6 every 2 wks from 26/7

    Jonathan Talbot

  • Yr 8 Red Sun 1-2.30 from 8/6 8 sessions

    Ben Hampton

    Brennan van den Bogaert

    Charles Finnie

    Dominic Brankin

    Fergus Kennedy-Davey

    Jack Rule

    Jack Williams

    Josh McCarthy

    Max Heywood

    Oliver Lewis

    Quinn Bungard

    Reagan Sheahan

    Ryan Sheehan

    Thomas Dobson

    Toby Beale

    Will Andrews

  • Yr 8 Black 2.30 - 4 from 8/6 for 8 sessions

    Chris Fahey

    Curtis Millard

    Dominic Gardiner

    Etienne Harrington-Watt

    Finn Sullivan

    Hugo Reid

    Hunter Rowe

    Jackson Hemingway

    Joseph Wells

    Kobe-Scott Beecroft

    Logan Roberts

    Matt Munro

    Nathanael Paltridge

    Owen Rees

    Theo McIntosh

    Thomas McKay

Year 5 Girls

  • Girls ALL Sun 1-2.30 every 2 weeks from 3/8

Year 6 Girls

  • Girls ALL Sun 1-2.30 every 2 weeks from 3/8

    Emily Bowden

    Lila Bradley

    Lily McGoldrick

    Maddie May

    Molly Dunlop

    Scarlett Hall

Year 7 Girls

  • Girls ALL Sun 1-2.30 every 2 weeks from 3/8

    Abby Gerken

    Charlie Hamer

    Charlotte Holt

    Ellena Firth

    Lily Collier

Year 8 Girls

  • Girls ALL Sun 1-2.30 every 2 weeks from 3/8

    Annabelle Hammett

    Sophie Bowden

If you have completed a nomination your name does not appear in the table please contact Barry Hazeldine by email or phone 356 1991.