2013/14 Season Commences 19th October 2013

A draw will be established for the Saturday during show weekend and Labour weekend. Any teams unable to play during these weekends should contact the draw convenor, Mike Fisher at the Christchurch Metro Cricket Association on phone 366 3003 or email:

Please see the attached word document for a more detailed breakdown of dates and fixtures for the season.   

Pre season meeting for ALL Clubs and School Conveners and managers - Wednesday 25th September Start at 7.30pm at TBC.

First Saturday cricket - 19th October 2013

The girls are NOT playing on the 16th November as it is Show weekend.

Nominations for Spring Tournament Trials - close from 5pm, Friday 18th October 2013 and then 3 days before each trial.

Trials to be held on:

Sun 20th Oct - Boys Yr 6, 12 - 4pm
Tues 22nd Oct, Boys Yr 7, 4.30 - 8.30pm
Thurs 24th Oct, Boys Yr 8, 4.30 - 8.30pm
All at Community Cricket Centre - 81 Buchanans Rd, Hornby

CJCA Spring Tournament   -  3rd, 10th and 17th November 2013 (24th Nov as the Reserve). Venue - Yr 6 and 8 Boys at Hagley Park - Hosp Cnr (Yr 8 on grass) and  Polo (Yr 7)

The girls Spring Tournament will be played on 24th Nov and 1st Dec (8th Dec if rain affects the first 2 days). Venue CBHS, all on artificials.     

Selected teams will appear in the Representative section

Representative Matches - 1st and 8th December 2013. Teams to be selected from those playing in the Spring Tournament.

1st Dec -Year 8 Red vs Mid Cant @ Ashburton Domain using SIPST rules, Year 8 Black vs Canterbury Country @ Southbrook Domain using SIPST rules. Year 7 Gold vs Mid Cant @ Ashburton and Year 6 Green vs Mid Cant @ Ashburton

8th Dec
- Year 8 Black vs South Cant @ Hagley Hosp Cnr (grass) using SIPST rules, Year 8 Red vs Canterbury Country @ Hagley Hosp Cnr (grass) using SIPST rules, Year 7 White vs South Cant @ Hagley Polo, Year 6 Blue vs South Canterbury @ Hagley Polo

Last Club / School matches before Christmas -  14th December 2013

South Island Primary School's Cricket Tournament (SIPST): 6th to 10th January 2014 (in Gore on mix grass/art). Opening ceremony Sun 5th Jan. CJCA Red and Black teams (for 2013 school year 8 players) to compete. These teams are selected from the players taking part in the Spring 2013 tournament.

Mandeville Tournament Year 6: (near Rangiora) 13th to 16th January 2014 - for 2013 school year 6 players - 'Development' teams from Spring 2013 tournament, as follows: CJCA Cairns yr 6, CJCA Hadlee yr 6; CJCA Fleming yr 6; CJCA Astle yr 6 teams to compete with replacements from the Emerging teams where necessary.

Mandeville Tournament Year 7: (near Rangiora) 20th to 23rd January 2014 - for 2013 school year 7 players -  'Development' teams from Spring 2013 tournament, as follows: CJCA Cairns yr 7, CJCA Hadlee yr 7; CJCA Fleming yr 7; CJCA Astle yr 7 teams to compete with replacements from the Emerging teams where necessary.

Boys U14 Challenge 20th - 22nd January 2014. Teams selected from 2014 SIPST. Run by Metro cricket.

Girls South Island Tournament - 24th to 26th January 2014 at CBHS or Hospital Corner, Hagley Park 

Season Recommences - All grades 8th February 2014

Nominations for CJCA Summer Tournament Trials - Close from 5pm Friday 7th Feb and then 3 days before each trial date. If you want to nominate later than this then please contact Barry on

Trials to be held: 

Sun 9th Feb 2014, 10 - 12 and 1 - 3pm - Boys Yr 6,
Mon 10th Feb, 4.30 - 8.30pm - Yr 8
Sun 16th Feb, 10 - 12 and 1 - 3pm - Yr 7

Youth and Junior Cricket Awards Presentation -
To include the awarding of the CJCA Jubilee Awards. Friday 21st February, 7pm at CBHS in the Big Room 

Forum to discuss recruitment strategies and other key issues in junior cricket - 5th March, Riccarton Pavilion, 7pm start. ALL WELCOME. Please come along to give your input into how we can attract more juniors into cricket and reverse the downward trend in team numbers.

CJCA Summer Tournament  - Boys on 23rd February, 2nd and 9th March 2014 (16th March Reserve) Venues Yr 8 and 6 Hagley Hosp Cnr, Yr 7 Hagley Polo. All on artificial wickets except Yr 8 boys at Hosp Cnr

Girls 16th and 23rd March at CBHS   

Invitation Matches - 23rd March 2014 for Year 6, 7 & 8 teams selected from the Summer Tournament. There will be two Rep teams selected for Year 8. In addition, the four development teams from Years 7 and four selected Yr 6 teams will play matches. Players will be notified by the year managers. 

Venues as follows, all 10.30 starts:

Yr 6 - Harris Red vs Mid Canty Hosp Cnr 5 (Art 18m), Bond Red vs South Canty at Geraldine Dom (grass full length), Bond Black vs Country North at Hosp Cnr 8 and Harris Black vs Country South at Hosp Cnr 1 on grass 18m or artificial 

Yr 7 - Stead Black vs Mid Canty Hosp Cnr 7 (on grass 18m) , Stead Red vs Canterbury Country Sth at Lincoln Domain (full length grass), McMillan Red vs Canterbury Country Nth at Mainpower Oval, Rangiora (full length grass) and McMillan Black vs South Canty at Geraldine Domain (full length grass)

Yr 8 - Papps Black vs South Canty at Waihi School, Winchester (full length grass with artificial backup), Germon Black vs Mid Canty at Hosp Cnr 3 (full length grass with artificial backup), Germon Red vs Country South at Greendale Domain (full length grass with artificial backup) and Papps Red vs Country North at Mandeville 1(full length grass in front of pavilion) 

Last Club / School matches for season -  29th March 2014

CJCA AGM - Monday 19th May 2014 - 7.30pm venue TBA