Submit Results

Link to CricHQ to submit results starts by logging in HERE (top right hand corner and using the email option)

Points are only allocated for the hard ball grades, Year 5 and older. In 2017/18 - the grading period has been extended to three weeks and will apply to ALL grades. After this period any teams that need to move grade or section will be made and in place for week 4. In order to do this the CJCA need to be informed by midday of the Sunday after week 3 (Sunday 5th November) . If the CJCA are moving a team then the team will be informed on the Sunday after week 3 but teams can also make a request to be moved. AFTER THIS TIME NO FURTHER TEAM MOVEMENTS WILL BE ALLOWED until the restart in February.

The whole concept of CJCA cricket is for full participation and so for ALL players to have an equal oppourtunity to improve their skills. We feel that the allocating of points for the younger grades creates too much pressure to achieve results and so not follow our concept. Teams will still know how many games they have won and who else is unbeaten so we feel sufficient and healthy competition will still exist! 


Results are ideally to be notified by 12 noon on the day following match day. It is agreed that the winning team should enter the result in the first instance - please check with your opposition before you leave the ground to agree who will input he score.. 

To submit your result by 12 noon on the Sunday after match day follow these instructions please.

1. Click on this link and log in to the CricHQ website. Your log in details will be provided once you have registered with CricHQ following an invitation by your club or school convener. If you have not received an invitation then contact your convener - listed here. Your log in will normally be through your email as the user and your own password.

If your match result has already been entered by the opposition team and has errors please advise Rob Wilkinson, General manager CJCA on

2. Click on the Admin tab (top right of screen)

3. Click on the fixtures tab

4. All fixtures will appear, if you have admin rights for them

5. Click on the green scoreable tab on the appropriate fixture

6. Click on orange tab with three lines

7. Click to enter full or basic scorecard and follow prompts

For the Kiwi, 20/20 and Super 8's grades you should just enter the net score for your team. This means adding the runs gained by taking wickets to the runs scored by your batters. Do not worry about entering the number of wickets taken or lost, just include the runs in your total.

The winning team should enter the result.                  

Points: Points are awarded for all HARD BALL grades. Five points for a win, three points for a tie and 0 points for a loss.