Year 7

Year 7 Grade Conditions 

This is a Website Summary. The Full Conditions and score sheet should be copied from the web links in the Overview section of Competitions. 

Grade Manager - Steve Shaw 027 6996256

Coaches of teams in this grade should email their contact information to the Grade Manager so that he can be in contact with you during the season if needed. View and print score sheet for this grade using the link on the web page.

Grade Objective

This grade is for players in Year 7 and some talented Year 6 players. This grade is a progression on from Yr 6 and will be split into various sections, the number of which will be determined by the number of teams entering this grade.

As with all our grades the development of the player and enjoyment of the game are seen as more important than the result and so all are expected to participate in either batting or bowling, preferably both, in each match.

Coaches are to ensure that by the end of each half season all players have had an equal opportunity to display their skills. Rotation of the batting order is required, as stipulated in the batting section of the full grade conditions, and bowlers should share the overs.

Playing Conditions Summary

  • Year 7 & some Year 6 players can also be included. Yr 8 players need a dispensation to play in this grade.
  • 9.00am start. Toss to be done by 8.45 of forfeit the right to choose.
  • 9-a-side and on 18m pitch 
  • 30 overs per innings - one innings of 30 overs per side. Overs bowled in 5 over blocks from alternate ends.
  • Max 4 overs per bowler. A bowler cannot bowl their 4th until all others have bowled at least 3 overs. 
  • Compulsory retirement at the end of the over having faced 30 deliveries, excluding wides and no balls. Once all payers have batted those batters who have been retired can return in the order they retired. Last man standing does apply in this grade (see full grade rules)
  • Wides and no-balls score 1 run plus any extra runs scored and are not re-bowled, except in the final over of each innings, when 6 legitimate balls must be bowled
  • The ball after a wide or no ball becomes a ‘free hit’ so the batter can only be given out, run out. If the last ball of an over is a wide or no ball then 2 runs are awarded as no free hit can occur, except in the final over* as all must be rebowled so 1 penalty run and a free hit applies. *NOTE the final over is the 30th of each innings only.
  • 142g leather ball from Kookaburra range.
  • 40 - 45m boundary, where possible
  • 18m pitch length
  • Back foot LBW