Get Involved


If you want to have heaps of fun and make new friends, come and play cricket.  There are plenty of clubs in Christchurch that will make you most welcome. For girls, you can either play in a mixed or a girls team. There's no better way to enjoy summer than by playing cricket!


Cricket is one of the best all round sports your kids can play. It's more than just having fun and making friends while getting healthy outdoor exercise.

They will receive the benefits of being involved in a team sport which teaches them valuable life skills of teamwork, leadership and good sportmanship.

You can also have a great time and meet new people. There are few better ways to spend a summers morning than being with fellow spectators relaxing in your deck chair with a coffee and watching your kids play.


Being involved in cricket is a hugely rewarding and a lot of fun. If you would like to help coach or manage a cricket team or help out in any other way there are clubs that would love hear from you. Don't be frightened to inquire.