Premier Grade Conditions 

This is a Website Summary. The Full Conditions and a copy scoresheet can be copied from the web links in the Overview page of the Competition section.

Grade Manager - Craig Gibb or 027 4430153

Coaches of teams in this grade should email their contact information to the Grade Manager so that he can be in contact with you during the season if needed. View and print score sheet for this grade using the link on the web page.


  • Guaranteed Participation - As with all our grades the development of the player and enjoyment of the game are seen as more important than the result. All players will bat or bowl in this grade.
  • Positive attitudes and behaviours on and off the pitch.

Grade Objective

This grade is for the most talented year 8 and some exceptional year 7 players who are also interested in extended playing times and looking to continue at a serious level of cricket into high school. Developing the players in the team is still more important than the result but some degree of specialisation is expected.

Coaches are to ensure that by the end of each half season, players have had an equal opportunity to display the skills that warranted their selection into the team. Some rotation of the batting order is required, as stipulated in the batting section, and key bowlers should share the opening overs. We do not want players just being given the chance to display one skill, all should bat in the top 5 more than once and all should bowl a reasonable number of overs throughout each half season. Whilst a side may have a ‘specialist’ wicket keeper, we would also want others in the team to be given a chance to keep and the ‘keeper’ to bowl and have a chance to field elsewhere.

As coaches, we simply ask that common sense is applied with a view to developing every player in your team throughout the season. Given the chance, players can and do surprise us on a regular basis. Please give them a chance to do just that.

Rules re players who can take part

This grade is for club and school players in Year 8 at the start of the season in October (these players are then expected to move into the CCA Under 14 grade's after Christmas within a club or school team). Exceptional Year 7 players can also take part. It should not be necessary that players younger than Year 7 should play in this grade. If a club needs to use Year 6 or younger players to make up the team, then they must discuss the reasons why that player should be included with the grade manager and obtain dispensation.

A player starting Year 9 after Christmas who is having difficulty finding a school or club Yr 9 team should contact Keryn Ambler at Metro Cricket on 366 3003, who will be more than happy to help find them a suitable team. Dispensations to these rules are available but always subject to written CJCA agreement viewable to the opposition coach prior to play.

Playing Conditions Summary

  • Year 8's & some elite year 7's. (No year 9's or above)  
  • 12.30pm start on an 18m pitch (only) Toss to be done by 12.15 or forfeit the choice.
  • 10-a-side (for Term 4 2017 only - 9-a-side after that point) 
  • 35 overs per innings - one innings per side (new in 2017/18)
  • 30 minute break can be taken between innings
  • Max 7 overs (change)for 2 bowlers and max of 6 overs for all others
  • Max 4 overs per spell (spinner may bowl 6 in a row)
  • Compulsory retirement at the end of the over after facing 65 legitimate deliveries (change in 2017/18), but they may return when all others are dismissed or retired 
  • Wides and no-balls score 1 run with a max of 2 re-bowled, all re-bowled in the final over of each innings
  • 142g leather ball from from the Kookaburra range.
  • 45m boundary, where possible
  • FULL LBW rule to prevent playing across the line (see full rules) 

Please note 

  1. All teams are required to take the players out with the adult umpire (say 10 overs at a time with one at each end), so they can experience at first hand, the skills required to umpire. They should be encouraged to make as many decisions and signals as possible BUT MUST seek agreement with the adult umpire before awarding any runs (boundaries or extras) or giving a dismissal.
  2. The same applies to the art of scoring, with players taking turns to score a book next to an adult scorer. As year 9 players, they will be expected to do both these jobs by themselves, so this experience will be invaluable to them.

Full playing conditions and a score sheet are available as pdf documents. All teams should print these off and carry them with them. See the link on this page. If any changes or clarification to these pdf conditions are needed, a clear note will appear in the news section of the home page and on this page. I would also like to email all coaches, so please make sure I have your email and the team that you coach.