Kiwi Grade Conditions (updated 4 July 2017)

This is a Website Summary. The Full Conditions should be copied by each team from the web link in the Overview page in the Competitions section. A copy of the scoresheet is available from here .

Grade Manager – Cat Ryan 0272 981031 or

Coaches of teams in this grade should email their contact information to the Grade Manager so that he can be in contact with you during the season if needed.


Guaranteed Participation - As with all our grades the development of the player and enjoyment of the game are seen as more important than the result. All players will bat, bowl and wicket keep in every match.

Grade Objectives

‘A journey must begin with a single step’ Lao Tzu

  • Fun and Full Participation
  • Overall Athletic Development including a wide range of movement activities
  • Development of the ABC’s – Agility, Balance, Coordination & Speed
  • Introduction to the basic skills of throwing, catching, striking and running between the wickets
  • The game is modified and is a simple game
  • Introduction to simple rules & ethics


  • Start at 9.30am (new for 2016/17) on Sat (Burnside play Friday evening 5.30 PM). Should finish by 12.00 at the latest.
  • Teams of up to 6 players (new in 2017)who must be in Year 2 or below at the start of the season. If a team carries 1 or 2 extra players then the batting overs should be split as evenly as possible so all get a bat BUT only 6 must field at a time, although ALL should bowl 
  • Teams are graded on whether they are made up of first or second year players
  • Teams will play the majority of their games close to their club base.
  • 12m pitch
  • Plastic Kiwi equipment only (no wooden bats or protective gear). No bails are needed.
  • One innings of 12 overs for each team (new in 2017)
  • Start score at Zero, 3 runs per wicket obtained and runs scored. No runs for wides/no balls, as the batter gets a free hit off the cone. Winning team is team with highest score including "runs" for wickets taken.
  • Two different pairs of players from each team bat in each innings
  • Each batting pair face 4 overs, spread equally between the batters
  • 30 metre or natural boundaries – streams, paths, other matches etc
  • If run out, the batter keeps the run being attempted (provided they have crossed), whilst the fielding team gets 3 runs credit for the wicket
  • Fielding exclusion zone applies – not allowed inside until the batter has played their shot
  • Hit off a tee if a no ball or wide is bowled, so always playing a shot. Can only be run out when hitting off the tee. 
  • During play, only players and umpires are to be on the playing area 

Please note 

  1. Batting from one end only
  2. Umpires should try and ensure equal strike by each batter
  3. Please make sure the LARGE batting tee is used in this grade
  4. Note that fielders DO NOT have to stand where the fielding exclusion zone markers are placed
  5. They should also not enter the zone until AFTER the batter has played their shot
  6. If a 'Run Out' occurs the batting side will now be allocated all the runs, whatever number were being attempted, provided the batters have crossed in the final run. The fielding team still get their 3 runs for the wicket. Therefore, if a single was being attempted and a 'Run Out' occurs, they keep the single and allocate to the appropriate batter. If a 'Run Out' occurs on the third run, they keep all 3 runs. Again, this is to encourage batters to take runs.