Special Player Performances

Player of the Day Certificate

Clubs, Schools and team managers are able to copy the following certificate to present to players whose performance warrants it in their opinion. More than one can be given out as we all know how much children benefit from praise.

We have placed 2 certificates onto one sheet of A4 so you can cut this in half and use as you wish. Click HERE to copy.

If anyone runs a business or knows of someone that does that may be interested in providing a prize that the CJCA can distribute to all teams to award with this certificate then please contact Rob Wilkinson on 2818748 or 027 6644999 or email gm@cjca.org.nz  Many thanks.

Special Player Performances

Under the CricHQ system, only the winning team should enter the result. If they fail to do this by 6pm on the day after the match then either team can enter it. Once entered, it cannot be amended or added to. If it is incorrect then the losing team can enter their version and they should email Rob Wilkinson gm@cjca.org.nz to confirm what error occurred in the initial entry.