YEAR 8 Premier team have been advised to liaise with their opponents regarding suitability of fields by start time for this afternoon scheduled matches

All CJCA morning cricket on Saturday the 24th of March is Cancelled -

Further Cancellation information will be posted here.






YEAR 8 Premier team have been advised to liaise with their opponents regarding suitability of fields by start time for this afternoon scheduled matches.

All CJCA morning Cricket is cancelled for Saturday the 24th of March 2018 -

Cancellations will be notified via this website, Radio NZ (NewsTalk ZB 100.1 FM or 1098AM) or by the CJCA Facebook page CLICK HERE. Announcement on the radio is subject to programming.

Any other issues about draws please contact the CJCA Grade Managers or Rob Wilkinson at Christchurch Junior Cricket on phone 027 6644999 or email:


Facebook now the place to find cancellations for the CJCA

Due to the reach and accessibility of Facebook the CJCA will now post cancellation information about all our Competitions onto our Facebook page.

As well as informing all Junior Club Convenors as soon as a decision has been made and updating our CJCA website we will post to Facebook so everyone can keep up to date with the latest decisions.

Decisions on cancellations will be made by 7.30am each Saturday morning and if needed regular updates will also be made via these communication channels.

So to save time make sure you “like” our page – remember you can also post photos, videos and updates on how your teams are going on our site – we love to see everyone enjoying our great Summer Game.

Cancellation Policy (and defaults):

While our aim is to have junior cricketers playing cricket whenever possible, safety, player enjoyment and turf damage must be taken into account in unplayable conditions.

The CJCA's cancellation policy is based on a three level implementation:-

Level 1 No Cancellations All games to proceed as planned
Level 2 Marginal Conditions
All players to proceed to the park where coaches/umpires will make a decision based on conditions at the start of play (refer notes below)

Level 3


Cancellations exist, either on a Grade by Grade basis (details will be given) or for All Grades

Level 3 Cancellation decisions will, where possible, be made before 7.30am on Saturday mornings. They will always occur on either an "All Grades Cancelled" basis or a "Grade by Grade" cancellation basis - depending on the predominant surface used for each grade: Prepared grass pitches;  Artificial pitch grades; and Outfield pitch grades.

If Marginal Conditions apply, all teams should proceed to the grounds as drawn. It is possible that conditions at the start of play or during play are worse than expected when the 7.30am decision was made. Games should not be started in drizzle or rain and when started, games should normally be suspended until any precipitation has ceased. At some stage, teams should decide together if further play is likely and if not, games should be abandoned. JOINT decisions between team coaches should be made. After consultation, if coaches disagree, a compromise from BOTH coaches is expected in order to reach a common outcome. On prepared grass wickets, should rain occur after 7.30am, play should be cancelled if further play will significantly damage the playing surface. Refer "The ICC Laws of Cricket Law 3.8/3.9, Fitness of Ground, Weather and Light" see the ICC wording here

If the weather does amend the normal playing time for a match then the new playing conditions agreed by the coaches must allow for the match to still be completed by the required time, as a further match may be scheduled on that pitch.

Where a grade is not cancelled, a team is in "default" should they not turn up on time and be ready for the start of the game. In such cases, the non-defaulting team will normally be awarded the points for the game. Via their clubs, defaulting teams will be held accountable for defaults.