Girls Year 8 - 9 Grade Conditions

This is a Website Summary. The Full Conditions and the score sheet should be copied by each team from the web links in the Overview page in the Competition section. 

Mike Dunlop - Phone: 021969299 email:

Coaches of teams in this grade are required to email their contact information to the Grade Manager so that he can be in contact with you during the season if needed. A score sheet for this grade can be printed from the link on this web page 

Grade Objective  

The objective of this grade is to provide girls up to Year 9 for the first half of the 2016/17 season with a more traditional format of cricket that encourages the girls to continue to develop their technique, enjoyment and understanding of the game, while still encouraging the girls to participate in all facets of the game.   

They should enjoy a high standard of skill and competition while still focusing on fun and team spirit which are all major objectives of this grade.  

The grade should allow for the development of players in the first instance however our objective for the grade is to provide players with the opportunity to succeed. Nothing can justify a win at all costs approach, however this will be balanced by the development of players on how to play the the game. We expect coaches to manage this as too many rules only serves to complicate the game.  

The grade is primarily aimed at girls aged School Year 8 and 9 at the start of the season and prepares girls for the Youth teams and U15 representative teams.  Teams can remain together and continue to play as Year 9 & 10 teams after Christmas in a competition which will fall under the responsibility of the Christchurch Metro Cricket Association.  

Playing Conditions Summary  

 • Girls primarily Years 8 to 9 at the start of the season 

• 9.00am start   

• Games take approx. 3 hours   

• 9-a-side   

• 30 overs per innings - one innings per side   

• Max 5 overs per bowler   

• Compulsory batting retirement after facing 30  legitimate deliveries   

• Back foot LBW’s   

Maximum 8 ball overs  

• Test Match wides  

• 142g leather ball from approved manufacturers   

• 18m pitch (artificial)  

• Fielding exclusion zone   

• Boundaries are set at 40m 

  • Last Man Standing applies   


Where a specialist player exists in the squad (keeper) some variation to the number of overs bowled may occur. We recommend that coaches discuss this prior to play.  




As coaches we expect that you will give an equal opportunity to all players. We would prefer not to have rules that dictate every facet of the game and allow coaches and teams to learn the key skills of the game which include batting, bowling, fielding and strategy.  


If you are unsure of any part of the game, or have questions please contact the Grade Manager.