General Rules & Code of Conduct

CJCA Competition Documents

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The following General Rules apply to all CJCA grades.

Grade Objectives: Each grade is to provide players with a fun, fair & learning game with a connection to International cricket as close as the age group, player abilities & time allow.

MCC Laws of Cricket: These laws apply unless otherwise stated. In all cases, the stated rules are to be applied. Coaches seeking rule changes should provide their suggestions to the CJCA rather than litigate rule differences each week with their new opposition.

Players: All players participating must be eligible or have written CJCA dispensation viewable to the opposition coach prior to play. Such a dispensation letter will be on CJCA letterhead and be signed by either the Grade Manager, the Manager or the President of the CJCA. Note that while there are Girls Only grades, girls can play in any grade.

Dress: Players are to dress in white or in Club / School colours as approved by the CJCA. Club / School colours will be approved only where such colours will not obscure the ball in the colour of the bowler's clothing. Sun protective hats are desirable.

Gear: Each team is required to provide 3 stumps, 2 bails and a ball. This includes stumps suitable for artificial pitches if required or applicable.

Defaults: Teams with reduced numbers should still seek to play using opponent players to assist in the field. If this is not possible and a team has to default, please advise Mike Fisher - Phone 366 3003; Email:  as soon as possible, preferably AT LEAST one week in advance (ESPECIALLY FOR SHOW WEEKEND).

In heavy dew conditions: Prior to the toss, teams should consider having each team bat 10 overs each & then resuming respective innings in order that similar conditions exist for each team. Fast turnarounds needed where this occurs.

School years - for each grade (except Year 8 players) this means a player remains eligible for the WHOLE season in that grade if eligible for that grade in October. We do not want to lose any player to cricket, so any new Year 9 player struggling to find a school or club team to join after Christmas, should ring Keryn Ambler at Christchurch Metropolitan Cricket on 021 105 2552 or the CJCA grade manager of the grade they were last playing in.

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies to all players, umpires, managers, coaches, parents and spectators of teams playing in CJCA controlled or administered games.

Code of Behaviour and Etiquette

Parents Code

New Zealand Cricket Coaches Code of Ethics

Spirit of Cricket

The above linked documents should be copied and kept by each team. They provide the full detail of how we expect those that participate in the CJCA competition to behave but a summary is below.


All players, umpires, managers, coaches, parents and spectators should play cricket with the following ideals in mind:

1. Respect the rules

2. Respect the officials and accept their decisions

3. Respect the opponent

4. Have a concern for equal opportunity

5. Be gracious winners and dignified losers

This means that you should:


1. Co-operate with others and treat them with respect

2. Have fun, develop your own skills while accepting your limits

3. Know the rules and don’t cheat

4. Accept the Umpire’s decision without dissent, even if you do not think they are right

5. Don’t use coarse language


1. Co-operate with others (players and the other umpire) and treat them with respect

2. Know the rules and do not cheat

3. Accept the other Umpire’s decision without dissent, even if you do not think they are right. (The square leg umpire’s decisions will be limited to run out’s and    “height” no ball’s.

4. Don’t use coarse language


1. Set a positive example

2. Teach the values of sportsmanship to your team

3. Never argue with officials in front of players or spectators

4. Discourage a ‘win at all costs’ attitude

5. Encourage all players to participate

6. Try to minimise the time on the pitch, unless umpiring 


1. Never force children to participate - only encourage

2. Don’t achieve your dreams by pressurising a child

3. Talk to your child/player. Encourage them. Are they having fun?

4. Are they learning that being fair and developing new skills are important?

5. Do not encroach onto the playing area 


Players, coaches, managers, umpires, parents and spectators of CJCA controlled games who feel there is a breach of the above Code of Conduct, can choose to lodge a complaint to the CJCA. Such notification must be made in writing to the CJCA Grade Manager of the grade or the CJCA Manager within 3 days of the event occurring. (CJCA Manager - Rob Wilkinson, PO Box 36701, Merivale, Christchurch 8146)

Such complaints will be adjudicated on by a disciplinary committee, comprising of at least 3 CJCA executive committee members or referred to the Canterbury Cricket Association disiplinary procedures, if they are considered more appropriate. This committee will determine and communicate the adjudication time frames for the complaint and responses.  The “defendant/s” will be given the opportunity to read the details of the complaint and to respond. Complaints and responses by “defendants” may be supported in writing by others. The disciplinary committee will determine if a physical hearing is warranted but in any event, will consider the views expressed in writing by all parties. The committee may choose to approach other parties associated with the grade to establish if patterns of behaviour support or do not support the nature of the complaint.
The disciplinary committee may impose penalties including the suspension of any players, umpires, managers or coaches of teams playing in Association controlled or administered games. Any penalties imposed will be communicated in writing to the defendant/s and to the Club or School associated with the defendant, and where felt appropriate, to others as well.